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It only takes a moment to reach out to someone through social media

Wednesday, December 10th, 2014


Sharing social media marketing and business coach connection, Fraser Hay, once asked this question:

“What is the sum total value of each of the individual parts?” He concluded his post with: “Regardless of star, status or bloodline, personally I think it’s a T.E.A.M. effort.”

The equally sharing Digital Youth Academy founder, Penny Power OBE gave us her food for thought of the day: “So, think about this today, who’s parachute do you pack and who is packing yours?”

Talking of parachutes, on a purely parental level, I am the proud mum of a handsome paratrooper. I remember him coming home to Swansea when he was in his twenties, with three fellow handsome Paratroopers. They were waiting to complete their jumps, to qualify for their British wings. Listening to how some of them, while training, can and do get dragged by their chutes but even scarier to learn how they jumped for their compulsory night jumps.

That phrase ‘a single leap of faith’ for them, takes on a whole new meaning in the dark, I reckon. Yes, they have to rely on one another for survival, the discipline is immense and their camaraderie second to none.

Which bring me back to my question: How much easier is it then to reach out to someone on social media?.

I look out for weekly updates and here is one I want to share, from the talented Tanya Igic. This was her shout out last week:

‘You have to visit this Christmas exhibition in Craft in the bay, Cardiff’.

Maybe take a closer look at your original network? Who do you keep in contact with either by phone, Skype or indeed via a face to face catch up? It’s also an exercise which highlights those who have never kept in touch, or who have left for other reasons.

Have you taken a closer look at your contact list lately?

Carolyn Williams


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