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Keep me, keep me on your radar

Saturday, January 21st, 2012

This morning I decided to dance around my kitchen to The Saturday’s singing All Fired Up. feeling very much alert, alive and energised. I’m self motivated and don’t need to wait for someone to fire me up. I hear the words keep me, keep me on your radar and I remember my original networking
Are you on my Radar? blog.

It’s fast approaching that time of the year when we de clutter our living rooms, bedrooms and wardrobes. My daughter worked tirelessly last week (proving that she is indeed on the mend smile ) on clearing out the small room. This extra space room is one I am keen to turn into an office. Thankfully she has method, administration being her strong point, so I am now the proud owner of a neat room with storage files for my paperwork.

I joined Ecademy in 2008. Being disciplined in the belief that value adds to my motivational business service, I spring clean my contact list every Monday, clearing out the debris, or any surplus that takes up too much room. Just when Sam announced he would away from Ecademy for awhile, I decided to take a closer look at my original network connections to see who invited me to connect when I joined Ecademy and who I still write, phone, Skype or indeed have had a few 1-2-1’s with. It’s also an exercise which highlights those who have never kept in touch or who have left for other reasons.

Have you taken a closer look at your network contact list lately? How many have you connected with and how many would you like to keep on your radar?

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