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So how do you stay on the message?

Monday, June 6th, 2011

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Where do you get your energy and stamina to push through that new project of intention?  Every good coach will motivate their client to write down their hopes and dreams in black and white having focused on a chosen project.

Doing the research, then editing your dreams requires energy and stamina to bring about the completion of a dream project.

So how do you stay on the message?

Travelling on a train allows me time to read, draft before I conduct my research on foot. Acting on the intention to complete a project requires determination, a focus but above all a belief which is constantly energized.

An acceptance that nothing stays the same I believe helps us to marvel at new opportunities and connections yet to be made.

Transience Passing with time. Zen thinking says uncertainty and transience are at the heart of everything. The more you clutch onto things, ideas or people or material possessions,  the more you lose them. You can’t really know anything for sure.

Transience for me is very real, starting again, adjusting to both my grown up children starting careers and lives of their own.

Seeking inspiration and energy for that new start, that new project is on our doorstep.  We can focus on the big picture and change the lenses for the small print but we need to adjust our focus constantly to accept the changes. Being smart enough to grasp that opportunity, that changing gap in the market.

‘A year from now you will wish you had started today’ – Karen Lamb

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Harmony is all around us

Saturday, October 24th, 2009

I was inspired to write this blog in reply to Ivan Misner’s wonderful post The Secret to Balance 

Part of my reply was  ‘ This problem is not ‘especially entrepreneurs’ related,  it applies to every single family. This significant message embraces “the family”

‘Being in the moment’  for so many that means an endless treadmill to earn a living in Wales.  My son has just come back ( as so many others have ) from intensive warfare training to fight terrorism (across the globe.)  As he frequently tells me, when I advocate taking time out to unwind and recharge.  His reply “Mum get real”.

My encouragement to him as he left yesterday –  ‘ Don’t forget to put a wet suit on and go surfing when you can’.

‘Then I read Mike Charter’s post about “Nature is balance, like the seasons”. He is so right and again I was moved to add this second part to them both.

Work up the gears to stay on top.  So refreshing to read your view of a lifetime.  The more we work up the gears to stay ‘on top’  the more we experience repetitive strain injuries.  In order to navigate bends, we change gear and eventually have to come back to a stop and then neutral.

Nature has all healing properties for us.  To be ‘at one with nature’ is to find harmony.  I like to think of nature as ‘ God’s blanket in abundance’.

I’d like to share with you my last summer picture for 2008, which I took during my weekly training session on Three Cliffs, Gower.

This will be a reminder of “family summer holidays” throughout the winter months.

USAUKforAfrica-SargeWilliams012-2.jpg picture by lifecoaching




Carolyn Williams, helping you to re-energise for your business.

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Inspire Dream Achieve

Friday, October 23rd, 2009

Sadie Murray invited me to become a fan of The Chi-Town Project on FB. Sadie is a very special connection as we continue to exchange our different cultures, history, hopes and dreams. Our goals are similar, our love for music and sport bring us together across the pond. Now I am hooked and it’s thanks to her….read on..

It’s a matter of Family Pride. No Adidas is gonna touch Marcus Jordan’s feet.

Adidas may be making all shorts of splashes with Chicago’s Derrick Rose’s Shoes, but they might not find themselves on the feet of another Chicagoan- Marcus Jordan, son of the Hall of Famer and His Air Highness- Michael Jordan. His school- University of Central Florida is currently under contract with Adidas, meaning all of UCF’s athletes are required to wear Adidas branded apparel. Marcus Jordan has agreed to wear Adidas head to legs, but not his toes. Citing “family “Pride” Marcus is saying that he wants to wear His father’s Air Jordan brand on the court. Marcus is staying loyal to his pops.


This quote from ‘Pops’ Michael Jordon “It’s about being who you were born to be”

I love Michael Jordon’s quote “It’s not about the shoes, it’s about knowing where you’re going”.  Your mind directs your feet. So what do you wear on your feet, if you follow in the footsteps of Michael Jordon? Over to you, while I check what my son is wearing.  Last time I checked, he was wearing running shoes fit for a tri athlete.  Do your children follow in your footsteps literally?


What do you aspire to achieve in life?


Warm Wishes, Carolyn Williams

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