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Connect and become the architect of your future

Thursday, July 8th, 2010

This blog is a Happy 20th Wedding Anniversary Dedication to Penny and Thomas

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Phil Collins Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now)

Connect right? Do Good and Feel Good. Asking for help about the things you need. There is nothing better than real messages from real connections. Being real and Asking For Help from your fellow ecademates.

Louis Gray wrote this ‘Today Ecademy is here to help you connect to future business colleagues. Ecademy are entrepreneurs in spirit working to find likeminded individuals who can support their aggressive goals’.

Looking into the Inch Club earlier I saw this from Zara ( read below) then I recieved a DM from Milton ‘WHAT is the best way to lose weight, please?’

Hello all, haven’t been in for a while. Maggie (my new doggie come fitness coach) has been taking me out for longer walks than usual and she loves going up hills, so my aim has been just to climb up one hill a day, to get a bit breathless, the idea being to get used to exercising and controlling the hyper ventilating process by breathing through my nose – I’m going to see if getting fit can help me control my panic attacks better, I’ve felt worse since exercising but I’ve only just started, so rather like the Internet, I’m not ready to give up the ghost just yet.

I got a shin splint in my right leg for 2/3 weeks which made it difficult to walk far, this was due to wearing cheap shoes, I had no idea footwear could cause injuries like this – so I learned something there.

Anyway one stone down, 4more to go to reach a healthy weight for my height.

Zara in support of your agressive goals focus on the solution, not the problem.

Hyperventilating can be improved through awareness of:-

Poor Stamina
Breathing Techniques
Poor Posture
Anxiety – Learn to switch off! Hypnotherapy and Relaxation techniques are wonderful for addressing hyperventilating.
Stamina – Breathlessness is improved by interval training – undulating hills are brilliant! Well Done Maggie aka Fitness Coach

Shin Splints are common when you increase resistance uphill wearing inappropriate footwear. Ask any Paratrooper Zara? smile I wrote this Article on Ace because of my dedication to improve gait problems in trainers and in the Work Place.

Solution – Find a brilliant people friendly Podiatrist.


How do you re-energise yourself for business?

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