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Asking for Help

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

‘Help’ sung by the Beatles was a smash hit. In those days they rolled one hit out after the other. Today, I read a wonderful article about how difficult it is to ask for help?
Today as our culture becomes more and more entrenched in being independent and yet not so far away there are school leavers, young graduates, middle aged and old struggling through mounting debts, struggling to pay mortgages, rent and bills through lack of jobs. How far do we need to go down the road before we need to ask for help? As a divorced single parent, I learnt the lessons some years ago on humility with dignity. Here are some of my ideas to help us through some difficult changes. To help us grow through the changes.

Do Good and Feel Good.
Face your fears – You can grow through them! Write down a list of what help you need. Talk over your fears with people who care for you and are trustworthy.. Stop blaming everyone else. See changes as a challenge. Take on the challenge. Be Pro Active. Eat well. You can’t get over your fears if you have bad habits, especially when it comes to food. Start eating healthy today and fuel your body for fear-busting. Have patience. You’ll get there Take in plenty of fresh air. Walks in the parks at lunchtimes. Of course insomnia plays havoc with your reserves. Good sleep is essential for stress management and well-being. Meditation and quality breathing techniques can help us all ‘let go’ at any point during the day or night.  Get together with friends, networks and form buddy support groups.. Write down your plan. Keeping a notebook of ideas, lists and goals is great for overcoming fears. It’s fun to cross off your

accomplishments too. if only it is at yourself in the mirror. It’s good for you.
Enjoy fun and laughter – Pets and children are great tonics!
Finding out all over again what we are good at and supporting each other, through changes in both work and life, can only be good for the spirit.

Giving and Receiving

Serving and Volunteering.

‘Do Good and Feel Good’
What kind of help do you need?
And finally to thank our family and friends and colleagues who do help and make us feel good. Thank you ecademy owners for this platform in being able to connect with so many others.



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Warm Wishes, Carolyn
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Work versus relationships

Thursday, March 12th, 2009


Work versus Relationships – Lifestyle mentoring

Focusing on making better lifestyle changes challenges us to commit to new methods.  Find out how to front up to old and annoying habits. Old habits hold you back.  When I mentor a new business client, I look at their work life balance.  I also look at their lifestyle in a well-being sense. I give them a questionnaire to fill out, which helps them to focus on specific areas of their health, this includes their health status, fitness, relaxation, eating habits and sleep patterns.

We then take a look at their work life and how they divide their time between home and work. Please take a look at these categories.  Be absolutely honest with yourself about how much time you spend on each. This is a useful exercise to help you focus on which parts of our life, need the most attention.

Business / Career
Family and Friends
Personal Growth
Physical Environment
Romance/Significant other
Fun and recreation

My business mentoring looks at what areas may be neglected by focusing too much attention on one or two areas of our daily tasks. Encouraging individuals or companies to become aware of a work life balance can improve the quality of both.

Do you think this would help you and your family members?



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