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First Impressions

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012


I woke up this morning to a beautiful sky and worked on an exciting new proposal which will centre on ‘First impressions do count’?

Whenever someone meets you for the first time they will form an impression of you. What kind of impression depends a lot on your attitude towards them? Psychologists claim that a person can form an impression of you in as little as nine seconds.

So what can we do to give the right impression – be positive?
To be more positive we need to have a Positive Mental Attitude.

Key or Cue word.

P Positive M Mental A Attitude

Having a positive mental attitude can help us speak with conviction when we are selling our products or services. Our physical preparation for selling is obviously of paramount importance to us. It is easy to see that we need to look after our health to the extent that we feel great. Our appearance and manner influence our client’s reaction to us and that our ability to communicate our message effectively, depends on our body language and speech.

Self-awareness and the customer.

I wanted to ask you …

Who was your first memorable connection who welcomed you when you walked into your first networking group and why?
What was it they said that enticed you to connect?
Was it an invite to network or an offer of help? Or ….was it their looks?

On Monday I posted Café conversations and it attracted the chatty members who love meeting over a cuppa to develop the things that matter to both parties.

One of the things that come to mind when meeting someone face to face is:

First impressions do count…
Meeting up for Café conversations flow when you are happy in yourself, when you value yourself first and others. So when you greet someone for the first time your body language confirms that greeting. If you’re tired, tense or unhappy, the person you converse with will pick up on your feelings. Focusing on what matters tends to spring board the conversation to another level if you’re warm and open. So for me looking after yourself is a starting point, so that you can walk up to someone with confidence and va va voom, leaving a lasting impression.

Good energy stays around a lot longer when you have left the conversation.


Carolyn Williams

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Are you lost in Ecademy?

Thursday, May 31st, 2012

Participating in  Ecademy’s leadership second meeting, led by Phillip Khan-Panni – Wordsmith was to bring home ( in my view ) that a lot of us are lost in Ecademy.  We could say this is also true of our economy and of our way in British life.

Prior to this meeting I had arranged a 1-2-1 with John Paul, an Architect from London and a power networker. We arranged to meet in the British Museum not far from our meeting place. This invite was as a direct result from a comment John had made on this post.   What followed on from this visit was that John kindly took me to look at some amazing buildings and architecture. Soaking up this vast wealth of architectural history, guided by a London architect was a privilege. Starting with the British Museum, leading to the buildings around Portland Street, All Saints Church, Margaret Street with its stunning stain glass windows and carvings in the company of John Paul.


“The exception is the magnificent west window (right), the glass of which dates from 1877. Designed by Alexander Gibbs, it is based on the Tree of Jesse window in Wells Cathedral, and replaced the initial glass, designed by Alfred Gerente and installed between 1853-58 (and which was generally thought to be a failure).  It was designed in 1850 by William Butterfield, an architect strongly associated with Gothic revival church building and the Oxford Movement. Completed in 1859, the red brick church was built around a small courtyard with an adjoining vicarage and a choir school.
Butterfield’s masterpiece

The interior is noted for its rich decoration and beautiful fittings – a true “hidden gem” in the streets of central London.  Sir John Betjeman, the poet, writer and enthusiastic advocate of heritage and architecture said of All Saints: It was here, in the 1850s, that the revolution in architecture began…It led the way, All Saints Margaret Street, in church building.” All Saints Margaret Street is a Victorian church in Fitzrovia, near Oxford Street, London. It is regarded as one of the foremost examples of High Victorian Gothic achitecture in Britain”.
Having listened to John’s story I decided it would be an idea to meet up with a dear friend of mine, now working as a specialist in Harley Street. Again John led me to the RIBA buildings ‘coffee shop’, so that all three of us could sit and chat. My friend is an IVF specialist. Our conversation centred around what we understand is happening to the traditional family.  Family life is changing for all of us. Ecademy has changed and will change again. It’s keeping up with the changes, facilitating, and participating that helps us to embrace this huge challenge.


Business: We can all help each other grow richer in Ecademy . ~ We sure can.


Carolyn Williams
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Customer Care Brand

Wednesday, October 12th, 2011


Updated 11-10-2011
Many moons ago, I was asked by a fellow Chamber Training Associate, to write a Customer Care module on stress management and relaxation implementation. I tutored assertiveness, improved self -esteem and stress management at a local Swansea college at that time.

Handling difficult customers, meant we looked at who was responsible for quality in a customer service position?  There were three sections. Telephone sales and the Internal and External customer.  We implemented all three modules and applied the training programmes to a large, well known company being opened in Swansea.  Our hard work paid off and we won a National Training Award.  Since then I have added Exceptional customer service training to that package.

Disarming irate, disgruntled difficult customers with a smile and a facility to engage, is more effective offline than it is online.


Nothing succeeds better than a successful business with exceptional customer care.  Top this with a Smile! the most beautiful business attire and you have a win/win formula. Click on these links and enjoy doing the business with branding images, courtesy of Ces Creatively Minded Loftus.


Hello! is it me your looking for?

Oi! What Made You Smile Today?

Can Always Hear a Smile!

The most beautiful business attire, a Smile!



What does your brand message convey?

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