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Are you the “STAR” in your own movie?

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

Victoria Bullis and I had been connected on Ecademy for sometime before I got in touch with her. I learn’t that you have to ‘nudge’ Victoria as she resides between London and CA, USA. So several e-mails, exchanges and comments on my blogs set the scene.

A few weeks back realising that I was not going to meet up with her in London at ROSEE I e-mailed her with a time to call eachother. After a few initial calls I asked Victoria to coach me on the telephone. This is where the strength of Ecademy lies, reading someones profile and then engaging with them through blogs, you get the measure of the person.
During my coaching session much of ‘me’ I knew but also accepted that like so any “STARS” I was content starring in other people’s stories. Before Easter weekend Victoria e-mailed an article written by Amy Beth O’Brien who loves movies. Amy likens starring in your own life story to becoming the “Star” in your own movie.
“If we looked at our life as a movie, would we see ourselves as the leading role in our own movie, or an extra or supporting player in the lives of those around us? We all have family and friends we support, and for whom we make sacrifices. How much of our time is spent on those responsibilities and obligations, and how much is dedicated to living the scripts of our own lives? Many of us live with the guilt-ridden thesis that if we spend time on our own goals, we are somehow neglecting others. That’s patently false and we need to ensure that we don’t spend our lives playing roles in other people’s movies, to the extent that we’re unable to star in our own.

Next, I took a look at my personal profile, here it is:


My Profile Bio tells you…
“I love life and make the most of every moment. I am fun, spontaneous and enjoy lively conversation. I love sunshine, living by the sea. Watching first class Rugby a must Yippee! Shane Williams, my favourite Rugby player since the First World Rugby Cup. Graham Henry hails Shane Williams as Wales’ best in a generation.  “I would rather retire than be retired. But you never say never” Shane Williams Wales’ record try scorer”.


Taking the leaf out of Shane’s book/comment I ‘d repeat “Never say never” I am now starring and directing my own movie. So my questions to you are:

Are you starring in your own movie?. Who would you choose to star alongside you?.
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Sunday, August 7th, 2011

“Oh, bother ~ The word is issue not atishoo! silly ole bear”

I travelled to East Sussex on Thursday to spend some quality time with my son, his fiancée, her two children, a boy and girl and an eight month Bichon Frise called Paxton. They know our favourite family children’s story is ‘Winnie the Pooh’ and so a trip to Acre Wood was planned for Friday.

We set off, my son in charge of the map and refreshments carried in his desert rucksack, sporting airborne wing badges, a far cry for current warfare. And here we were following Pooh’s trail heading out to Acre Wood on a glorious English summers day.

The thing you find most restful and entertaining is the bridge over the river bank.  Throwing Poohsticks over one side to see them emerge the other side of the bridge. If you wait long enough you find that all the adventurers end up either in the river or nudging someone in. Yes, it was Paxton who enjoyed his first taste of sloshing about in the famous Winnie the Pooh river in Acre Wood.

After a good two hours we all made our way back to Pooh’s Corner shop to polish off a round of cream teas Here are some wonderful moments in the story.

Reflecting back to this blog Saturdays Tigger’s Business at Ecademy. In three years I have met some wonderful ecademy members, the most recent is Ian Moncrieff Macmillan Ian is a joy, a wonderful connection. So don’t delay, get out there to meet a member of your ecademy family.




WooHoo! I’m off to enjoy some honey on toast with a cuppa, English Breakfast of course.

Which new networking member have you met recently?




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