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by Carolyn WilliamsPowerNetworker on 16-Jan-09 10:34am

Talking to so many stressed, whizzy Business gurus as I do through the course of my consultancy and networking, I wanted to post a few useful extracts from various experts on Stomach Health. Stress is felt in the Gut! So it makes sense for us to respect our Gut and nurture it. I agree with Pierre Pallardy that the stomach is our second brain. If we all connect with our stomachs and truly listen to the signals, I reckon we are half way to an improved digestive system and a flatter tummy.  Book extract…
How you can transform your attitude to food and restore nourishment and pleasure to your life.
Learning to recognise why you want to eat when you are not hungry, to eat only when you are hungry and to stop when you are full isn’t magic; it takes work. But once you have the knack, it feels magically different from the way you’ve eaten before. It will mean an end to diets, binges, special schemes to control your food, and an end to denying yourself the food you would like to eat. There are five key principles that will help you eat in a new way and to be able to be the size that is right for you. They allow you to trust yourself around food. No diet, no doctor, no trainer, no scheme can know better than you what suits your body.

Eat when your’e hungry
Learning to rediscover your hunger signals can take a bit of practice and a lot of attention. If you are not used to recognising hunger, don’t despair. Perhaps you don’t know when your hungry because:

You eat before you are hungry
You eat because everyone else is eating
You eat because your miserable, weepy, angry
You eat because you are so happy
You eat because you passed a bakery with wonderful smells
You eat because it’s a meal time
You eat because your mother told you to
You eat because you feel fat and helpless
You eat the food your child left over

Sometime we can be afraid to feel hunger. The very sensation frightens us, so we eat in advance of it. That can happen because as children we didn’t have enough food; we had to clear our plates whether we wanted to or not;
We sensed our mother’s disapproval if we said weren’t hungry; eating was a shared family activity. Knowing and facing these reasons clears the way for you to use your hunger to guide your eating.

Wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy food and eat well? Then we can all relax and have a great weekend

Extracts from Gut Instinct written by Pierre Pallardy coming next…

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