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Who actively inspires you to comment?

Monday, August 27th, 2012

***moving minds and people in business***

Andrew Field talking about his dipping social media ranking scores caught my attention, so I commented and read through the replies which may reflect the holiday period and lack of stimulating content? I’ve seen the word ‘old’ pop up a few times on the FP and that sends me scurrying off to look for inspiration.

Is it that we ourselves are taking a sabbatical or miss Penny and Thomas or simply don’t like change? Mike Morrison interestingly wrote “Its not going to happen here! – change management psychology”.

So I continue to search for inspiring authors and here is one, who actively engages her readers. The fact that Cornelis has written Marja a testimonial says it all. ***moving minds and people***

Do you enjoy, encourage, fuel an active online conversation?

On cue Fay is the exception, for stopping a conversation with mouth-watering Grand Marnier Soufflé because she can!.




Carolyn Williams

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You are ..

Monday, August 27th, 2012

You are the only person responsible for your success.

Taking ownership. Being responsible for your success lies with you. Here’s a paragraph from a Steve Job conversation “The best part of your life will start on the day you decide your life is your own – no one to lean on, rely on, or blame. You are in full control of your future. Believe with all your heart that you will do what you were made to do. It may be tough at times, but refuse to follow some preordained path. Make your own rules and have your own game plan. There is no happiness and success to be found by playing it safe and settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living”.

A great corporate well-being strapline for me is “Positivity fuels productivity”.  We are responsible for that choice of good productive energy.  If we act on our game plan with dollops of self-belief, we will succeed. You can choose to get caught up in the negativity surrounding you, or you can decide to do something positive about your situation.

For us sole and small business owners, it’s about “the more I love and embrace change, the more my life unfolds easily and effortlessly in making the best of what I have.” I wrote We can all help each other grow richer’.  We are responsible online for our choices that can and does influence our network success. My whole business life has been focused on facilitating activities to re-energise employees and individual entrepreneurs.  I walk the strapline talk every single waking hour. I believe in my message, my service, do you?

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Join me for a conversation please?

Saturday, November 5th, 2011

Making It Happen by just one CLICK!



Chit chatting ~ Engaging with friends on different social networks I have found that images work well to gain attention. Sometimes these images lead to a conversation. Depending on the platform and image, I frequently learn something quite extraordinary about them as individuals. Milton explained he loved Koh Samui in Thailand ~ Island Paradise.   This meant I wanted to learn more about Koh Samui, so did a little bit of homework and posted this image. What followed (this is only one example) was an interactive chit chat about travelling, countries, culture leading onto work projects.


Andrew wrote on Ty’s teeth whitening blog about African twig brushes offer all-day dental care.  These twigs help Africans naturally whiten their teeth and then Andrew kindly linked us up to the information about these plants.

Learning so much from connections who are living and working the other side of the globe or who travel extensively. I have another awesome male interest that travels the globe gathering more and mores skills, friends and conversations. These conversations no doubt, turn into more opportunities and more revenue back in this country. For my part, living in Swansea, providing a family base for my daughter and currently my son in Colchester, I like to think I attract people who have that ‘get up and go’. Connections and friends who love to travel, share their passions, whether it is about sport, food, family life or new opportunities.

Being a counselor is not unlike a pilot, you learn to pick up on good energy or bad energy and if your energy is strong and your confidence is good, you see clearly where it is you want to go.  I have made certain decisions about what I want and where I’d like to be in Life and written them down. I have come to accept that there are times when turbulence can throw me ‘off course’  but with determination and the help of friends and fellow professionals I can get quickly back ‘on course’.

I have been fortunate in making so many wonderful new connections through business memberships like ecademy and professional sport that I can tap into conversations that are on the move….

How about you?


Carolyn, moving minds, helping you to focus doing business.