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Yes, we know emotion sells. This view has that ‘wow’ factor to win the imagination of those who are lucky enough to capture the moment.

Have you ever asked yourself if you deserve to be happy?.

Dr. Robert Horden, Positive Psychology and Founder of The Happiness Project has written a book called Happiness Now!

Happiness is your true nature, It’s you minus your neurosis.

A standard happiness research model suggests

50% Genes – Personality
40% from choices
10% or less from life circumstances.

He adds “It’s no longer believed that our personality is wholly dictated by genetics. Instead we’ve found that the functioning of our genes changes according to nutrition and attitude, so choices play an even bigger part of our happiness than originally thought. Being grateful for what you have rather than complain about what you don’t. Choosing to believe that happiness is not something that only comes to those who deserve it”.

Social animals

Whether we like it or not we have an influence on the world due to the fact that our inner being radiates peace, energy, joy and gladness, we all possess it.  We need to think of a way that benefits those around us.  We need to do it because human beings are social animals and we all owe something to the world.  We are all connected somehow, so the way we feel influences others right?.

We can choose to select the positive interpretations which boost our well-being. Telling ourselves nice stories, enjoying the moment, as opposed to obsessing about the future.  True happiness comes from when it’s shared, as we see daily here on social media networks. It’s contagious, intoxicating and sparkling like champagne and like champagne it’s not meant to be drunk alone.

Be mindful of what you reach for and remember to celebrate that moment.


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