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Do What Brings You Energy.

Monday, August 27th, 2012


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Self-compassion is keeping a caring, gentle eye on my most important needs and desires—big or small and inner or outer—and giving yourself permission to do more of what brings you ease and energy, and less of what drains you.

How you start your day and finding your flow influences how productive you are. Be present.

Some of the most successful entrepreneurs understand the benefits of having an early-morning routine.  These famous creative minds knew that getting the most out of their morning routine meant finishing their day the right way.

The way you start each day is incredibly important. What you do first thing in the morning matters whether you’re a trainer, a writer, a small business owner or a busy mum and dad.

Some of the most successful entrepreneurs understand the benefits of having an early-morning routine.  These famous creative minds knew that getting the most out of their morning routine meant finishing their day the right way.  But a morning routine is only half of a productive day; the other is the evening routine that precedes it

Reading a good book is known to quieten the mind, lessens stress.

Share events of the day when sitting around a table.

Doing something completely different to your daily tasks can be energising.

Meditation is action. Our mind is much harder to quieten than our body. Our lives are busy and fast paced, filled with external noise and distractions. Clarity comes from focus, from finding that quiet space within.  Meditation, even in small amounts will make room for abundance.  If you are looking for answers go within, meditate and then let go.

A meditation tip: Practice stillness; be aware of how you breathe.


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‘It’s Safe don’t worry’. A Shot Of Good Feelings

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

#Trust in the community

While putting out refuse bags last night in the dark. I had dropped my phone and was totally unaware of it at the time. Within an hour someone sent a text saying “It’s SAFE don’t worry!” .How KIND was that. Using an older mobile I exchanged a few texts with the kind keeper. I have now arranged to be reunited with my mobile. Thank YOU Karl.

Have you enjoyed a similar ‘caring in community’ feeling where you live?

Social Networking relevance : A Shot Of Good Feelings

Monday Sparkle Tip ~ Be in it ChitChat

Monday, August 29th, 2011

On August 4th – 6th I visited the City of London for a wonderful 121 with Ian Moncreiff MacMillan having travelled by train and then went on to join my son and his fianceé and her young family to explore Ashdown Forest and the trails of:

Winnie-the-Pooh in East Sussex and back to the heart of London to watch a stunning performance of Swan Lake at The Royal Opera House. I took a tube and then a train home unaware that the riots had started in another part of London. When I read the blogs on the front page as the horrors unfolded, I wrote this Business: Are you unscrewed? ~ Lifting Spirits through Sport.

Yesterday, I was reminded by Dhananjay Parkhe that it was Mother Teresa’s Day It was Jeff Mowatt who added @In 1970 a British journalist, Malcolm Muggeridge travelled to Calcutta to meet Mother Teresa and make what I observed to be a connection, based on a personal inspiration’. It was Malcom Muggeridge reporting and book Something beautiful for God that had and still does give me the biggest insight into the meaning of a spiritual light that shines through the darkness. Despondency and depression is rife on our front page, fed to us on a daily basis and de motivating to a point of ….why not dig a black hole and ask us all to jump in it?. No thanks!.

Then along come little shoots of recovery and snippets like Rugby tournament for Chevron oil refinery blast victims.

Lee Riley, whose father Dennis died in the explosion, is due to play in the tournament

These stories convince me that in the heart of all our communities beats a voice that says “we will not be beaten; we will build for a better tomorrow”. Now where have I heard that before? Ah yes, from Dr. Das all the way from Kolkata in India. Listening to a mothers heart beat and being in Monday. Listening to your community’s heart beat for a better tomorrow. Do not wait for leaders: do it alone, person to person ~ Mother Teresa.

The business community and social wealth.

Watching a bid on Dragons Den last night, I heard Theo’s comment “If you can’t show me the profits, I’m not interested in investing any money. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that crime doesn’t pay when the costs of looting, and killing on our streets becomes public. Getting your community to join in a fund raising game will help heal the wounds and hurts. Working with our neighbours and community to develop better skills through education will bring a return on investment. We all profit if we work together to build a fairer and stronger business community. An emotional wealth that sustains us all, even the sick and lonely.

Do not wait for leaders: do it alone, person to person ~ Mother Teresa. Now who will respond and comment on this blog? Sparkle Monday wishes to you. Csmilex

Are you building your serendipity ENGINE?

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

Quality conversations lead to building quality contacts. Are you attending large, impersonal and frenetic business networking events and conferences?


Taking a leaf out of an architects book.

On Monday I visited Dominic’s Book ‘Auction’ Store. situated in the beautiful Cotswold, to deliver a friends collection of architectural books. Listening to the owner of this incredible book store, explain the current book market, gave me an insight into the sweeping changes the internet has brought on smaller independant bookshops. His view and experience was that real buyers would still search and pay for valuable original and authentic editions.

Do you find that some of the larger business networking scenes and conferences have so many networkers, panels, stands, and speakers they drown out the joy of a 1-2-1 conversation?. Finding who you really need to connect with can be so daunting and tiring, making it simpler is all down to you.

I like the architectural feel of building your serendipity.

Visiting Cirencester’s St John Baptist City Church on Monday, in the glorious sunshine was a wonderful lesson in building a following.


St John Baptist Parish Church, Cirencester




Quality conversations lead to building quality contacts. How are you building your serendipity ENGINE today?.



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