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Do you want to sparkle?

Friday, March 28th, 2014



Do you sparkle?

Does your business reflect your inner sparkle?

Here is someone’s business that does.

Tanya Igic is a Swansea based, designer jeweller.



Her distinctive style in jewellery was on display at  our International Networking Event at Cafe TwoCann, Swansea

As a promoter of talented new business people and businesses both offline and online, a question I often get asked is ;

‘Where do I get my energy and smile’s from?’

Here are some of my answers:

I eat well

I get plenty of fresh air and spend time being at one with nature

I make sure I get lots of sleep

I meditate

I like to make whoopee

I dance

I sing

I spend time with sparkly people and sparkly things!


The song title “It’s a kind of magic” by Queen reflects this the best.



Carolyn Williams


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