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Are you building your serendipity ENGINE?

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

Quality conversations lead to building quality contacts. Are you attending large, impersonal and frenetic business networking events and conferences?


Taking a leaf out of an architects book.

On Monday I visited Dominic’s Book ‘Auction’ Store. situated in the beautiful Cotswold, to deliver a friends collection of architectural books. Listening to the owner of this incredible book store, explain the current book market, gave me an insight into the sweeping changes the internet has brought on smaller independant bookshops. His view and experience was that real buyers would still search and pay for valuable original and authentic editions.

Do you find that some of the larger business networking scenes and conferences have so many networkers, panels, stands, and speakers they drown out the joy of a 1-2-1 conversation?. Finding who you really need to connect with can be so daunting and tiring, making it simpler is all down to you.

I like the architectural feel of building your serendipity.

Visiting Cirencester’s St John Baptist City Church on Monday, in the glorious sunshine was a wonderful lesson in building a following.


St John Baptist Parish Church, Cirencester




Quality conversations lead to building quality contacts. How are you building your serendipity ENGINE today?.



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