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Hard-wired intention in business

Monday, March 4th, 2013


Self-awareness and intention in business.

I am an Educator. My attention and intention is set on co presenting personal development workshops for women in business, with fellow writer, speaker and presenter Marja Botha Von Doorn. Marja and I conduct monthly master mind Skype’s and have set this habit for some months now. Marja has prepared personal development modules for women in business. I too have prepared personal development plus internal and external customer care modules. Over the weekend I started  working on new materials in earnest having read several articles on neurogenesis

I am self-motivated through love as opposed to fear. This love and respect for self and others is the catalyst for a healthier lifestyle in terms of improved physiology, mind and spirit. I created Lifestyle Management in 1989 and re named this business Lifestyle Online having co-owned a cyber training café in 2000. You have heard the business expression of ‘pay it forward’ in terms of referrals in my fitness professional experience ‘love is energy, pass it forward’

Self- awareness is the ‘key’ for personal growth.


Listening to an audio clip about training the brain by Daniel Goleman, I accept that when fear subsides better habits follow.

“Brains are highly variable changing systems that shift in response to our experiences. This episode of the podcast features an excerpt from their conversation ‘Training the brain’.

Neurogenesis adds power to our understanding of neuroplasticity the brain continually reshapes itself according to the experiences we have. As a coach, you’ve got to engage the person, get them enthused about achieving the goal of change. Here it helps to draw on their dreams, their vision for themselves, where they want to be in the future. Then work from where they are now on what they might improve to help them get where they want to go in life”.

Forming a new habit you have to rehearse it over and over again. For how long and how many times does an action have to be repeated until it’s actually hard-wired? It seems a habit begins to get hard wired the first time you practice it. The more you practice it, the more connectivity. How often you have to repeat it so that it becomes the new default of the brain depends in part on how strong the old habit is that it will replace. It usually takes three to six months of using all naturally occurring practice opportunities before the new habit comes more naturally than the old”.



Do you re-energise your clients?

Carolyn Williams


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