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Business Etiquette

Monday, August 27th, 2012

Manners were very much a focal part of our upbringing from the table, to the bathroom, in school, school playground and out to the world at large. Today, I hope my mum is smiling at this, a testimony for her great upbringing during a time when life was much tougher than it is now.

I wrote an article for Ford News and Between the Lines (Local Bridgend Engine Plant newsletter.) The topic was about the In Plant Gymnasium refurbishment. What caught the imagination of the journalist was my Gym Etiquette. He e-mailed to ask if he could circulate this out to other companies. Now copywriting sprang to mind and have followed through on this.

Yesterday, I visited a fabulous four star Welsh Health Club and was nicely surprised to read¬†they too had circulated their brand of Gym Etiquette through their newsletter. The part I smiled at was ‘Treating the changing room like your own bathroom’ adding ‘follow these suggestions for changing room etiquette to maintain good relations with fellow gym mates.

To maintain good relations. Good relations with whom? Everyone is a potential customer, an engineer or team leader may become a Plant Manager one day. An office junior may build his dream business one day.

Potential customers online create an even bigger awareness of how our message is perceived. How often do members take offence by the written word posted as a reply online? Different cultures and languages are problems we all encounter when we write to our global family.


On Skype, do you invite to connect with someone for a 121 before hand? Do you write a welcome note to a new contact on ecademy or Linkedin? Do you smile to maintain good relations when you greet a business contact for the first time?

Beth Burgess, a lovely network connection made me smile yesterday when she sent a courteous e-mail asking for a 121 when we attend Friday’s Black Star Lunch in London adding: ” I’ll make sure I have an extra-big smile on”

We have a responsibility toward each other. Etiquette and respect for me is part of doing business. The saying ‘I like to treat others as I like to be treated myself’ is as valid in our personal life and creates an even bigger impact both online and offline in business.

It’s like the five a day, ten even, if you’re training ūüôā Good habits.

What effort do you put into maintaining good relations in business?



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