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Eye catching ‘customer care’ logo brand

Sunday, May 30th, 2010

Many moons ago, I was asked by a fellow Chamber Training Associate, to write a Customer Care Module on Stress Management / Relaxation implementation. I tutored Assertiveness, Improved Self Esteem and Stress Management at a local Swansea College at that time.

Handling Difficult Customers meant we looked at who was responsible for Quality in a Customer Service position? There were three sections. Telephone Sales and the Internal and External Customer. We implemented all three modules and applied the training programmes to a large, well known Company being opened in Swansea. Our hard work paid off and we won a National Training Award. Since then I have added Exceptional Customer Service training to that package.

Disarming irate, disgruntled difficult customers with a Smile and a facility to engage is more effective offline than it is online.

I am always on the look out for good examples of Customer Excellence here on ecademy. Being forever creative I also love looking at new logo branding. Amanda Vlahakis owner of Trulyace’ design is such an example.

Nothing succeeds better than a successful Business with Exceptional Customer Care. Top this with a Smile! the most beautiful business attire and you have a win/win formula. Click on these links and enjoy doing the business.


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