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It is how you talk to patients that matter!

Saturday, December 3rd, 2011

A Wake Up Call

It’s the way you talk to patients that counts. It lowers pain and improves recovery time. I’ve seen countless examples over the past week in emergency treatment how important it is that you talk with patients as opposed to at or down to them. The words you use to reassure patients in severe pain distress helps ongoing investigations and recovery time. My daughter Emma seen here has been fighting a nasty bug that has attacked her kidney and has been receiving treatment on the NHS through an amazing team led by a Kidney Specialist but some have no idea how to speak to patients.

Showing how ~ Emma my daughter, talking to a Dolphin.

Nic added his comment ….
“A colleague of mine put together a course for consultants, junior doctors and nurses in surgery teams to educate them about the importance of the words they use pre-, during and post-op. She included things like non-violent language, the importance of wording things in the positive etc. She was told that there was no need for it!

Yet there is growing evidence that the words used by these people have a huge impact on patients and that surgical teams continue to say inappropriate things”

..on my previous post but it seems the point of my message was lost in replies discussing how NHS trust budgets are controlled, missing the real issue completely. Nursing training and specialist skills are vital for patient recovery.

Here is another response posted earlier..

“That’s SO true ~ in our society today, its too much effort to even Smile at our neighbours these days ~ let alone say “Hello”!! Wots wrong with US ALL these days? Is it a pathology of the Century?? Today’s “sick” society ~ Thank U for posting this, Carolyn. Bless U”


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