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How grateful are you?

Thursday, February 26th, 2015



Langland Bay 2015


Yes, we know emotion sells. This view has that ‘wow’ factor to win the imagination of those who are lucky enough to capture the moment.

Have you ever asked yourself if you deserve to be happy?.

Dr. Robert Horden, Positive Psychology and Founder of The Happiness Project has written a book called Happiness Now!

Happiness is your true nature, It’s you minus your neurosis.

A standard happiness research model suggests

50% Genes – Personality
40% from choices
10% or less from life circumstances.

He adds “It’s no longer believed that our personality is wholly dictated by genetics. Instead we’ve found that the functioning of our genes changes according to nutrition and attitude, so choices play an even bigger part of our happiness than originally thought. Being grateful for what you have rather than complain about what you don’t. Choosing to believe that happiness is not something that only comes to those who deserve it”.

Social animals

Whether we like it or not we have an influence on the world due to the fact that our inner being radiates peace, energy, joy and gladness, we all possess it.  We need to think of a way that benefits those around us.  We need to do it because human beings are social animals and we all owe something to the world.  We are all connected somehow, so the way we feel influences others right?.

We can choose to select the positive interpretations which boost our well-being. Telling ourselves nice stories, enjoying the moment, as opposed to obsessing about the future.  True happiness comes from when it’s shared, as we see daily here on social media networks. It’s contagious, intoxicating and sparkling like champagne and like champagne it’s not meant to be drunk alone.

Be mindful of what you reach for and remember to celebrate that moment.


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A conversation with Dr Limin Zhu, Clinic of Chinese Medicine, Swansea.

Monday, January 19th, 2015



Dr Limin Zhu

Clinic of Chinese Medicine, 107 Walter Road, Swansea, SA1 5QQ, Tel: 01792 474488


Dr Limin Zhu graduated in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) from the University of Liaoning, China, which took 5 years of study in both Western and Chinese medicine. She was conferred Bachelor of TCM in 1982 and then worked for 9 years as a Senior Physician in Liaoyang Hospital of TCM, China, and also worked for one year in Beijing Hospital of TCM before she came to Swansea in 1991.

She has had busy practices in the Swansea Clinic of Natural Medicine for 7 years and then, in April 2000, set up her own clinic – The Clinic of Chinese Medicine in 107 Walter Road. With over 29 years of experience in treating various conditions she provides a professional, warm and friendly atmosphere for her patients.

Dr Limin Zhu’s father, worked as a Consultant in a hospital in China. Her husband’s research as a civil engineer at Swansea University brought her to Swansea in 1991. They have a son, who having studied medicine at Cambridge University is now a cardiac doctor at Cambridge University Hospital.

Perhaps you’ve been putting up with a health condition for some time, and maybe you have tried medication, or other therapies, doing everything you can think of that will improve your health, and you’re still having a hard time trying to figure out why it isn’t working.

Dr Limin’s chinese medicine success stories are in treating fertility problems in women. She now has a growing Baby Club as testimony to her work in the Swansea Clinic. Her many other success stories are in treating blood pressure, arthritis, migraine and stress relief.

As a long term migraine and temporomandibular disorder sufferer (a problem affecting the chewing muscles and the joints between the jaw and the base of the skull) I highly recommend her migraine and pain relief acupuncture treatment.

As a highly loved and respected Chinese medicine practitioner in the Swansea community, she certainly does provide a professional, warm and friendly atmosphere for all her patients.

Carolyn Williams, helping you find ways to re-energise yourself for your business?


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Winning by Sharing

Tuesday, December 30th, 2014

Swansea FC

Steve Hall a social media friend, covered thousands of miles cycling to 92 football Clubs in the UK. Adding to his list, my home Swansea City, Cardiff City and Cowbridge on his Welsh Football Club route, to raise awareness for the 45 million homeless refugees worldwide in 2010. I posted this: Best of Summer 2010 below, about Steve’s remarkable visits to three Welsh Football Clubs:

Psst! Steve has been in Wales! Wales! Wales!!  since last week.

Fantastic Visit to Swansea City.

In this leg of Steve’s story “winning by sharing” he wrote:-

“Huge thanks and congratulations to Carolyn Williams for getting her hat-trick! First Cardiff City, then Cowbridge and finally Swansea City. We were met at the ground by two lovely Swans’ employees and presented a signed shirt pitchside. It was also a great opportunity to explain to both the Swansea City ladies as well as the local newspaper the purpose of the whole journey. Hopefully they realised that the world’s 45 million refugees were worth cycling for. This stark figure certainly keeps me going.

From the Liberty Stadium, it was a dash down to Morgans Hotel where Carolyn had arranged a reception in this prestige venue. It was a delight to talk to the GM, Christine Owen, and I was able to thank her for a raffle prize they had offered. There was a good number of Ecademists, football fans and others present including Carolyn, Simon “Web Wizard” Jones and Carolyn’s daughter Emma. Thanks to all for making this such a memorable day for me and such an important milestone in the journey. 68 clubs now visited and now it’s the long, long trek to Plymouth Argyle, Torquay United and Exeter City. Wales has done The Shirt proud. Thanks, Carolyn and all who have supported you”.

Sam Borrett (a fellow ecademate) said it well ” If you really want something be single pointed and go like an arrow towards the target.” I would add “This is definitely a winning by sharing story.

Throughout Steve’s journey from Cardiff to Cowbridge we have enjoyed some Fab Company. Click here to see photographs courtesy of Mike Briercliffe taken of Steve in Swansea’s Liberty Stadium and the Morgan Hotel.

Yesterday, at 6am, we both attended the Swansea Waterfront BNI Chapter (my previous chapter.) I took Penny Power’s OBE book ‘Know me, like me, follow me’ as part of my me sixty seconds presentation. Following Steve’s journey since last Friday he wrote “I’ll have an early night, look forward to Swansea Waterfront BNI and then I am off, head down, to Plymouth, Exeter and Torquay. What a journey. “There are laws of science there are universal laws.” Yes Steve Hall’s 45 million refugees and climbing journey is testimony to that!

As Steve continues his cycle to South West to join Milton, in Southend, here’s twinkling you on throughout this your final leg of this project. Following Steve’s intention I am reminded of something Nic Oliver once posted – ‘A safe return is the best part of the journey’.

You can read about Steve’s remarkable The Shirt 2010, his story about cycling to 92 Football League Clubs.

In June 2015 Steve will start out to cycle from Kirkenes on the Norwegian/Russian border to visit all the clubs in the top three divisions of Norwegian football.Yes, that’s some 5000 kms and 100 nights. The intention is to get 5000 signatures on one football shirt!

Wishing Steve another massively successful Norwegian/Russian cycle ride in 2015. Please Click here: to follow Steve and add your much needed support.


How do you re-energise yourself for business?

Carolyn Williams


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‘A girl should be two things: who and what she wants’ Coco Chanel

Monday, November 24th, 2014


Have you seen the film Coco Avant Chanel?

‘Coco Avant Chanel born 1883, begins with a young Coco and her sister being unceremoniously dropped off at an orphanage, despite having a living parent. Their father sends the girls there and never returns. The film then cuts to Coco as a young adult (Audrey Tautou), working at a Moulin club as a seamstress and singer with her sister, Adrienne. The two pair up for a nightly duet, always singing the same song about a girl named Coco – hence the nickname’.

I was invited to see this incredible story of a lady who’s perfume and dress sense are among my favourites. No matter which airport you fly into the name of Coco Chanel jumps out from every ‘duty free’ perfume display.

Coco gave us the little black dress, she gave us perfume, and she gave us the simplicity and comfort we craved in women’s clothing. She’s beauty and she’s grace. She’s France’s own Mademoiselle Coco Chanel, the Great Emancipator of women’s bodies, no longer enslaved to corsets.

“It’s the story of how she got there — a young girl of modest means in a man’s world, working her way up in her own right”.

My experience of working largely in a man’s world in South Wales and motivating a workforce, has had it’s own liberating strengths.

I connected with Coco’s determination and focus while admiring her tireless fashion creations, worn by so many beautiful women all over the world.

She was a genius and driven from within.

Who inspires you to aspire?

Carolyn Williams


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Write your own story

Monday, October 13th, 2014

$_35 (1)


I was reading ‘Ten Top Tips For Focusing Your Writing Creativity’ by Lisa Cherry, a social media connection and I particularly liked this tip:

‘Allow yourself to be risky with your writing. If you’ve got something to say, say it but say it well. People want to read something challenging, something different and something that speaks to them’.

Over the weekend, while catching up with my e-mails, work and reading a few of my favourite friends posts, I came across this beautiful illustration and quote on facebook:

‘Write your own story’ from Healing Light Online

“You are the designer of your destiny. You are the author. You write the story. The pen is in your hand, and the outcome is whatever you choose”.

This illustration (I am a visual learner) spurred me to read through some of my previous blog stories and I decided to re write one called ‘Serendipity alive and well in London’  This was a story about an offline networking event, I attended in London. I felt  this experience was challenging enough to write about.  The post had a reasonable response from my social media network, so that encouraged me to do some more searching online, using google. I then came across Everyday Learnings  and recognised a few faces and authors, who over the nurturing years have become my friends, through connecting on social media networks.

I agree with the authors mentioned above, I do find the whole process of writing posts and connecting with my network thoroughly rewarding. So here is my question to you readers ‘How many of your friends and social media connections do you know, have written their own story, book or e-books?’


“Surround yourself only with people who are going to take you higher” – Oprah Winfrey


Carolyn Williams


Breathing new life into business. I provide social media campaigns for small business owners & entrepreneurs to help increase their followers, advocates  and leads using social media.


Do you want to sparkle?

Friday, March 28th, 2014



Do you sparkle?

Does your business reflect your inner sparkle?

Here is someone’s business that does.

Tanya Igic is a Swansea based, designer jeweller.



Her distinctive style in jewellery was on display at  our International Networking Event at Cafe TwoCann, Swansea

As a promoter of talented new business people and businesses both offline and online, a question I often get asked is ;

‘Where do I get my energy and smile’s from?’

Here are some of my answers:

I eat well

I get plenty of fresh air and spend time being at one with nature

I make sure I get lots of sleep

I meditate

I like to make whoopee

I dance

I sing

I spend time with sparkly people and sparkly things!


The song title “It’s a kind of magic” by Queen reflects this the best.



Carolyn Williams


Breathing new life into business. I provide social media campaigns for small business owners & entrepreneurs to help increase their followers and leads online.






Monday, November 11th, 2013

On Friday I invited Byron Davies, Assembly Member for South Wales West, for a café style conversation at Morgan’s Hotel in Swansea. I had met Byron for the first time in LLanrhidian, Gower when I attended a talk by Simon Hart, the Conservative Assembly member for Carmarthen.  On first meeting Byron, he struck me as being a life force for Gower with a healthy self-awareness and refreshingly social media friendly.

 Drinking laws

I live on the edge of Swansea City and highlighted my observation about the positive effect Morgan’s Hotel had on the Marina, since it opened. We shared strong views about keen licensing laws and the effects on local residents. We exchanged real experiences in Swansea City and praised the local police, in tackling drink related crime.  Byron was a police officer in the Metropolitan police before becoming a MP, so has a good insight into City law and order.

Women in business and the Welsh language.

Encouraging more women in business and politics was a question I put to him and was pleased to hear Byron would like more women to step forward and join his party. We briefly touched on the requirement of the welsh language in obtaining posts here in Wales. Welsh is my second language but I feel as passionately as the next, when asked about my nationality and birth place.

Trading and shopping parking powers

Like so many other shoppers (over the past two years) when visiting my daughter, now living in Mumbles, I have been penalised for shopping or indeed visiting local café and parks around the castle and thought how absurd it is to deter so many locals and visitors to this fabulous area. So when I read through some of Byron’s activities I was delighted to read he has taken up this issue with local councils. We should be encouraging shoppers to visit our beautiful coastline cafés and shopping centres not penalising them.

“Council officers need to start looking at ways of encouraging shoppers away from the out of town centres where they can park easily and for free and instead, and to head instead for our traditional town, city and village centres.

Mr Davies added: “It is heartening to see that shoppers are taking advantage of the free parking to support shops in the town. It is crucial that our High Streets and town centres have a level playing field with the out of town retail parks and are able to offer free parking.

“I would still like to see that period extended to two hours so that people can visit a few shops and pop into one of the cafes for a cuppa as well.”

Our Armed Forces

We shared a deeper bond when discussing our armed forces.  Both our sons are based at Colchester Barracks and have been operational overseas in Afghanistan.

Remembrance Sunday . Yesterday, we remembered all those who had served our country and sacrificed their lives.   Earlier, I clicked on Byron’s twitter profile and this photograph and caption brought a smile to my face.

Not often you get to meet an Omaha Beach Veteran!



Sharing information and experiences are all part of an open, supportive social media network and I was pleased to read Byron’s profile and activity clearly mapped out on his  website

‘Welcome to my website, which will highlight my work for you as your Welsh Conservative Assembly Member. Here you can find out my latest news and surgeries. I am always happy to help so if you have an issue use the contact section of the website to contact me’ Byron Davies AM

His availability and contact details are included below.

Ground Floor
11 St James Gardens
SA1 6DY  Tel: 01792 654 049

Cardiff Office
National Assembly for Wales
Cardiff Bay
CF99 1NA   Tel: 029 2089 8929


Carolyn Williams, helping you to re-energise for your business.

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Breathing new life into business

Tuesday, August 27th, 2013


Being mindful of our breathing through meditation is another way achieving calm and peace of mind. Many of us develop bad breathing habits which result in an overall reduction in health. Learning to slow your breathing down and to let go of thoughts that no longer work for you puts you in charge of yourself.

Incidentally, while you can very quickly change your state using breathing methods you also need to change you’re thinking patterns to ensure that the change of state continues. If you only alter your breathing but continue with the same old thoughts, the unwelcome moods will quickly return. Meditation helps you to widen the gaps between your thoughts which help you to feel calmer and more relaxed.

Try meditating earlier in the evening to empty your mind of that inner chatter. Learn how to enjoy the gap between your thoughts. Watch your incoming and outgoing breath get deeper the more you relax.

Relaxing Breath Exercise

If you want to get a feel for this serious challenge, try your hand at breath counting, a deceptively simple technique much used in Zen practice.

Sit in a comfortable position with the spine straight and head inclined slightly forward. Gently close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Then let the breath come naturally without trying to influence it. Ideally it will be quiet and slow, but depth and rhythm may vary.

  • To begin the exercise, count “one” to yourself as you exhale.
  • The next time you exhale, count “two,” and so on up to “five.”
  • Then begin a new cycle, counting “one” on the next exhalation.

Never count higher than “five,” and count only when you exhale. You will know your attention has wandered when you find yourself up to eight and more.

Try to do 10 minutes of this form of meditation.

Yesterday, I lay still on a bench overlooking my favourite coastline bathing in the warm sunshine feeling at peace. I meditated and found to my surprise how much easier it was to relax in between thoughts. My relaxed feelings were helped by the quiet location, overlooking the tide and by the warmth of the sun.

For the best night’s sleep, wind down with a bubble bath, candlelight and music, yoga, or a good book. Learn to slow your breathing down and with each exhalation, practice letting go of anything that no longer works for you.  You’ll be surprised how quickly you drift off and sleep.


Carolyn Williams

Breathing for Business.

Focus For New Business

Monday, May 13th, 2013



With clarity comes focus

Are you struggling with limiting self – belief and focus when doing business?  Do you want to attract new business?

Are you comfortable using social media networks for new business leads?

Do you understand how to attract new followers, advocates using social media?

Are you actively using social media to boost your revenue?


I provide mentoring and presentation workshops on how to use social media for your business. I help you:

Unlock your pricing potential

Gain clarity and focus doing business using social media

Help shift any issue that prevents you from moving forward in gaining new business

Improve your listening skills

To get out of your own way


Stay focused and contact:


Carolyn Williams

Breathing for business. I mentor small business owners & entrepreneurs on how to improve their focus – energy to open doors that attract new customers and boost new revenue.



(S)Marketing. The smarter way to gain new customers.

Sunday, April 28th, 2013

Introducing some (S) marketing tips from Gene Thompson, the experienced business owner of Creative – Services Ltd. from Cardiff.

In order to create the right message for your market, you need first to research your market. Understand their needs and why THEY would want to buy from you. Avoid the broad-brush approach, by trying to target everyone – you are actually targeting no-one.

If you want to produce a direct mail campaign, consider digital printing. Modern digital print is hardly distinguishable from the conventional litho process, but has two very big advantages.

1) Print volume, you can print as little as one copy.

2) Variable data.

Personalise not only the recipient’s name, but also the company name too, or even the choice of images?

Structure your information to hit home hard and fast. Don’t spend valuable time introducing the company – the reader (at this point) really doesn’t care. Through your research you will have identified the need, and presumably you will have a solution to that need, (that’s why you’re contacting them). Keep the information brief and to the point, sell the ‘sizzle, not the sausage’. Then, and only then, tell them why you are the obvious choice… trustworthy, professional, experienced. Finally, always, always, always… have a call to action, so THEY know what to do next. And follow-up… just because they don’t call, don’t assume they aren’t interested.

Sounds expensive? Actually no – it’s very affordable. For more information, call Creative Services on 0845 241 9639, or email,