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Serendipity alive and well in London

Sunday, October 12th, 2014

Wandering around a few busy streets in London having studied  map directions for a networking event I was attending, I became aware of  the very tall buildings staring down on me, on either side of the streets.  I had arranged a 1-2-1 with John Paul, an Architect from London, a fellow net worker. We had arranged to meet in the British Museum, not too far from our main meeting place. It turned out to be the most insightful, architectural invite I could possibly wished for. There is so much to learn about London’s famous buildings.

After the networking event had finished,  John kindly showed some amazing buildings and architecture along Portland and Harley Street. Soaking up this vast wealth of architectural history, guided by a London architect was a privilege. Starting with the British Museum, leading to the buildings around Portland Street, All Saints Church, Margaret Street with its stunning stain glass windows and carvings in the company of John Paul.



“The exception is the magnificent west window, the glass of which dates from 1877. Designed by Alexander Gibbs, it is based on the Tree of Jesse window in Wells Cathedral, and replaced the initial glass, designed by Alfred Gerente and installed between 1853-58 (and which was generally thought to be a failure).  It was designed in 1850 by William Butterfield, an architect strongly associated with Gothic revival church building and the Oxford Movement. Completed in 1859, the red brick church was built around a small courtyard with an adjoining vicarage and a choir school.

Butterfield’s masterpiece





The interior is noted for its rich decoration and beautiful fittings – a true “hidden gem” in the streets of central London.  Sir John Betjeman, the poet, writer and enthusiastic advocate of heritage and architecture said of All Saints: It was here, in the 1850’s, that the revolution in architecture began…It led the way, All Saints Margaret Street, in church building.” All Saints Margaret Street is a Victorian church in Fitzrovia, near Oxford Street, London. It is regarded as one of the foremost examples of High Victorian Gothic architecture in Britain”.

Having listened to John’s guided tour, I decided to call a dear family friend of mine, now working as a IVF Specialist in London, to join us for a cuppa. Again John led me to the Royal Institute of British Architects buildings ‘coffee shop’, so that all three of us could sit and chat.  A fascinating diverse meet-up with two incredibly gifted men.


Carolyn Williams


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Who Was Your First…Social Media Chit Chat?

Thursday, December 8th, 2011


Today’s blog update:

Louisa Miles runs this MAD company. MAD is a Spatial Design company creating blueprints to Motivate, Inspire and Rejuvenate your Design Spaces & Personal Spaces. 

Louisa is “brilliant, bold and unbreakable”.   Most Skype’s last an hour but two and a half hours slipped by and we could have carried on all day, I reckon. Without a doubt, a super authentic, engaging Lady with a great spirit! 😉 I am looking forward to meeting and working alongside her.

“It is only as we develop others that we permanently succeed.”Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I’ll understand”..

  • Was it a graphic?

  • Was it an invite to network or an offer of help?
  • Was their quick witted #fun humour (banter)
  • Was it their right or left mind mapping brain?
  • Was it their energy?
  • Was it their brand?
  • Or …….was it their looks?


So here goes, Who have you connected with today? And what was it about this connection that grabbed your attention?


Carolyn Williams, helping you find ways to re-energise yourself for your business?


Breathing new life into business. I provide social media campaigns for small business owners & entrepreneurs to help increase their followers, advocates and leads using social media.


September 30th Networking Boardroom Event sponsored by Juice Plus+

Thursday, August 18th, 2011

Calling all Personal Trainers, Health Club Owners, Sports Therapists and Osteopaths and anyone seeking to improve their overall health in business, you are invited to a September Boardroom Networking Event. (Bring a guest). This event will be held at Morgans Hotel SA1 1RR.

This event is Sponsored by Juice Plus+   

This event will feature Tanya Igic and her exhibition of Designer Jewellery and a Juice Plus + Seminar from Rob Molyneux


Meet and Network over lunch 1pm  –  2.30pm

Boardroom Session 2.30  –  3.30pm

Juice Plus + Seminar 3.30pm  –  4.30pm

Network  over wine  5pm –  6pm  and chat with Tanya Igic,  Ian Moncrieff MacMillan @IanMacsTopTeam ~  A Specialist marine salvage of 17th and 18th century wrecks off east coast of England.

Benefit from learning how to boost your energy and health in business.

A Room Full Of GEMS – Variety Is The Spice Of Life

Saturday, May 15th, 2010

The true message of networking! ( An open letter I received yesterday.)

Dear Miss Williams,

I am completely knocked out by all your information. What a terrific person to know when it is raining and overcast. You just jump out of bed as if it is high summer and get on with it.

I feel better already.

Mind you I have been advocating what you do for some time. I used to be in Law for longer than I will dare tell you and prior to that I was in pop, because variety is the spice of life.

I am very fit for my age because I have followed your principles but I need pushing along too sometimes and who better to do it than with Miss Carolyn Williams.

With all good wishes

peter ellis

I am very fit for my age!”


Peter you and me both, so much so, I have people who click on my profile and mistake vigour, energy, vibrancy with trying to stay young!

I can honestly say my years of energy have been on a par with the Paratroopers but with age have learn’t how to ‘tread water!’ with a Smile!

You Peter come across as someone who wants ..> not only to FEEL and LOOK good but you want to go a step further and recharge that ENERGY. What is even better and healthier you don’t mind saying so and validating other GEMS!. That for me, is the true message of Networking.

What is your experience of networking both online and offline?

Happy “Bubbles” Friday – It’s the weekend and it’s HERE!!


Carolyn Williams. Breathing new life into business.  I drive new leads, followers and advocates online for small business owners & entrepreneurs to boost revenue.