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I don’t love it because I sell it…I sell it because I love it.

Friday, May 8th, 2015


My activity on Instagram has increased these past few months and there is one connection in particular who has gained my interest by asking questions. Her sales pitch points out the aesthetic physical benefits plus financial gains to the buyer. Her attractive selling connects with new followers and potential clients on a daily basis.

What you say, write and how your body language reflects those words have a big impact on those you do business with. Steve Martin wrote: The way in which feelings and emotion impact on decision-making and behaviour can be powerful.

Professor Marianne Bertrand of Chicago Business School recently found that simply by printing a picture of a smiling young woman on an envelope containing an offer for a financial product led to 
a significant increase in response.

In Daniel Pink’s recent best seller, To Sell Is Human, he argues that very point -“we are all in sales whether we like it or not”. We are all participating in non-sales selling when we are convincing people to exchange something of value with us even if it is something non-monetary such as their time or attention. If they give us their attention, they will receive valuable information and advice from us.

Many people are or wish to be entrepreneurs, and while they would describe themselves as having the entrepreneurial drive or spirit, they don’t believe that they are very strong salespeople. In reality, we are all in sales. We are all tasked with persuading people to buy into whatever it is we are selling or responsible for, even if it is only an idea”.

What can we do for ourselves to become better salespeople?

Reframe our perspective

We can learn how to listen

We can observe what skills and recommendations a person looks for before consulting someone

Confidence – We can own our insights about our own business

We can ask proactive questions

We can be ready to act on our own personal procrastinations

We can become allies to our minds for breakthrough thinking

Be keen to connect and not exploit when networking. Be keener to build a lasting relationship that helps us all learn that time spent with each other is worth it.

‘I don’t love it because I sell social media benefits…I sell it because I love it’.

Carolyn Williams, helping you capture new followers, advocates and how to generate new leads for your business?


Breathing new life into business. I generate new leads, followers and advocates for small business owners & entrepreneurs


Winning by Sharing

Tuesday, December 30th, 2014

Swansea FC

Steve Hall a social media friend, covered thousands of miles cycling to 92 football Clubs in the UK. Adding to his list, my home Swansea City, Cardiff City and Cowbridge on his Welsh Football Club route, to raise awareness for the 45 million homeless refugees worldwide in 2010. I posted this: Best of Summer 2010 below, about Steve’s remarkable visits to three Welsh Football Clubs:

Psst! Steve has been in Wales! Wales! Wales!!  since last week.

Fantastic Visit to Swansea City.

In this leg of Steve’s story “winning by sharing” he wrote:-

“Huge thanks and congratulations to Carolyn Williams for getting her hat-trick! First Cardiff City, then Cowbridge and finally Swansea City. We were met at the ground by two lovely Swans’ employees and presented a signed shirt pitchside. It was also a great opportunity to explain to both the Swansea City ladies as well as the local newspaper the purpose of the whole journey. Hopefully they realised that the world’s 45 million refugees were worth cycling for. This stark figure certainly keeps me going.

From the Liberty Stadium, it was a dash down to Morgans Hotel where Carolyn had arranged a reception in this prestige venue. It was a delight to talk to the GM, Christine Owen, and I was able to thank her for a raffle prize they had offered. There was a good number of Ecademists, football fans and others present including Carolyn, Simon “Web Wizard” Jones and Carolyn’s daughter Emma. Thanks to all for making this such a memorable day for me and such an important milestone in the journey. 68 clubs now visited and now it’s the long, long trek to Plymouth Argyle, Torquay United and Exeter City. Wales has done The Shirt proud. Thanks, Carolyn and all who have supported you”.

Sam Borrett (a fellow ecademate) said it well ” If you really want something be single pointed and go like an arrow towards the target.” I would add “This is definitely a winning by sharing story.

Throughout Steve’s journey from Cardiff to Cowbridge we have enjoyed some Fab Company. Click here to see photographs courtesy of Mike Briercliffe taken of Steve in Swansea’s Liberty Stadium and the Morgan Hotel.

Yesterday, at 6am, we both attended the Swansea Waterfront BNI Chapter (my previous chapter.) I took Penny Power’s OBE book ‘Know me, like me, follow me’ as part of my me sixty seconds presentation. Following Steve’s journey since last Friday he wrote “I’ll have an early night, look forward to Swansea Waterfront BNI and then I am off, head down, to Plymouth, Exeter and Torquay. What a journey. “There are laws of science there are universal laws.” Yes Steve Hall’s 45 million refugees and climbing journey is testimony to that!

As Steve continues his cycle to South West to join Milton, in Southend, here’s twinkling you on throughout this your final leg of this project. Following Steve’s intention I am reminded of something Nic Oliver once posted – ‘A safe return is the best part of the journey’.

You can read about Steve’s remarkable The Shirt 2010, his story about cycling to 92 Football League Clubs.

In June 2015 Steve will start out to cycle from Kirkenes on the Norwegian/Russian border to visit all the clubs in the top three divisions of Norwegian football.Yes, that’s some 5000 kms and 100 nights. The intention is to get 5000 signatures on one football shirt!

Wishing Steve another massively successful Norwegian/Russian cycle ride in 2015. Please Click here: to follow Steve and add your much needed support.


How do you re-energise yourself for business?

Carolyn Williams


Breathing new life into business. I provide social media campaigns for small business owners & entrepreneurs to help increase their followers, advocates and leads using social media.


‘A girl should be two things: who and what she wants’ Coco Chanel

Monday, November 24th, 2014


Have you seen the film Coco Avant Chanel?

‘Coco Avant Chanel born 1883, begins with a young Coco and her sister being unceremoniously dropped off at an orphanage, despite having a living parent. Their father sends the girls there and never returns. The film then cuts to Coco as a young adult (Audrey Tautou), working at a Moulin club as a seamstress and singer with her sister, Adrienne. The two pair up for a nightly duet, always singing the same song about a girl named Coco – hence the nickname’.

I was invited to see this incredible story of a lady who’s perfume and dress sense are among my favourites. No matter which airport you fly into the name of Coco Chanel jumps out from every ‘duty free’ perfume display.

Coco gave us the little black dress, she gave us perfume, and she gave us the simplicity and comfort we craved in women’s clothing. She’s beauty and she’s grace. She’s France’s own Mademoiselle Coco Chanel, the Great Emancipator of women’s bodies, no longer enslaved to corsets.

“It’s the story of how she got there — a young girl of modest means in a man’s world, working her way up in her own right”.

My experience of working largely in a man’s world in South Wales and motivating a workforce, has had it’s own liberating strengths.

I connected with Coco’s determination and focus while admiring her tireless fashion creations, worn by so many beautiful women all over the world.

She was a genius and driven from within.

Who inspires you to aspire?

Carolyn Williams


Breathing new life into business. I provide social media campaigns for small business owners & entrepreneurs to help increase their followers, advocates and leads using social media.


A café style skype conversation with Franklin Levinson – the authentic Horse Whisperer

Thursday, August 28th, 2014

Franklin Levinson’s “Way of the Horse”

Solving horse behaviour issues through Compassion, Wisdom, Skill & Trust



Just as the summer sun nourishes all the flowers in creation, so can you nourish and expand your happiness with each moment spent in gratitude. I am a huge believer in building your own community and advocates on social media. When you build trust online you begin to see a pattern of open, supportive and random followers.  I was introduced to Franklin initially, by yet another intuitive and gifted networking photographer Carolyn Seager and then began to notice Franklin, was following my posts across the networks.  Just how gifted both these people are, can be seen here Seagerworld

Franklin Levinson – The gentle wisdom of the authentic Horseman




Franklin Levinson has been a professional horseman for nearly 50 years. At 13 years of age he was the youngest registered polo player in the US. In his early 20’s he created and ran equestrian programs at large summer camps in North Michigan.  He has always taught success with horses to be a life enriching process for both horse and human and that horses are never naughty or bad. In his teaching he states; “All unwanted behaviour from a horse is a symptom of the animal’s fear and never deserves punishment.” He is adamant about human’s not merely ‘using’ horses for selfish enjoyment. Franklin’s goal that the horse and human become partners through the inspired and excellent leadership of the human. Additionally, his desire is that the horse be honoured and highly respected within any horse – human activity.

Franklin was an outfitter and wilderness guide at his ranch on the island of Maui for 30 years (Adventures on Horseback), along the way creating The Maui Horse Whisperer experience. This was the first Equine Facilitated Learning program in the Pacific basin and one of the first in the US.  He is credited in Your Horse Magazine 2004, UK’s premier equine magazine, as being the first person to introduce EFL for children with a learning disability to the UK. Additionally, about that same time, he is credited as the first person to bring EFL to Australia. He founded the Australia Equine Facilitated Learning Pty. Ltd. (AEFL) several years ago.

With his Training through Trust DVD, filmed in 2005, he created the first video documentation of EFL for children with learning disabilities. For many years before the Natural Horsemanship bandwagon and craze he taught his brand of gentle, effective horsemanship (Beyond Natural Horsemanship, Successful Training through Compassion, Wisdom, Skill and Trust) and EFL in seven countries annually. For over 25 years Franklin has been published internationally in various print media outlets. Other media credits include: podcasts, webinars and numerous television and radio appearances, on the topics of horse training, horsemanship and Equine Facilitated Learning. He even acted in a western movie titled September Dawn starring Jon Voight.

He has recently released his first book, an eBook titled Trust ‘n’ Horses Volume 1 and now Trust ‘n’ Horses Volume 2. It is available, along with numerous DVDs, through his website.


One of the many skills I came across on Franklin’s website was this  The Riding Song  Composed and performed by Franklin Levinson

Franklin Levinson has been working with horses most of his life. He rejects most traditional forms of training which usually consist of ‘breaking in’ an animal with forceful methods. He’s in Ballarat giving demonstrations of natural horsemanship at the National Polo Crosse Championships.  It is easy to host one of Franklin seminars in your home area.  What is required is a comfortable facility that will accommodate a minimum of 8- 10 pairs of horses and humans. A maximum number of participants are basically decided by the capacity of the hosting facility.

Demonstration programs for extremely large crowds are available, such as those Franklin often presents in Greece.

Depending on the local climate, a covered arena may be advisable.

Topics covered can be requested by the hosting facility depending on the needs and desires of their clientele. Subjects ranging from entry level horsemanship, high level ‘winning’ techniques and training methods for horses and humans, problem solving (all types big and small), centered balanced riding and colt starting are available to name just some of the potential topics. EFL (Equine Facilitated Learning) programs that teach potential practioners, establish Horse Whisperer Seminar bases, as well as providing programs for corporations (leadership/teambuilding) as well as individuals with special challenges are available.

Clinics and seminar time frames range from one day to several weeks. Fees vary accordingly. This is why most fees are decided upon on an individual program basis. There are profit sharing alternatives and other opportunities for the hosting facility as well.

We hope this information may help and inspire you to want to host a Franklin Levinson seminar in your home area.

If you know of anyone in your family or friends who would like this fantastic “Beyond Natural Horsemanship clinic” at the Horse Spirit Ranch in California this is for them.

Follow Franklin on Horse Whisperer Seminars, Ltd. I would highly recommend it.


Carolyn Williams 

Breathing new life into business. I generate new leads, followers and advocates for small business owners & entrepreneurs 




If you’re stuck in a rut and want to change your thinking pattern

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

Several months ago I arranged a chat with a creative connection when I felt I was being swamped by a certain mind-set. Since then with a purpose, I look at new ways to be creative about networking and business. A café style conversation was one of them, leading to a series of more conversations. This month is already bubbling away.

Thanks to Marcus Cauchi, I was given an introduction plus an insightful call about a networking group in London, called The Liquid List, which led to an invite to give a talk to ex forces and forces. I follow this invite with my most memorable invite to date, the very private and humble man, our Wales rugby head coach Warren Gatland OBE.


Head coach of Wales Warren Gatland celebrates after beating Ireland in their Six Nations rugby match at Croke Park in Dublin

So here is my question to you:

How about adding your own tips to change your usual thinking pattern?

As a fitness professional, scientifically we know that walking improves our cardiovascular system, let alone improved levels of oxygen and the good endorphin chemicals that make us want to smile!


So I will kick-start the process by listing these helpful tips:

1. Take a walk and look for something interesting
2. Change one or two of your daily ritual habits.
3. Ask the most creative person you know to join you (I did)
4. Wear purple underwear for inspiration. (Okay, I borrowed that one!)
5. Create an idea that will get you really excited.
6. Key is in the human and nature’s environment Lisa
7. How about taking the time to stop? Robert

8. Do something nice for someone which is totally out of your character. Andrew Horder

9. I am a great fan of change/movement/action Robert Zarywacz  Editor of Business in Action
10. Walking is one of the simplest and effective ways of seeing the world (or a particular part of it) and benefiting from it. John Paul
11. A Brisk Walk – & Lots of Water ! always works for me – Hydration is vital for muscle power and brain function. Milton Rodrigues
12. I always put one evening aside just for family. Disney movies are best cos they give me a good laugh. Popcorn, Fire lit and Pjs. Samantha Kelly
13. Start doing some manual operation with your non-dominant hand. Massimo Luciani
14. AND try to find a meeting or event I’ve never been to and meet people I’ve never met, discussing something I never heard of. Susanne
15. Enjoying shuffling our feet through the fallen leaves in Autumn. Phillip Khan-Panni

Hope this gets you thinking differently? Maybe you can add your own?


“Surround yourself only with people who are going to take you higher” – Oprah Winfrey


Carolyn Williams


Breathing new life into business. I provide social media campaigns for small business owners & entrepreneurs to help increase their followers, advocates and leads using social media.


Write your own story

Thursday, May 31st, 2012

$_35 (1)


I was reading ‘Ten Top Tips For Focusing Your Writing Creativity’ by Lisa Cherry, a social media connection and I particularly liked this tip:

‘Allow yourself to be risky with your writing. If you’ve got something to say, say it but say it well. People want to read something challenging, something different and something that speaks to them’.

Over the weekend, while catching up with my e-mails, work and reading a few of my favourite friends posts, I came across this beautiful illustration and quote on facebook:

‘Write your own story’ from Healing Light Online

“You are the designer of your destiny. You are the author. You write the story. The pen is in your hand, and the outcome is whatever you choose”.

This illustration (I am a visual learner) spurred me to read through some of my previous blog stories and I decided to re write one called ‘Serendipity alive and well in London’  This was a story about an offline networking event, I attended in London. I felt  this experience was challenging enough to write about.  The post had a reasonable response from my social media network, so that encouraged me to do some more searching online, using google. I then came across Everyday Learnings  and recognised a few faces and authors, who over the nurturing years have become my friends, through connecting on social media networks.

I agree with the authors mentioned above, I do find the whole process of writing posts and connecting with my network thoroughly rewarding. So here is my question to you readers ‘How many of your friends and social media connections do you know, have written their own story, book or e-books?’


“Surround yourself only with people who are going to take you higher” – Oprah Winfrey


Carolyn Williams


Breathing new life into business. I provide social media campaigns for small business owners & entrepreneurs to help increase their followers, advocates  and leads using social media.




The Bucket List ChitChat

Monday, April 4th, 2011

“I run hospitals not health spas!”

I watched this wonderful film, starring Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson, give an incredibly wicked performance of two terminally ill men, escape from a cancer ward and head off on a road trip with a wish list of to-dos before they die.

Morgan Freeman (who plays a mechanic and a married family man) writes his philosophical bucket list of what he has left to achieve, while Jack Nicholson (who plays a hard-nosed successful business mogul) tries to roller coast his list. They decide to set off around the world to share the thrills and spills of two feisty, adventurous men.

This idea of writing out a Bucket List does focus the mind on what do I want to do in life.  Action rather than recret.


What would be at the top of your bucket list?


One Monday tweet that caught my attention :
@25% DNA Vs 75% Lifestyle. #TEDxMaastricht #luuksimons

I would add : 25% DNA The unique you Vs 75% Lifestyle.  So there is no doubt lifestyle has a major impact on health and wealth.



Carolyn Williams, helping you to re-energise for your business.

Breathing for business. I mentor business people and help them improve their focus, energy and clarity for new business.

It’s Snowtime as usual? Work Place ChitChat

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

Banter from the Workplace – Is it snow time as usual for gritters?

There’s snowtime for lunch breaks.

After skating for the past few weeks on roads, pavements and driveways. I witnessed the health and safety implications to staff, employees about the dangers of ice under foot and in car parks.

My question yesterday to the physiotherapists in the workplace was ‘Do you see a rise in falls during these below zero temperatures?’  For those that make it into work, you had the added problems of moving around the plant. A bonus of being and feeling fitter is that you can pick your way through easier pathways. Indoor fitness works well in these situations, if you can get to a gym of course. We exchanged a few statistics. We have a referral system and discuss the merits of back care and injury related rehabilitation work in the gym.

In both clinics and gym we have resistance machines, core machines, wobble boards and fit balls. We both agreed that there was a definite shift in the paradigm regarding flexibility exercises, core strength and balance exercises.

I now have a room set aside purely for flexibility cool downs, core rotation and medicine ball circuits. Apparently one strapping Rugby player had seen Yoga on his wii fit and commented to the physio.’Gosh! I had not realised how much effort was required, I thoroughly enjoyed it!’  Yea, another convert….

If your stuck at your home office

  • How do you motivate yourself?
  • Who do you go to for guidance in technique and back care?
  • What do you do to keep your ‘body in shape?
  • Do you care?


Business message – ‘It pays to be more flexible!’


Carolyn Williams, helping you find ways to re-energise you for your business?


Breathing new life into business. I provide social media campaigns for small business owners & entrepreneurs to help increase their followers, advocates and leads using social media.


Connecting the dots on social media networks.

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010


Penny Power OBE wrote a book called

‘Know me, like me, follow me’ book


In this book Penny helps you understand how you can build your social media community. Here are a few examples of how that message translates for me on the web.

Connect for energy.
Make new friends preferably happy ones. Research by Harvard University shows that each happy friend you have, increases our chances of being happy by 9%, while each unhappy friend we have, only decreases our odds of being happy by 7%. So statistically we’re better off with a new friend than without one.


I laugh a lot with a few chosen witty connections

Help each other.
I created my fan page on FB  (and more) with the help of a ‘high’ sharing connections.


I love the ‘footprints in the sand’ analogy which suggests when the load gets too ‘heavy’ you share the load. Being present listening to the  successes and the ‘tough times’ of a new connection. I share my high’s and lows with special connections and YOU!

Footprints in the sand - Pobbles



Do you get to know your connections?

Have you tried laughing or crying or dancing with your connections?. Being pro active I do all of these things through my blogs, organising and attending events. I’ve met and joined countless new friends through events. Many of whom are now shining stars through out the social media networks.

Making time for your social media connections 



Hug your connections.

There are many different ways you can hug your connections. Retweeting their blogs, and commenting, agreeing, agreeing to disagree on their posts.

Be You.

Listening to Olly Murs being interviewed on Radio One last night, on route back from the M25, I heard the interviewer say the audience immediately connected with Olly on stage. Why? He loves entertaining by being himself and he genuinely loves performing in front of his audience.

Enjoy time together through events, these can be online through skype, webinars or offline by arranging promotional events at your favourite venues,

Spreading real value over the web is an art.

Franklin Levinson facebook page is an example of how he shares his lifetime skill and experiences of  building trust with horses.



How do you re-energise yourself for business?

Carolyn Williams


Breathing new life into business. I provide social media campaigns for small business owners & entrepreneurs to help increase their followers, advocates and leads using social media.



Office Shine

Monday, August 2nd, 2010


A lovely social media friend, Mick Say’s sent me this tweet “Hi Carolyn – I lost friday last week but thanks for the #Sparkle” prompted me to surface this blog!.

Taken time out to recharge in the Country, taking in fresh air and to get some quality sleep! Woke up refreshed to read this:-

What role does humour play in your office?  Written by an American member. I loved the content! Why is that not a surprise and why is it I don’t ”Wake Up’ to read that type of Good Morning blog from our UK business contributors?

Speaking to one of my ex college friend’s husband from Australia over the weekend about the difference sunshine makes to the “happy” serotonin chemical levels in people. “It is a well-known contributor to feelings of well-being”.

Do you enjoy your work? Always struggling to achieve results that add that sparkle?

To keep your shine it helps to eat well, get lot’s of enriched oxygenated fresh air by getting close to nature, as often as you can.
Make sure you get lot’s of sleep

Making time to have fun in your day with bubbly people. #

Remember to leave a little sparkle wherever you go.


How do you re-energise yourself for business?

Carolyn Williams


Breathing new life into business. I provide social media campaigns for small business owners & entrepreneurs to help increase their followers, advocates and leads using social media.