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Social Smiling Is Contagious

Thursday, May 19th, 2011


Carolyn and Jim Da Man

At home

On my home front, returning from shopping in Swansea one day last week, I greeted a neighbour, someone who has had more than his fair share of ill health and still receiving treatment. A younger man than I, but sadly his ill health has ravished his outward appearance. Now whenever I see him, I do smile.  For me he looks different, he is different and always wears “cut offs” whatever the weather, but he’s my neighbour. Then for the first time ever, he stopped turned around and said ‘You are always smiling, it must be lovely to have a happy disposition?”.  Now I’m like anyone, I have real tough, ‘orrible and worrying days but I naturally love the sunshine and sunny dis positioned ‘others’.

I gravitate to the sun. I naturally look for the light and sunshine in people.

The Workplace

There are at least two employees who GRIN like Cheshire cats and every time I come ‘face to face’ with them, I immediately GRIN back. Now not forgetting I’ve been working in this Industry for over twenty one years and have exchanged the theory that smiling is contagious with these lovely people. Their reply is consistent “I’ve always been this way”.

In Business

With such relentless economic uncertainty, negative thinking is rife. Not forgetting you may come across like the Meerkat “Simples” advert in the business world, if you Smile at people. There have been countless times at networking events when I’ve smiled on meeting a new contact and after some initial chat I get ” What is there to smile about?’.

The Researched

Studies done at Harvard University have found that emotions are not just what comes from within, they can be contagious. Mirror imaging is what we Fitness Professionals learn from taking mass Aerobic sessions or ‘one to one’ training sessions. The research tells us that mirror neurons can mean we mimic facial expressions and movements. Some years ago I gave a Body Language presentation to the ‘then’ Welsh Development Agency at Principality House in Cardiff.  The delegates were asked to pick out traits they saw in themselves and their team workers. Rather than engineer the obvious, I started with a physical Salsa warm up and it worked.  By the end of the work shop day, the delegates had mirrored, mimed, worked out jingles, danced, sang, read poetry and laughed their way through a team building ‘away day’.

The researchers tell us moods spread outwards to our social network. Behavioural changes travel through social networks. Unhealthy thinking can be caught. We are affected by people’s moods around us far more than we think. Next time you’re feeling rubbish take a closer look around your immediate friends, family, social circles and network?

What mood are you in today?


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