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Things! Encouraging recovery by doing the right thing

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

Well-being versus Wealth 
André Bieste The real crisis? We stopped being wise!   included an inspiring video presentation by Barry Schwartz.
How do we aid economic recovery? How do we heal the patient? By using wisdom in doing the right thing. Kick starting wisdom by being happy about doing the right thing. .
Laying down pages of rules and regulations has literally locked down the entrepreneurial spirit instead of celebrating those who do the right thing. No matter where you live, work or spend recreational time you see the destruction caused by robotic procedures without encouraging the free spirit in doing the right thing.
Frequent visits to a local hospital over the past few months has been an eye opener, witnessing it’s excellence being overshadowed by endless paper work procedures that renders the patient lost!. Robotic nursing care which does little to reassure healing and calmness.


Forever learning and teaching I wrote this Business : It is how you talk to patients that matter!  but it seems the point of my message was lost in replies discussing how NHS trust budgets are controlled, missing the real issue completely.  So here again giving students experience and encouraging them to do the right thing has been lost in the endless piles of paperwork that needs pure administrative skills to allow the nurse or doctor to get on with healing the patient. Nursing training and specialist skills are vital for patient recovery. Allowing students and employees to think for themselves to learn from improvising and experience under supervision.  Lot’s of teaching layers in that module”.


Out of the text book and out of the class room and into the real world of encouraging real  recovery. I wrote that blog in the hope it might raise awareness that rules and procedures are guidelines but to be effective you need to win others over. Becoming influential in ‘winning the hearts and minds of people’ encouraging recovery in others is the ultimate end result and for our sick economy. You could relate this ‘sickness’ to any number of economic issues where skills and training are indeed alarmingly non existent. So it’s not surprising that by burying our heads in the sand it leaves us well and truly stuck in a swamp. By not celebrating wisdom in doing the right thing, things have a habit of coming back to bite us on the bum. smile

We have to invest in our recovery and it starts with us.
Poor health and economic sickness has a habit of crucifying us.

What is it that we in ecademy can do do to help celebrate wisdom in doing the right thing?


Carolyn Williams

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Are you the “STAR” in your own movie?

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

Victoria Bullis and I had been connected on Ecademy for sometime before I got in touch with her. I learn’t that you have to ‘nudge’ Victoria as she resides between London and CA, USA. So several e-mails, exchanges and comments on my blogs set the scene.

A few weeks back realising that I was not going to meet up with her in London at ROSEE I e-mailed her with a time to call eachother. After a few initial calls I asked Victoria to coach me on the telephone. This is where the strength of Ecademy lies, reading someones profile and then engaging with them through blogs, you get the measure of the person.
During my coaching session much of ‘me’ I knew but also accepted that like so any “STARS” I was content starring in other people’s stories. Before Easter weekend Victoria e-mailed an article written by Amy Beth O’Brien who loves movies. Amy likens starring in your own life story to becoming the “Star” in your own movie.
“If we looked at our life as a movie, would we see ourselves as the leading role in our own movie, or an extra or supporting player in the lives of those around us? We all have family and friends we support, and for whom we make sacrifices. How much of our time is spent on those responsibilities and obligations, and how much is dedicated to living the scripts of our own lives? Many of us live with the guilt-ridden thesis that if we spend time on our own goals, we are somehow neglecting others. That’s patently false and we need to ensure that we don’t spend our lives playing roles in other people’s movies, to the extent that we’re unable to star in our own.

Next, I took a look at my personal profile, here it is:


My Profile Bio tells you…
“I love life and make the most of every moment. I am fun, spontaneous and enjoy lively conversation. I love sunshine, living by the sea. Watching first class Rugby a must Yippee! Shane Williams, my favourite Rugby player since the First World Rugby Cup. Graham Henry hails Shane Williams as Wales’ best in a generation.  “I would rather retire than be retired. But you never say never” Shane Williams Wales’ record try scorer”.


Taking the leaf out of Shane’s book/comment I ‘d repeat “Never say never” I am now starring and directing my own movie. So my questions to you are:

Are you starring in your own movie?. Who would you choose to star alongside you?.
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Asking for Help

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

‘Help’ sung by the Beatles was a smash hit. In those days they rolled one hit out after the other. Today, I read a wonderful article about how difficult it is to ask for help?
Today as our culture becomes more and more entrenched in being independent and yet not so far away there are school leavers, young graduates, middle aged and old struggling through mounting debts, struggling to pay mortgages, rent and bills through lack of jobs. How far do we need to go down the road before we need to ask for help? As a divorced single parent, I learnt the lessons some years ago on humility with dignity. Here are some of my ideas to help us through some difficult changes. To help us grow through the changes.

Do Good and Feel Good.
Face your fears – You can grow through them! Write down a list of what help you need. Talk over your fears with people who care for you and are trustworthy.. Stop blaming everyone else. See changes as a challenge. Take on the challenge. Be Pro Active. Eat well. You can’t get over your fears if you have bad habits, especially when it comes to food. Start eating healthy today and fuel your body for fear-busting. Have patience. You’ll get there Take in plenty of fresh air. Walks in the parks at lunchtimes. Of course insomnia plays havoc with your reserves. Good sleep is essential for stress management and well-being. Meditation and quality breathing techniques can help us all ‘let go’ at any point during the day or night.  Get together with friends, networks and form buddy support groups.. Write down your plan. Keeping a notebook of ideas, lists and goals is great for overcoming fears. It’s fun to cross off your

accomplishments too. if only it is at yourself in the mirror. It’s good for you.
Enjoy fun and laughter – Pets and children are great tonics!
Finding out all over again what we are good at and supporting each other, through changes in both work and life, can only be good for the spirit.

Giving and Receiving

Serving and Volunteering.

‘Do Good and Feel Good’
What kind of help do you need?
And finally to thank our family and friends and colleagues who do help and make us feel good. Thank you ecademy owners for this platform in being able to connect with so many others.



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Warm Wishes, Carolyn
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Can’t start a fire without a Spark!

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

Last Thursday evening,  I tore myself away from my desktop to attend a TLO – Turn Lights On – this is happening event in Swansea, hosted by Georgina Jones.

Those of you who follow me on the social media networks will have read my tips on how to breathe and sparkle for business. I campaign for busy entrepreneurs and talented humans who want to increase their followers and leads online. Attracting new clients is the aim of my campaigns for brand owners who are busy mentoring their courses, services and products out there in the real world.

Great Marketing

During the grey and frosty weeks that follow the glitz and glamour of Christmas can make even the hyperactive among us feel like shrivelling up on the sofa. So I heard my inner voice shout out ‘ put your face on and heels and join an event that promises to turn lights on’. Now that is just the right marketing for this time of year. I wasn’t disappointed and met up with some beautiful and talented singers and a sociable male Chiropractor from Carmarthen.

Georgina was highly engaging as the host and asked us to chink one anothers glasses before sharing with each other what turned our lights on. Now I am entering a new and scary phase where I am moving away from my professional health and fitness service, which I’ve loved for over twenty six years work and entering into a new chapter that of mentoring busy humans, who want to follow their dream career and business.

Knowing who you are first before following your dream career or business takes steps and in some cases lot’s of steps given the magic opportunity that comes your way when you’re seeking it. Motivation is the driving force and intrinsic motivation comes from within. It’s an internal striving to be good at something. Research shows that those who undertake activities or exercise for their own satisfaction are happier, because intrinsic motivation is about passion and love for what we do. Extrinsic motivation is about being motivated due to a reward, a prize or recognition and praise. We are born to be intrinsically motivated with an innate drive to be physically active (some more than others).

Intrinsic motivation will normally see the greatest results long term, says Rhonda Cohen. Luckily, I have bags of both. So don’t let the grey, wet weather dampen your style!

Go on, what are you waiting for take action and take your first steps.


“What you seek is seeking you” – Rumi



If you, or someone you know has a light that needs turning on, please get in touch with me here:


Carolyn Williams, helping you find ways to re-energise yourself for your business?


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Forever in blue jeans! Chitchat

Monday, July 25th, 2011


Photo courtesy of Flickr

Do you fit into your business and personal life like a glove or is it a tight squeeze and a strain?  Summer holidays are starting and many people are packing their favourite leisure wear into suitcases.

Do you put your favourite blue jeans and t-shirt in with your swimwear?

Can you get into them this summer?

Do you live forever in blue jeans?

Our love-hate affair with skinny jeans.

‘Forever in blue jeans’ was a blog I wrote a few ago, to tantalise my followers into responding. I rather enjoyed writing this story embracing Neil Diamond’s famous song  ‘Forever In Blue Jeans‘  to add colour and intrigue.

I am sure there are those of you, who like me, are natural rebels, whose desire for adventure both propel and pull you to try on the latest coloured jeans.  I read Selfridges were offering a scanning service for anyone wanting to know what shape and style of jeans would suit their frame.

This story was about our on going relationship with our jeans, blue denim and now coloured jeans being our reliable and constant companions. The ladies can wear them with loafers, strappy summer heels, even ankle boots. We depend on our jeans. We come to love them almost like pets and way beyond any other item of clothing. We use jeans to manage our weight, as jeans will always tell you better than your spouse or your best mate.  And a third of us try to lose weight to fit into smaller ones.

I am back in straight-legged, every-day, loveable blue jeans forever.

Carolyn Williams. Breathing new life into business.  I drive new leads, followers and advocates online for small business owners & entrepreneurs to boost revenue.



Breathing for Business


Express yourself and feel powerful Today!

Monday, November 29th, 2010

A new way of looking at frozen smiles, feelings and thoughts. Please read on…

This message was from a lovely ecademist, who asked me to post blogs dealing with tough times. “It’s been a tough year so any blog posts you have to deal with winter and a tough year that would be ideal!”. So while travelling to enjoy a magical weekend in freezing London exploring Borough Market and the impressive Shard Building and Windsor Castle in the crisp sunlight (read more below) this article about expression put me back in touch with my Smile!.

If you see an expressive face as emotive and human then muscle- paralysing Botox might not appeal. As Botox has become such a wide spread practice among so many from all walks of life. Lynnette Yong, a Harley Street doctor, says “since restricting movement in multiple facial sites you simply cause lines to occur elsewhere. Muscles are designed to be flexible”.

Most people want to look good for their age and less tired. Here is a confidence boost without botox.

One writer who tried Botox did’nt like the reduced facial expression and has decided not to use it again. “Expression is such an important part of human interaction – study after scientific study proves it – that I would rather accept my frown lines than have them be a barrier to communication”. Why not enjoy instead a full range of surprises and scepticism that brows can express?.



How do you reduce lines and wrinkles?.

Enjoying great company – I was lucky enough to have this special invite to see some of these spectacular sights in London and Windsor and they really did put a smile on my face.

I would highly recommend you take a trip if you haven’t already seen them??.

The Shard London Bridge finally on a full thrust


Free things to do in London  via Helen Wallis


Living in London guide via Helen Wallis

Windsor Great Park

What a contrast and what spectacular sights. Even the “hot ginger and honey” drink prepared in the Borough Market, warmed you up from inside.

Smiles all round, as everyone dressed in hats, scarfs and layers to keep out the north wind.


What did you do over the weekend?


Carolyn Williams, helping you find ways to re-energise you for your business?


Breathing new life into business. I provide social media campaigns for small business owners & entrepreneurs to help increase their followers, advocates and leads using social media.



Eye catching ‘customer care’ logo brand

Sunday, May 30th, 2010

Many moons ago, I was asked by a fellow Chamber Training Associate, to write a Customer Care Module on Stress Management / Relaxation implementation. I tutored Assertiveness, Improved Self Esteem and Stress Management at a local Swansea College at that time.

Handling Difficult Customers meant we looked at who was responsible for Quality in a Customer Service position? There were three sections. Telephone Sales and the Internal and External Customer. We implemented all three modules and applied the training programmes to a large, well known Company being opened in Swansea. Our hard work paid off and we won a National Training Award. Since then I have added Exceptional Customer Service training to that package.

Disarming irate, disgruntled difficult customers with a Smile and a facility to engage is more effective offline than it is online.

I am always on the look out for good examples of Customer Excellence here on ecademy. Being forever creative I also love looking at new logo branding. Amanda Vlahakis owner of Trulyace’ design is such an example.

Nothing succeeds better than a successful Business with Exceptional Customer Care. Top this with a Smile! the most beautiful business attire and you have a win/win formula. Click on these links and enjoy doing the business.


Carolyn Williams. Breathing new life into business.  I drive new leads, followers and advocates online for small business owners & entrepreneurs to boost revenue.



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How To Alleviate Stress In Business – Especially For Milton and Company

Sunday, May 23rd, 2010

It is my intention to go for that ‘va va voom sea air fix’ first thing this morning, having read all about how to make money online through popping a pill which ‘mimics being skinny and living longer!’ I am not convinced that ‘popping a pill’ will give me that same ‘va va voom zest’ that you only get when your feeling rested and kicking!

Let’s face it the osteopathic society constantly hand out newsletters that confirm walking is good for low back pain and the good news is, after much debate over how many working days are lost through LBP read Make osteopathy available on NHS’

So back to the Zest Recipe to start your day or indeed help you to unwind at the end of your day!


Powerwalking is somewhere between walking and “Speed” – walking. It can be used as a means of building up to jogging or running, or continued as a means to keeping fit and reducing fat.

Fitting it in

Firstly decide on a mix of frequency, intensity, time and type that you can realistically fit into your “Power-walking” week. If you are a beginner or had a long lay off, do not power walk more than three times a week to begin with and build up frequency gradually.
Make sure you have at least one rest day per week.

Getting started

  • It is essential to warm up as it is to warm down.
  • Some “Dynamic Stretching” in the warm up & relaxation, floor stretches in the warm down.
    ( Will post advice on stretching techniques.)
  • You can use the same kit as for running and jogging. Again, suitable footwear is important, and basically running trainers are the best
  • Wear something reflective if out in the dark.
  • Drink plenty of water; carry some with you, so you can have a drink every 20 minutes or so.
  • Maintain an upright posture with no leaning or swaying.
  • Keep your chin up and look ahead, allowing your head to drop will lead to neck and shoulder problems.
  • Resist the temptation to overstride to the front, this can also cause problems. Concentrate on pushing off the back foot. Lengthening the back stride is more beneficial.
  • Your leading foot should contact at the heel and roll – through. Avoid slapping the whole foot down. If this is a problem check your footwear, is it flexible enough?
  • Swing your arms! keep them bent at 90 deg. at the elbow, this will give more power and speed to your walk.
  • Don’t let your elbows wave out to the side. Your hands should not cross the center line of the front of your body and raise no higher than your breasts.  Right, I am off!What are you waiting for?


First free half hour skype mentoring =  Wellbeingcoach1


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Let’s hear it for the open office!

Sunday, May 23rd, 2010

Lifestyle – Let’s hear it for the new offices…ballrooms with open doors….music inviting us in, instead of those sales boards

Let’s hear the music to tap dance with less paperwork! Let’s hear it for the protection of rare animal species and our own Rare species here on ecademy!

Let’s hear it for healthy ‘Active Kids’ with their mum’s and dad’s.

Let’s hear it for awesome! diversity, dynamics and colour. Let’s hear it for New Life before June 4th


I was asked by a member for some quick answers to body fat loss.
A brief answer first, followed by ‘watch this space’ here on Poll Day tomorrow.

Meanwhile Keep on Running

  • Build up a 10 week Walk/Jog/Run programme
  • plus a good leg health ‘stretch guide’
  • plus eating for Peak Performance as opposed to Junk! Then take a look at
  • Life from a hammock during these wonderful sunny days and
  • Relax!

For those of you who despair about walking, there is always outdoor cycling trails or off road and swimming and bags of scenic activities!! Have fun outdoors! Tell me your choices of activities?

Let’s hear it for the sparklers! Want to feel more alert and alive?

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Just Be!

Sunday, May 16th, 2010

Lovely Richard reminded us this morning of where he is here and now. Then while I have been pruning my blogs I came across this:

I’m a different person – turn my world around.

When your world is turned upside down more than once, you learn to take stock, to stand still and take a breather, to Just Be!

Photo courtesy of Flickr

Sometimes we need to celebrate and just be!


Carolyn Williams. Breathing new life into business.  I drive new leads, followers and advocates online for small business owners & entrepreneurs to boost revenue.