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Listen and Learn

Sunday, February 3rd, 2013


The Vetch years


Tony Petty era galvanised the rise of Swansea City.

“Tony Petty bought Swansea City for a £1 in 2001. But the Australian-based businessman’s handling of the club brought supporters together to fight to reclaim their club.

Fans took to the streets in protest against Petty’s running of the club as he attempted to sack seven players and two coaches to cut costs, which the Professional Footballers’ Association thwarted.

A local consortium of supporters, headed by former director Mel Nurse, later battled to gain control of the club, and on 24 January, 2002 – reportedly 24 hours before the club was set to go out of business – they ousted Petty”.

In 2013 the play-off final at Wembley, now said to be worth £90 million, we can all learn from these valuable and costly lessons.

The film  Jack to a King  Swansea City’s rag-to-riches story from the edge of oblivion to the Premier League.

Infectious Passion

I read an article written by a fellow peak performance mentor, Sunil Bali, who talked about his friend, a Maths Professor, who instils passion for his subject which is infectious.

How often do we read about failures and emptiness on our streets, in our shops, on our football and rugby pitches?

Being hungry makes you focused and determined to win at all costs.

Do you lack that focus to win at all costs?

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