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Monday, October 22nd, 2012

Yesterday, I wrote an editorial for a well known business on my Lifestyle Online website and got paid for it via PayPal. I can hear some of you say “What is so special about that?” I have always been hugely keen not to dilute my well-being brand built over the years. I asked Lyndon for his advice and got some. But it was my perseverance that got this first payment.

I rarely use PayPal and have been focused on looking at acceptable ways of earning money through my blogs. The payment transfer was immediate. This positive experience has meant I am more than happy and eager to repeat the exercise, with suitable generic brand names.

I gave a talk in London with the intention of offering training courses on:

How to handle difficult customers with assertiveness

The internal customer

The external customer

Then I read this:  Why PayPal Is a Wildly Successful ‘Dinosaur’  which dropped into my  mailbox.

Two bullet points in particular resonated:

7. PayPal doesn’t care how you use its service, as long as you use it.
8. The Company has a new, entrepreneurial President
PayPal grabbed David Marcus in a $240 million acquisition of his payments company Zong. He is hell-bent on personally improving customer service and internal development

My question to you is “Do we get in our own way?”  When we write material for our business on our website should we be so closed, that we miss obvious opportunities.

Should we take a leaf out of PayPal’s philosophy and say  “we don’t care how you use our brand as long as you customers use it?”


Do you re-energise your clients?


Carolyn Williams


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