Help! Where is my Waistline?

Where is my Waist?

It’s fantastic to hear so many of you tweet that you are walking in the parks and going to the Gym
Let me help by adding these exercises to your daily routine, to help you find your Waist!

  • Prior to starting these if you have Back Pain – Word of Caution – Check with your Back Specialist before attempting these.
  • Power Walking is fantastic for low lumber back painLow Oblique Rotation

    (Exercising the muscle above the hip bone)* Attach a fitness band to the top of a door.
    * Stand with your legs shoulder width apart with your left shoulder facing the door.
    * Hold both fitness band handles in both hands with your palms facing each other.

    * Slowly rotate your torso from the left to the right in a downward motion until both arms are below the opposite hip.
    * Then return to the start position.
    * After completion of the set, perform the motion with the opposite side.

    * Breathe out while moving the fitness band away from the door.
    * Breathe in while returning to the start position.

    * Keep a slight bend in both knees and do not over rotate at the hips or waist.
    Abdominal exercises

    Beyond sit-ups…
    You must build your front and your back. And since most people ingnore their backs, there’s an extra one for good measure.

    Traditional yes, standard no. Here are 3 variations on a theme to tighten the spots you’ve been missing.

    Double Crunch
    Starting position:
    Lie on your back, with your hips and knees bent as shown and your feet off the floor. Rest your hands lightly on your chest. Position the ball between your knees.

  • The move:
    Exhale as you lift your shoulders off the floor and bring your knees toward your chest. Grab the ball with your hands and bring it to your chest as you inhale and 3 return your shoulders and legs to the starting position. Transfer the ball back to your legs on the next repetition, and keep alternating ball positions for the entire set.

    Keep your head in line with your torso throughout the movement. Perform this move as quickly as possible.

  • Menu Ideas for Monday and Eat lot’s of scrummy Veggies! 8.00 am
    2 pieces of fresh fruit
    10.30 am
    Blueberry bagel with low fat cream cheese
    1.00 pm
    Medium sized sushi box, slice of pineapple
    3.30 pm
    2 rice cakes
    6.00 pm
    Sardines or tuna with red/green vinaigrette tomato salad
    9.00 pm
    Fromage frais or clear vegetable soup.You can Do It!! Scent of a Woman
    Carolyn Keeping you fighting fit for your business