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Forever in blue jeans! Chitchat

Monday, July 25th, 2011


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Do you fit into your business and personal life like a glove or is it a tight squeeze and a strain?  Summer holidays are starting and many people are packing their favourite leisure wear into suitcases.

Do you put your favourite blue jeans and t-shirt in with your swimwear?

Can you get into them this summer?

Do you live forever in blue jeans?

Our love-hate affair with skinny jeans.

‘Forever in blue jeans’ was a blog I wrote a few ago, to tantalise my followers into responding. I rather enjoyed writing this story embracing Neil Diamond’s famous song  ‘Forever In Blue Jeans‘  to add colour and intrigue.

I am sure there are those of you, who like me, are natural rebels, whose desire for adventure both propel and pull you to try on the latest coloured jeans.  I read Selfridges were offering a scanning service for anyone wanting to know what shape and style of jeans would suit their frame.

This story was about our on going relationship with our jeans, blue denim and now coloured jeans being our reliable and constant companions. The ladies can wear them with loafers, strappy summer heels, even ankle boots. We depend on our jeans. We come to love them almost like pets and way beyond any other item of clothing. We use jeans to manage our weight, as jeans will always tell you better than your spouse or your best mate.  And a third of us try to lose weight to fit into smaller ones.

I am back in straight-legged, every-day, loveable blue jeans forever.

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