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A conversation with Dr Limin Zhu, Clinic of Chinese Medicine, Swansea.

Monday, January 19th, 2015



Dr Limin Zhu

Clinic of Chinese Medicine, 107 Walter Road, Swansea, SA1 5QQ, Tel: 01792 474488


Dr Limin Zhu graduated in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) from the University of Liaoning, China, which took 5 years of study in both Western and Chinese medicine. She was conferred Bachelor of TCM in 1982 and then worked for 9 years as a Senior Physician in Liaoyang Hospital of TCM, China, and also worked for one year in Beijing Hospital of TCM before she came to Swansea in 1991.

She has had busy practices in the Swansea Clinic of Natural Medicine for 7 years and then, in April 2000, set up her own clinic – The Clinic of Chinese Medicine in 107 Walter Road. With over 29 years of experience in treating various conditions she provides a professional, warm and friendly atmosphere for her patients.

Dr Limin Zhu’s father, worked as a Consultant in a hospital in China. Her husband’s research as a civil engineer at Swansea University brought her to Swansea in 1991. They have a son, who having studied medicine at Cambridge University is now a cardiac doctor at Cambridge University Hospital.

Perhaps you’ve been putting up with a health condition for some time, and maybe you have tried medication, or other therapies, doing everything you can think of that will improve your health, and you’re still having a hard time trying to figure out why it isn’t working.

Dr Limin’s chinese medicine success stories are in treating fertility problems in women. She now has a growing Baby Club as testimony to her work in the Swansea Clinic. Her many other success stories are in treating blood pressure, arthritis, migraine and stress relief.

As a long term migraine and temporomandibular disorder sufferer (a problem affecting the chewing muscles and the joints between the jaw and the base of the skull) I highly recommend her migraine and pain relief acupuncture treatment.

As a highly loved and respected Chinese medicine practitioner in the Swansea community, she certainly does provide a professional, warm and friendly atmosphere for all her patients.

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Monday, November 11th, 2013

On Friday I invited Byron Davies, Assembly Member for South Wales West, for a café style conversation at Morgan’s Hotel in Swansea. I had met Byron for the first time in LLanrhidian, Gower when I attended a talk by Simon Hart, the Conservative Assembly member for Carmarthen.  On first meeting Byron, he struck me as being a life force for Gower with a healthy self-awareness and refreshingly social media friendly.

 Drinking laws

I live on the edge of Swansea City and highlighted my observation about the positive effect Morgan’s Hotel had on the Marina, since it opened. We shared strong views about keen licensing laws and the effects on local residents. We exchanged real experiences in Swansea City and praised the local police, in tackling drink related crime.  Byron was a police officer in the Metropolitan police before becoming a MP, so has a good insight into City law and order.

Women in business and the Welsh language.

Encouraging more women in business and politics was a question I put to him and was pleased to hear Byron would like more women to step forward and join his party. We briefly touched on the requirement of the welsh language in obtaining posts here in Wales. Welsh is my second language but I feel as passionately as the next, when asked about my nationality and birth place.

Trading and shopping parking powers

Like so many other shoppers (over the past two years) when visiting my daughter, now living in Mumbles, I have been penalised for shopping or indeed visiting local café and parks around the castle and thought how absurd it is to deter so many locals and visitors to this fabulous area. So when I read through some of Byron’s activities I was delighted to read he has taken up this issue with local councils. We should be encouraging shoppers to visit our beautiful coastline cafés and shopping centres not penalising them.

“Council officers need to start looking at ways of encouraging shoppers away from the out of town centres where they can park easily and for free and instead, and to head instead for our traditional town, city and village centres.

Mr Davies added: “It is heartening to see that shoppers are taking advantage of the free parking to support shops in the town. It is crucial that our High Streets and town centres have a level playing field with the out of town retail parks and are able to offer free parking.

“I would still like to see that period extended to two hours so that people can visit a few shops and pop into one of the cafes for a cuppa as well.”

Our Armed Forces

We shared a deeper bond when discussing our armed forces.  Both our sons are based at Colchester Barracks and have been operational overseas in Afghanistan.

Remembrance Sunday . Yesterday, we remembered all those who had served our country and sacrificed their lives.   Earlier, I clicked on Byron’s twitter profile and this photograph and caption brought a smile to my face.

Not often you get to meet an Omaha Beach Veteran!



Sharing information and experiences are all part of an open, supportive social media network and I was pleased to read Byron’s profile and activity clearly mapped out on his  website

‘Welcome to my website, which will highlight my work for you as your Welsh Conservative Assembly Member. Here you can find out my latest news and surgeries. I am always happy to help so if you have an issue use the contact section of the website to contact me’ Byron Davies AM

His availability and contact details are included below.

Ground Floor
11 St James Gardens
SA1 6DY  Tel: 01792 654 049

Cardiff Office
National Assembly for Wales
Cardiff Bay
CF99 1NA   Tel: 029 2089 8929


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Can’t start a fire without a Spark!

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

Last Thursday evening,  I tore myself away from my desktop to attend a TLO – Turn Lights On – this is happening event in Swansea, hosted by Georgina Jones.

Those of you who follow me on the social media networks will have read my tips on how to breathe and sparkle for business. I campaign for busy entrepreneurs and talented humans who want to increase their followers and leads online. Attracting new clients is the aim of my campaigns for brand owners who are busy mentoring their courses, services and products out there in the real world.

Great Marketing

During the grey and frosty weeks that follow the glitz and glamour of Christmas can make even the hyperactive among us feel like shrivelling up on the sofa. So I heard my inner voice shout out ‘ put your face on and heels and join an event that promises to turn lights on’. Now that is just the right marketing for this time of year. I wasn’t disappointed and met up with some beautiful and talented singers and a sociable male Chiropractor from Carmarthen.

Georgina was highly engaging as the host and asked us to chink one anothers glasses before sharing with each other what turned our lights on. Now I am entering a new and scary phase where I am moving away from my professional health and fitness service, which I’ve loved for over twenty six years work and entering into a new chapter that of mentoring busy humans, who want to follow their dream career and business.

Knowing who you are first before following your dream career or business takes steps and in some cases lot’s of steps given the magic opportunity that comes your way when you’re seeking it. Motivation is the driving force and intrinsic motivation comes from within. It’s an internal striving to be good at something. Research shows that those who undertake activities or exercise for their own satisfaction are happier, because intrinsic motivation is about passion and love for what we do. Extrinsic motivation is about being motivated due to a reward, a prize or recognition and praise. We are born to be intrinsically motivated with an innate drive to be physically active (some more than others).

Intrinsic motivation will normally see the greatest results long term, says Rhonda Cohen. Luckily, I have bags of both. So don’t let the grey, wet weather dampen your style!

Go on, what are you waiting for take action and take your first steps.


“What you seek is seeking you” – Rumi



If you, or someone you know has a light that needs turning on, please get in touch with me here:


Carolyn Williams, helping you find ways to re-energise yourself for your business?


Breathing new life into business. I provide social media campaigns for small business owners & entrepreneurs to help increase their followers, advocates and leads using social media.



Branding ~ What makes you different?

Saturday, September 17th, 2011

I had invited Tanya to Ecademy two years ago and since then she has been nurturing her standing in Wales. Her website introduction says it best:

“Welcome to Tanya’s Design Studio where you will find a highly innovative and contemporary collection of jewellery created and manufactured exclusively by designer Tanya Igic. Working with the finest quality delicate leather in an array of beautiful pastel and bright shades, Tanya amalgamates an unusual layering technique with sterling silver to create the exquisite effect you see throughout the collection”.

On Thursday I met the lovely Tanya along with her beautiful baby daughter Maja to discuss her small exhibition of designer jewellery which she will display on September 30th at this Event. Tanya had returned home to Swansea from their holiday visiting her family in Serbia. Great timing as Wales face Samoa on Sunday hopefully bringing a Smile to the Prior to this she had been busy preparing for two major events, the last one being her first Welsh National Eisteddfod exhibition in August.

What makes Tanya’s jewellery quite different in my view, is Tanya herself. Her beauty, her style, her charm, her brand. A unique, family loving business lady. Business today is all about branding and I feel Tanya has that hallmark. If you would like to add a touch of Sparkle to your day and learn more about her designer pieces, please log onto

Working together for a better tomorrow. What makes you different?