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First Impressions

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012


I woke up this morning to a beautiful sky and worked on an exciting new proposal which will centre on ‘First impressions do count’?

Whenever someone meets you for the first time they will form an impression of you. What kind of impression depends a lot on your attitude towards them? Psychologists claim that a person can form an impression of you in as little as nine seconds.

So what can we do to give the right impression – be positive?
To be more positive we need to have a Positive Mental Attitude.

Key or Cue word.

P Positive M Mental A Attitude

Having a positive mental attitude can help us speak with conviction when we are selling our products or services. Our physical preparation for selling is obviously of paramount importance to us. It is easy to see that we need to look after our health to the extent that we feel great. Our appearance and manner influence our client’s reaction to us and that our ability to communicate our message effectively, depends on our body language and speech.

Self-awareness and the customer.

I wanted to ask you …

Who was your first memorable connection who welcomed you when you walked into your first networking group and why?
What was it they said that enticed you to connect?
Was it an invite to network or an offer of help? Or ….was it their looks?

On Monday I posted Café conversations and it attracted the chatty members who love meeting over a cuppa to develop the things that matter to both parties.

One of the things that come to mind when meeting someone face to face is:

First impressions do count…
Meeting up for Café conversations flow when you are happy in yourself, when you value yourself first and others. So when you greet someone for the first time your body language confirms that greeting. If you’re tired, tense or unhappy, the person you converse with will pick up on your feelings. Focusing on what matters tends to spring board the conversation to another level if you’re warm and open. So for me looking after yourself is a starting point, so that you can walk up to someone with confidence and va va voom, leaving a lasting impression.

Good energy stays around a lot longer when you have left the conversation.


Carolyn Williams

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Swansea ·Cardiff


Who actively inspires you to comment?

Monday, August 27th, 2012

***moving minds and people in business***

Andrew Field talking about his dipping social media ranking scores caught my attention, so I commented and read through the replies which may reflect the holiday period and lack of stimulating content? I’ve seen the word ‘old’ pop up a few times on the FP and that sends me scurrying off to look for inspiration.

Is it that we ourselves are taking a sabbatical or miss Penny and Thomas or simply don’t like change? Mike Morrison interestingly wrote “Its not going to happen here! – change management psychology”.

So I continue to search for inspiring authors and here is one, who actively engages her readers. The fact that Cornelis has written Marja a testimonial says it all. ***moving minds and people***

Do you enjoy, encourage, fuel an active online conversation?

On cue Fay is the exception, for stopping a conversation with mouth-watering Grand Marnier Soufflé because she can!.




Carolyn Williams

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We can all help each other grow richer in Ecademy

Monday, August 27th, 2012

“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give”. Winston Churchill

That wonderful quote among so many more by Winston Churchill sets the tone for this blog.

Yesterday I joined Daniel, Phillip, George, Mike, Richard, James and one other young gentleman supporting Daniel’s Leadership Event in London.

I took the decision to do this after re launching a band new corporate gymnasium facility after three years planning (to get others on board) on Tuesday. That re launch was the fourth in twenty two years and I was delighted for the workforce. The current Plant Manager for this automotive plant is young and like Daniel, works all hours. These young entrepreneurs and managers don’t have the luxury of paid support, so rely on the goodwill of other leaders who can help. I suspect this pattern is seen across the economic ‘picture board’ in this country.

After a long train journey from Swansea, putting a spurt on through tube stations and streets to arrive to Smiley faces was a treat! I have to say to you ‘ beautiful Londoners’ you are amazing, guiding millions of visitors, including the odd Taff 😉 through your city, an enormous task.

I learnt much, much more by making this, a four hour trip, to meet Daniel and to hear his passion to make Ecademy succeed was obvious. He’s worth hearing, so please attend ROSEE 3.

Robert Craven

Mike Morrison

Beth Burgess

Julia Mctaid

Ed Percival

Richard Francis

Vickie Wusche

I ditto Richard’s comment by repeating ‘Having fun isn’t always a criminal offence’. A gathering of like-minded people. Where else would you have this opportunity?. I had the giggles on more than one occasion, the last being, when the ‘larger than life’ Mike was being a perfect Gent doing his Sir. Walter Raleigh ‘impression’  by warning me of oncoming puddles before leaving for the tube station.


Carolyn Williams


Breathing new life into business. I provide social media campaigns for small business owners & entrepreneurs to help increase their followers, advocates and leads using social media.




Things! Encouraging recovery by doing the right thing

Thursday, December 29th, 2011
Well-being versus Wealth André Bieste The real crisis? We stopped being wise! included an inspiring video presentation by Barry Schwartz.

How do we aid economic recovery? How do we heal the patient? By using wisdom in doing the right thing. Kick starting wisdom by being happy about doing the right thing. .

Laying down pages of rules and regulations has literally locked down the entrepreneurial spirit instead of celebrating those who do the right thing. No matter where you live, work or spend recreational time you see the destruction caused by robotic procedures without encouraging the free spirit in doing the right thing.

Frequent visits to a local hospital over the past few months has been an eye opener, witnessing it’s excellence being overshadowed by endless paper work procedures that renders the patient lost!. Robotic nursing care which does little to reassure healing and calmness.


Forever learning and teaching I wrote this Business : It is how you talk to patients that matter! but it seems the point of my message was lost in replies discussing how NHS trust budgets are controlled, missing the real issue completely.

So here again giving students experience and encouraging them to do the right thing has been lost in the endless piles of paperwork that needs pure administrative skills to allow the nurse or doctor to get on with healing the patient. Nursing training and specialist skills are vital for patient recovery. Allowing students and employees to think for themselves to learn from improvising and experience under supervision. Lot’s of teaching layers in that module”

Out of the text book and out of the class room and into the real world of encouraging real recovery. I wrote that blog in the hope it might raise awareness that rules and procedures are guidelines but to be effective you need to win others over. Becoming influential in ‘winning the hearts and minds of people’ encouraging recovery in others is the ultimate end result and for our sick economy. You could relate this ‘sickness’ to any number of economic issues where skills and training are indeed alarmingly non existent. So it’s not surprising that by burying our heads in the sand it leaves us well and truly stuck in a swamp. By not celebrating wisdom in doing the right thing, things have a habit of coming back to bite us on the bum.

We have to invest in our recovery and it starts with us.

Poor health and economic sickness has a habit of crucifying us.
What is it that we in ecademy can do do to help celebrate wisdom in doing the right thing?



Carolyn Williams, helping you to re-energise for your business.

Breathing new life into business. I provide social media campaigns for small business owners and entrepreneurs to help raise their profiles online.

I mentor business people and help them improve their focus, energy and clarity for new business.



Attracting New Clients

Wednesday, November 16th, 2011


I have just posted this message on my status bar giving the opportunity to my connections ( on all my social media platforms to engage – Shock Horror)

The Reason

I want participation. I want to find out more about my contacts. I am genuinely interested.

The Tool ~ The Phone

A fellow social media connection Ty Tyson, rang me ‘out of the blue’ on Monday and for that half hour I really heard Ty’s accent, voice quality and learnt about his hopes for the future and what really matters to him. Go ….on what are you waiting for? Do It!  “Pick up the (Cannon and Ball phrase) pigging phone”

You never know what you might learn. You never know, you might even learn how you can help one another to move forward.  I hope I have, in this instance?.

Now  surprise, surprise I also want to attract new clients. So my here’s my question for you: ‘How do you ‘up your game’ when attracting new clients?’


Carolyn Williams,  helping you find ways to re-energise you for your business?


Breathing new life into business. I provide social media campaigns for small business owners & entrepreneurs to help increase their followers, advocates and leads using social media.


Help Me? What Really MATTERS To You Right Now?

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011


Thomas’s excellent blog about lurking versus active comments statistics provoked a great debate. Then Charlie blogged his Here’s to the lurkers….bless them all!

I particularly enjoyed this line from Charlie:

“Sometimes they just lack confidence and a period of time lurking could be followed by the odd comment, leading to a blog, leading to genuinely top class contributions”.

I would agree that lurking over a blog is great but acting on a thought, opinion or topic for me is DOING something for us all. The lurkers are sharing something valuable. When we do get the opportunity to be seen and then heard we allow ourselves to be validated. The important exchange in this transaction is trust. When you can trust your opinion does really MATTER and is not violated or trashed then we feel worthy.

For years we Fitness Professionals and Business Presenters hand out evaluation forms at the end of every session. Penny does this after her Digital workshops. Yes, I have attended one at Adam Street, contributed and filled one in for her as I value both her and Thomas’s contribution, namely bringing the Digital era into businesses.

My ‘now’ has been hectic for some months both at home and work and so I hope to re ignite energies that excite me and more importantly to have your comments roll in to add colour again. I have always loved adventure.

I joined Black Star to discover where that journey would actually take me, it’s certainly given me the opportunity to meet many of my ecademy connections. I started the Cardiff Boardroom in April.

I love conversations and debate and I make sure I follow up on your all important feedback on topics that MATTER. When you sit back to look at the bigger picture you realise we have been given the opportunity to voice our opinion on this Ecademy platform. It is for us to do something with that social media networth opportunity.

So my sparkle nudge to you all is .What excites you? What really matters to you right Now?
Already in from Geoffrey in reply to my question ~ What subject excites you? …

“Food, Drink, Family, Friends, virtually anything but at the appropriate moment..Christmas sounds exciting..pies..curries..pineapple jam tarts..single malts..good football…it goes on and on and on..why dont you surprise us”.

And another one in from Milton ~ “Cricket. Chelsea – Man City – Balotelli. £££$$$ !” – Milt.


I am really looking forward to your surprise replies.


Carolyn, moving monds, helping you focus on doing business

All it takes is One Spark!

Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

Farokh Engineer

Farokh Engineer


♥●•٠★’°ºὄ•❤•.¸✿¸.•❤ LoVE CRICkET. LoVE LIFE. LoVE LA MANGA CLUB. ٠★’°ºὄ•❤•.¸✿¸.•❤

Who would have known that a chance meeting with a sponsor, attending Tom Shanklin’s Testimonial launch, would have taken me (a week later) to La Manga in Spain, to hear a short speech by the former Indian wicket keeper, Farokh Engineer.

“I loved the ball coming at me at me at 100 MPH and leaving the bat at 500 MPH,” he said.

Farokh auction speech was to raise funds for the 7th Twenty20 tournament, at La Manga Club 2011.  In partnership with Cricket España in support of Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research and sponsored by Ideal Group Ltd.  Farokh, (I must spell his christian name correctly, in case he takes a swing with his bat) hosted the auction and raffle, alongside Sarah Botham. Little did my group realize that a graceful Farokh, donning Hawaiian shorts, while enjoying a dip in the hotel pool earlier, would have captivated an entire full-house at dinner. What a tremendous team player, character and knowledgeable speaker on cricket.

The Event flyer said ” Come and enjoy a weekend of cricket in the autumn sun at  La Manga Club, the 1400-acre sports and leisure resort on
south-east Spain’s ‘warm coast’. Join Sarah Botham, the Spanish Cricket Association and others for this fun and exciting, bedroom apartment day cricket tournament
• Barbecue buffet on Saturday evening • Raffle and auction in support of Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research • Prize giving on Sunday.

Now who could resist an invite like that?

The main fund raising event, for the weekend, was the three course buffet dinner and auction.

Commencing 8pm, the dinner was hosted by Simon Weston, OBE who received a standing ovation from a packed house.  You could hear a pin drop as Simon gave his account of warfare, at it’s most hellish and it’s most funniest. Then a question and answer session with Paul Burnham, Founder of the Barmy Army, on seventeen years of following the England Cricket Team, around the world, in a journey that has recently culminated in winning the Ashes down under and becoming the number one test side in the world.  Paul did a tremendous job multitasking for this charity event, while some of us survived the hilarious antics of the Barmy Army.

Motivating Ecademy Cricket Club ~ How can you resist an invitation like this > La Manga Club, in collaboration with the Spanish Cricket Association, can help you organise your own club, corporate or school tournament, training camp or tour. Qualified umpiring services arranged. Excellent match and training facilities. What are you waiting for?


♥●•٠★’°ºὄ•❤•.¸✿¸.•❤ LoVE CRICkET. LoVE LIFE. LoVE LA MANGA CLUB. ٠★’°ºὄ•❤•.¸✿¸.•❤

Do you re-energise your connections?
Carolyn Williams,  Moving minds, helping you to focus on doing business

So how do you stay on the message?

Monday, June 6th, 2011

70b6996b-2a63-4442-b145-1994e3863221-large (1)

Where do you get your energy and stamina to push through that new project of intention?  Every good coach will motivate their client to write down their hopes and dreams in black and white having focused on a chosen project.

Doing the research, then editing your dreams requires energy and stamina to bring about the completion of a dream project.

So how do you stay on the message?

Travelling on a train allows me time to read, draft before I conduct my research on foot. Acting on the intention to complete a project requires determination, a focus but above all a belief which is constantly energized.

An acceptance that nothing stays the same I believe helps us to marvel at new opportunities and connections yet to be made.

Transience Passing with time. Zen thinking says uncertainty and transience are at the heart of everything. The more you clutch onto things, ideas or people or material possessions,  the more you lose them. You can’t really know anything for sure.

Transience for me is very real, starting again, adjusting to both my grown up children starting careers and lives of their own.

Seeking inspiration and energy for that new start, that new project is on our doorstep.  We can focus on the big picture and change the lenses for the small print but we need to adjust our focus constantly to accept the changes. Being smart enough to grasp that opportunity, that changing gap in the market.

‘A year from now you will wish you had started today’ – Karen Lamb

Carolyn Williams, helping you find ways to re-energise yourself for your business?


Breathing new life into business. I provide social media campaigns for small business owners & entrepreneurs to help increase their followers, advocates and leads using social media for business.




Getting To The Top

Saturday, May 15th, 2010

Commenting on lovely Lisa Bakker’s Guniea Pig in Distress Blog prompted this Post!

Getting to the top does not have to be an up hill struggle! Some clients struggle like a fish caught on the end of a hook of their own making; thrashing this way and that and trying everything they can to detach from their pain but finding what? Nothing but more struggle.

To keep us on track, most of us need the support of people who care for us!

Linking up with another buddy in need of getting fitter, or losing some weight or getting that help to increase self confidence, to fit into those favourite Levis or get that much wanted job you applied for.

I can help and will send you the rules and you ‘coach’ and support each other via email, until you get to your desired fitness, weight, or job goal. One person lost 9lbs this way, easily and with fun. Another actually got two job offers and was able to pick the best one for him.

Many of you work away and can keep in touch this way to stay on top with support for consistency. Getting to the top by working smarter not harder.

Play a little and have some fun while peddling up the hill being Number one. Maybe sing along with the lyrics..’You lift me off the ground, all I wanted was to some have fun, I ain’t letting nothing get in the way’…..

What helps you get to the top?

Quote ‘In early life, people give up their health to gain wealth. Then in later life, they give up some wealth to regain health’


Carolyn Williams. Breathing new life into business.  I drive new leads, followers and advocates online for small business owners & entrepreneurs to boost revenue.