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My Right and Left Brain

Monday, March 18th, 2013


Listen and Learn


There are times we can be overly swamped by a fixed mind-set and it takes either an accident, or a chance meeting to look ‘outside the box’ to shed some new light.

On January 24th, I broke my scaphoid bone in my right hand, after a nasty fall down concrete steps. I am right handed and have since learn’t that personal injury lawyers frequently represent these injuries. Since this accident my resolve, in terms of tasks and writing articles and pretty much doing anything, is being sorely tested.  Thinking with either the left or right  side of my brain, working on the simplest of tasks,  has now become a major project. Reading up on the treatment and healing process and the ways in which our right and left brain work, I came across:


Scans reveal intricate brain wiring


Full Monty

“BBC’s science correspondent Pallab Ghosh gets a look at how his brain is wired when he talked to Professor Van Wedeen. Scientists at Massachusetts General Hospital are pushing brain imaging to its limit using a purpose built scanner. It is one of the most powerful scanners in the world.

Arcs of understanding

The result was a 3D computer image that revealed the important pathways of my brain in vivid colour.

The scanner’s magnets need 22MW of electricity – enough to power a nuclear submarine”.

You can only begin to imagine the exercises I have next in store?




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