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Wednesday, October 12th, 2011


Updated 11-10-2011
Many moons ago, I was asked by a fellow Chamber Training Associate, to write a Customer Care module on stress management and relaxation implementation. I tutored assertiveness, improved self -esteem and stress management at a local Swansea college at that time.

Handling difficult customers, meant we looked at who was responsible for quality in a customer service position?  There were three sections. Telephone sales and the Internal and External customer.  We implemented all three modules and applied the training programmes to a large, well known company being opened in Swansea.  Our hard work paid off and we won a National Training Award.  Since then I have added Exceptional customer service training to that package.

Disarming irate, disgruntled difficult customers with a smile and a facility to engage, is more effective offline than it is online.


Nothing succeeds better than a successful business with exceptional customer care.  Top this with a Smile! the most beautiful business attire and you have a win/win formula. Click on these links and enjoy doing the business with branding images, courtesy of Ces Creatively Minded Loftus.


Hello! is it me your looking for?

Oi! What Made You Smile Today?

Can Always Hear a Smile!

The most beautiful business attire, a Smile!



What does your brand message convey?

Carolyn Williams,  Moving minds, helping you to focus on doing business

How To Sparkle ~ Shape Your Life To Stand Out From The Crowd

Monday, October 10th, 2011


Listening to some keynote Motivational Speakers over the years, surprisingly most of the upbeat, positive ones can be American.

IDEA – International Development Exercise Association.

Networking the Sport of the 90’s.  smile

I attended my first Global Fitness Idea Convention at Loughborough University and the keynote speaker was Betty Williams. Her style was a cross between Joan Rivers and Ruby Wax. She arrived on stage dressed in a black suit, covered in cut out red roses, dragging behind her a very large suitcase on wheels, her wardrobe.  She introduced her her highly motivational speech by announcing ‘if Elizabeth Taylor travelled carrying as many suitcases, then she too would copy her style’.

Betty Williams was sponsored by Playdoh and throughout her speech she would throw out lumps of playdoh, suggesting to the audience this exercise was to help them shape their lives. I have never forgotten her speech, her style, her playdoh, her message to this day, twenty years or so later.  Since this speech I have presented several motivational seminars to the Chamber Of Commerce and Women In Enterprise groups on the Power Of Play.


P ~ Praise
L ~ Laughter
A ~ Attitude
Y ~ YOU!


Being smarter it’s up to us as individuals to change for the better.  Shape your life to stand out from the crowd.

Successful brand selling – being willing to stand out from the crowd and carve out a niche for ourselves. Do you remember any Keynote speeches worth repeating?

Do you re-energise your connections?
Carolyn Williams,  Moving minds, helping you to focus on doing business.

So how do you stay on the message?

Monday, June 6th, 2011

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Where do you get your energy and stamina to push through that new project of intention?  Every good coach will motivate their client to write down their hopes and dreams in black and white having focused on a chosen project.

Doing the research, then editing your dreams requires energy and stamina to bring about the completion of a dream project.

So how do you stay on the message?

Travelling on a train allows me time to read, draft before I conduct my research on foot. Acting on the intention to complete a project requires determination, a focus but above all a belief which is constantly energized.

An acceptance that nothing stays the same I believe helps us to marvel at new opportunities and connections yet to be made.

Transience Passing with time. Zen thinking says uncertainty and transience are at the heart of everything. The more you clutch onto things, ideas or people or material possessions,  the more you lose them. You can’t really know anything for sure.

Transience for me is very real, starting again, adjusting to both my grown up children starting careers and lives of their own.

Seeking inspiration and energy for that new start, that new project is on our doorstep.  We can focus on the big picture and change the lenses for the small print but we need to adjust our focus constantly to accept the changes. Being smart enough to grasp that opportunity, that changing gap in the market.

‘A year from now you will wish you had started today’ – Karen Lamb

Carolyn Williams, helping you find ways to re-energise yourself for your business?


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