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‘Winning the hearts and minds of people with a willingness to have muscle!’  Working together we are stronger!.

I facilitate improved lifestyle habit programmes that re-energise a corporate workforce. I help new start-ups and busy entrepreneurs get creative to improve their mental and physical strength to increase business using social media. Since 1989 I have been invited to present body language, customer care and focus for business presentation/ workshops for The Chamber of Commerce, BNI, Momentum (a business network for Health Care owners) Old Style Black Star Day for Ecademy members and the Liquid List, a resettlement network for members of our armed forces wishing to leave.

Focus For Business  This presentation workshop is aimed at new start- ups, trainers, therapists or anyone wishing to change career.


Focus For Business


In April 2011 I started the Cardiff Boardroom to attract business owners who thrive on challenges, driving the plans implementing and reaping the rewards.  To help motivate people in business I invite ‘key’ influential people for café style conversations at Miskin Manor Hotel, Cardiff. My last guests were:  Mr Warren Gatland, Wales and Lions Rugby Head Coach, Mr Julian Wilde-Davies, Group Director at GIAS-LIBYA and Mr Andrew Field, Director for Zenith Distributors in Zimbabwe.

Stay focussed, contact carolyn@cardiffboardroom.co.uk


Carolyn Williams

Carolyn Williams

Moving minds, helping you to focus for business


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