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Things! Encouraging recovery by doing the right thing

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

Well-being versus Wealth 
André Bieste The real crisis? We stopped being wise!   included an inspiring video presentation by Barry Schwartz.
How do we aid economic recovery? How do we heal the patient? By using wisdom in doing the right thing. Kick starting wisdom by being happy about doing the right thing. .
Laying down pages of rules and regulations has literally locked down the entrepreneurial spirit instead of celebrating those who do the right thing. No matter where you live, work or spend recreational time you see the destruction caused by robotic procedures without encouraging the free spirit in doing the right thing.
Frequent visits to a local hospital over the past few months has been an eye opener, witnessing it’s excellence being overshadowed by endless paper work procedures that renders the patient lost!. Robotic nursing care which does little to reassure healing and calmness.


Forever learning and teaching I wrote this Business : It is how you talk to patients that matter!  but it seems the point of my message was lost in replies discussing how NHS trust budgets are controlled, missing the real issue completely.  So here again giving students experience and encouraging them to do the right thing has been lost in the endless piles of paperwork that needs pure administrative skills to allow the nurse or doctor to get on with healing the patient. Nursing training and specialist skills are vital for patient recovery. Allowing students and employees to think for themselves to learn from improvising and experience under supervision.  Lot’s of teaching layers in that module”.


Out of the text book and out of the class room and into the real world of encouraging real  recovery. I wrote that blog in the hope it might raise awareness that rules and procedures are guidelines but to be effective you need to win others over. Becoming influential in ‘winning the hearts and minds of people’ encouraging recovery in others is the ultimate end result and for our sick economy. You could relate this ‘sickness’ to any number of economic issues where skills and training are indeed alarmingly non existent. So it’s not surprising that by burying our heads in the sand it leaves us well and truly stuck in a swamp. By not celebrating wisdom in doing the right thing, things have a habit of coming back to bite us on the bum. smile

We have to invest in our recovery and it starts with us.
Poor health and economic sickness has a habit of crucifying us.

What is it that we in ecademy can do do to help celebrate wisdom in doing the right thing?


Carolyn Williams

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Are you the “STAR” in your own movie?

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

Victoria Bullis and I had been connected on Ecademy for sometime before I got in touch with her. I learn’t that you have to ‘nudge’ Victoria as she resides between London and CA, USA. So several e-mails, exchanges and comments on my blogs set the scene.

A few weeks back realising that I was not going to meet up with her in London at ROSEE I e-mailed her with a time to call eachother. After a few initial calls I asked Victoria to coach me on the telephone. This is where the strength of Ecademy lies, reading someones profile and then engaging with them through blogs, you get the measure of the person.
During my coaching session much of ‘me’ I knew but also accepted that like so any “STARS” I was content starring in other people’s stories. Before Easter weekend Victoria e-mailed an article written by Amy Beth O’Brien who loves movies. Amy likens starring in your own life story to becoming the “Star” in your own movie.
“If we looked at our life as a movie, would we see ourselves as the leading role in our own movie, or an extra or supporting player in the lives of those around us? We all have family and friends we support, and for whom we make sacrifices. How much of our time is spent on those responsibilities and obligations, and how much is dedicated to living the scripts of our own lives? Many of us live with the guilt-ridden thesis that if we spend time on our own goals, we are somehow neglecting others. That’s patently false and we need to ensure that we don’t spend our lives playing roles in other people’s movies, to the extent that we’re unable to star in our own.

Next, I took a look at my personal profile, here it is:


My Profile Bio tells you…
“I love life and make the most of every moment. I am fun, spontaneous and enjoy lively conversation. I love sunshine, living by the sea. Watching first class Rugby a must Yippee! Shane Williams, my favourite Rugby player since the First World Rugby Cup. Graham Henry hails Shane Williams as Wales’ best in a generation.  “I would rather retire than be retired. But you never say never” Shane Williams Wales’ record try scorer”.


Taking the leaf out of Shane’s book/comment I ‘d repeat “Never say never” I am now starring and directing my own movie. So my questions to you are:

Are you starring in your own movie?. Who would you choose to star alongside you?.
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Asking for Help

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

‘Help’ sung by the Beatles was a smash hit. In those days they rolled one hit out after the other. Today, I read a wonderful article about how difficult it is to ask for help?
Today as our culture becomes more and more entrenched in being independent and yet not so far away there are school leavers, young graduates, middle aged and old struggling through mounting debts, struggling to pay mortgages, rent and bills through lack of jobs. How far do we need to go down the road before we need to ask for help? As a divorced single parent, I learnt the lessons some years ago on humility with dignity. Here are some of my ideas to help us through some difficult changes. To help us grow through the changes.

Do Good and Feel Good.
Face your fears – You can grow through them! Write down a list of what help you need. Talk over your fears with people who care for you and are trustworthy.. Stop blaming everyone else. See changes as a challenge. Take on the challenge. Be Pro Active. Eat well. You can’t get over your fears if you have bad habits, especially when it comes to food. Start eating healthy today and fuel your body for fear-busting. Have patience. You’ll get there Take in plenty of fresh air. Walks in the parks at lunchtimes. Of course insomnia plays havoc with your reserves. Good sleep is essential for stress management and well-being. Meditation and quality breathing techniques can help us all ‘let go’ at any point during the day or night.  Get together with friends, networks and form buddy support groups.. Write down your plan. Keeping a notebook of ideas, lists and goals is great for overcoming fears. It’s fun to cross off your

accomplishments too. if only it is at yourself in the mirror. It’s good for you.
Enjoy fun and laughter – Pets and children are great tonics!
Finding out all over again what we are good at and supporting each other, through changes in both work and life, can only be good for the spirit.

Giving and Receiving

Serving and Volunteering.

‘Do Good and Feel Good’
What kind of help do you need?
And finally to thank our family and friends and colleagues who do help and make us feel good. Thank you ecademy owners for this platform in being able to connect with so many others.



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Warm Wishes, Carolyn
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In Grand Slam Mode

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

Yes, I even dream’t about it last night. We have enjoyed some great sporting achievements and I woke up thinking history is about to happen all over again.

So for those of you who enjoy the French v Wales Rugby here for you are some previous Grand Slam highlights.   Six of the Best – Wales v France Grand Slam deciders   I watched them all.   C’mon Wales let’s be having You for ‘Merve the Swerve’  And Yes Mr. Gatland does have a techie sense of humour ‘And Gatland raises laugh from journalists when he jokes that technology might make the decision for them!’.

You Glow In The Dark turning the Game into Paradise

Thank You Wales, Mr Gatland and Team Coaches for some awesome moments. May the best team win on the day. What 6 Nations matches stand out in your minds?.


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Smiley Faces Can Make a Big Difference When Decision Making In Business

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

What you say, write and how your body language reflects those words have a big impact on those you do business with. Steve Martin wrote : The way in which feelings and emotion impact on decision-making and behaviour can be powerful.

Professor Marianne Bertrand of Chicago Business School recently found that simply by printing a picture of a smiling young woman on an envelope containing an offer for a financial product led to 
a significant increase in response.

I am naturally drawn to sunnier smiles when networking and equally withdraw from cold stares both in Life and when engaging through social media. Two yeas ago experiencing some really cold wintery weather I wrote Business : Profiles – The Power Of The Smile!. the power of a Smile can lift the Spirit. Equally what you seek, read and reflect have a big impact on those you do business with.

Constant negative media news and destructive behaviour has a depressive effect on British workers as they head for sunnier climates in search of sun rays!. (Me included) Feeling sunnier can and does attract new relationships and new clients. Your written word and images reflect your intention and spirit. To promote hope among young job seekers I wrote Business : The art of communication skills in business.

Steve Martin continued to add “Clearly it would be a stretch to suggest that simply decorating your next proposal with smiley faces and positive words will be enough to 
ensure that you emerge with 
a new client or contract. However, other things being equal, paying attention to the environmental cues that can influence others’ feelings and ethically arranging for those that impact positively to be in place, especially at the point when decisions are made, can make for big differences.

But aside from obvious events such as receiving bad news or falling out with a colleague what other stimuli can influence how we feel and, as a result, behave?”

When Attracting New Clients ~ how do we engage? 

  • Engage

– Do you call to engage with your potential customers?

  • Smile

– Do you Smile while chatting with them?

Saw another article and felt it appropriate when looking at our negative behaviour. If you run a business and you waste energy squabbling in front of the customer, I for one wouldn’t do business with you. A no win situation.

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Breathing new life into business. I provide social media campaigns for small business owners & entrepreneurs to help increase their followers, advocates and leads using social media.


‘It’s Safe don’t worry’. A Shot Of Good Feelings

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

#Trust in the community

While putting out refuse bags last night in the dark. I had dropped my phone and was totally unaware of it at the time. Within an hour someone sent a text saying “It’s SAFE don’t worry!” .How KIND was that. Using an older mobile I exchanged a few texts with the kind keeper. I have now arranged to be reunited with my mobile. Thank YOU Karl.

Have you enjoyed a similar ‘caring in community’ feeling where you live?

Social Networking relevance : A Shot Of Good Feelings

Keep me, keep me on your radar

Saturday, January 21st, 2012

This morning I decided to dance around my kitchen to The Saturday’s singing All Fired Up. feeling very much alert, alive and energised. I’m self motivated and don’t need to wait for someone to fire me up. I hear the words keep me, keep me on your radar and I remember my original networking
Are you on my Radar? blog.

It’s fast approaching that time of the year when we de clutter our living rooms, bedrooms and wardrobes. My daughter worked tirelessly last week (proving that she is indeed on the mend smile ) on clearing out the small room. This extra space room is one I am keen to turn into an office. Thankfully she has method, administration being her strong point, so I am now the proud owner of a neat room with storage files for my paperwork.

I joined Ecademy in 2008. Being disciplined in the belief that value adds to my motivational business service, I spring clean my contact list every Monday, clearing out the debris, or any surplus that takes up too much room. Just when Sam announced he would away from Ecademy for awhile, I decided to take a closer look at my original network connections to see who invited me to connect when I joined Ecademy and who I still write, phone, Skype or indeed have had a few 1-2-1’s with. It’s also an exercise which highlights those who have never kept in touch or who have left for other reasons.

Have you taken a closer look at your network contact list lately? How many have you connected with and how many would you like to keep on your radar?

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Off Line Networks ~ Bring Back London Ecademy Events

Friday, January 13th, 2012

At the beginning of this week I wrote about Business : Build On Trust Me, You Chose My Network and wanted to share with you the journey of trusting both online and offline networking Trust yourself posted by ed percival tells you to reflect when you first trusted someone and the first person you learnt to mistrust. Your gut instinct will TELL you everything you need to know about the person you are with.

I attended a NRG Business networks meeting at The Vale Hotel, Hensol and enjoyed a 1-2-1 withDave Clarke CEO of this Network. The host Huw Lewis, was living a little closer to me in Wales and was amazed I knew so much about Dave. smile Thanks to Ecademy and my Network I have got to know Dave through a series of social media networks and tools before meeting him ‘face to face’ for the first time. A family man and an experienced business man with people skills pouring out of his pores.

How good is that, belonging to a network that encourages both online and offline networking?.
Bring back London Ecademy Events.


Carolyn Williams, helping you capture new followers, advocates and how to generate new leads for your business?


Breathing new life into business. I provide social media campaigns for small business owners & entrepreneurs to help increase their followers, advocates and leads using social media.



Beautiful is not always big

Sunday, January 8th, 2012

One of Mehmet Yildiz’s Blog question was “I am trying to understand the correlation between Rugby with the impact of “Virtual Sex” in family lives?”.

My answer to that was Simple – I’m Welsh! And what’s more Shane Williams, my favourite Rugby player ( and now newly retired ) was given this accolade from Graham Henry. Graham Henry hails Shane Williams as Wales’ best in a generation. He deserves it!

In 2008, Shane Williams proved beyond all reasonable doubt that good things do come in small packages. Williams’ nomination for the 2008 BBC Wales Sports Personality of the Year award is proof that beautiful is not always big The 5ft 7in Welsh rugby superstar won international rugby’s greatest personal accolade after the newly-crowned IRB World. Now that is really something to get excited about.

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Listening to clients and being business savvy.

Monday, January 2nd, 2012



I read with great interest these questions posted in LinkedIn:

How do I build genuine relationships built on trust, business acumen, innovations and business knowledge and global acumen? How do I learn to transcend across borders and cultures?

Soft skills are the sort of attributes one might find in a personal development course or even marriage counselling: emotional intelligence, communication skills, conflict resolution and creating win – win outcomes via collaboration rather than compromise.

They’re about having the personal skills to influence, what consultants like to call business savvy. They’re about understanding what’s going on in the heads of executives and what they care about.

Let’s look first at how we interact with our young people. For me information is power. The art of communication is the basis of any transaction. Imparting knowledge relies on teachers making it ‘fun to learn’. There is an art to creating a secure environment for young people to develop skills and independence, where they can surface their genuine concerns.

Moons ago, I wrote a module to compliment the internal customer and the external customer (written by co trainers) which won A National Training Customer Care Award.

For me communication skills in business is a priority, as we hear how best to serve our customers. Let’s look at how we interact with ourselves before we communicate with our clients.

Self-awareness, Self- regulating, Self- sustaining

Providing real solutions
Improving communication skills – in both personal and work life
Increased motivation – Dealing with fears and obstacles
Increased vitality – optimise performance
Improved confidence – in both personal and work life
Improving health for energy to work
Listening skills and Interactive skills
Embracing the changes
Delivering to the customer

The real test for us begins when we learn how to:

Handle difficult customers and how to disarm the angry customer.

Carolyn Williams


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