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Carolyn Williams

Saturday, July 13th, 2013

I am a motivational corporate fitness specialist and entrepreneur. I edit three websites and select content for a social media paper Breathing for business.  I drive new leads, followers and advocates online for small business owners & entrepreneurs to boost revenue.


A business mentor and speaker with over twenty six years corporate and entrepreneurial mentoring experience. I facilitate improved lifestyle habit programmes that re-energise a corporate workforce. I help busy entrepreneurs get creative to improve their mental physical and emotional strength to increase business, using social media.  I have been invited to present body language, customer care and focus for business presentations and workshops for the Chamber of Commerce, BNI, Momentum (a business network for Health Care owners) Old Style Black Star Day for Ecademy members and the Liquid List, a resettlement network for members of our armed forces wishing to leave.

Focus For Business

This presentation workshop is aimed at small businesses, and entrepreneurs.



In April 2011 I started the Cardiff Boardroom to attract business owners who thrive on challenges, driving the plans, implementing and reaping the rewards.  To help motivate people in business, I invite ‘key’ influential people for café style conversations at Miskin Manor Hotel, Cardiff and Morgans Hotel, Swansea.  My recent guest was  Franklin Levinson, the authentic Horse whisperer from Maui, Dr. LiMin Zhu, Swansea Chinese medicine clinic owner, Altaf Hussain recently elected AM for Wales, Mr. Byron Davies, new elected MP for Gower, the awesome and influential Mr Warren Gatland, Wales and Lions Rugby Head Coach.




Carolyn Williams

Breathing for business. I mentor small business owners & entrepreneurs on how to improve their focus – energy to open doors that attract new customers and boost new revenue.


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