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Exploring this message “A strong personal brand has a reputation of meaning what they say!”, I want to ask you this open question:

Do we get our message right?

When we feel stale and reach a plateau ( a great example of this is, when we are trying to lose weight ) it generally means we have arrived at a natural place in our cycle. I thought I’d explore this phase and list some positive triggers to help you shift up a gear.

Here’s a wonderful quote from personal branding and peak performance mastermind Sunil Bali in his blog called Shift :

‘By changing the pain and pleasure you associate with certain actions, your emotions will automatically drive you to take action, which you can’t achieve by using logic alone.

If you want to get better results, perhaps it’s time to change your cerebral gear?’

His lesson clearly shows that with the right help, you can move things to another level, if you choose to.

Here are a few of my tips to help you move up a gear.

1. Sift through time wasters, energy drainer’s contacts and circles. Make a choice to limit non-supportive interactions that don’t energize you.

2. Integrate activities. Socialise with connections that are like-minded. Find people in your network who share common interests and develop your creative side around people and activities you love.

3. Objectively stand back and check how you can improve your brand message, so that you can move it up a level.

4. Be an active listener, this highly necessary skill affords us a new ‘insight’ that shapes our brand message to reach new customers.

5. Be an active learner: You would think learning takes more time from you, but actually there are so many new tools and new ways of doing things that can free us up.

6. Lighten up! Spend time that for you is productive and fun.

7. Rekindle your creative flare.

8. Perception. Your fresh take on life and work with a different perspective, releases new energy.

Here’s a quote that can be your mantra:

“All difficulties can become opportunities”

Acting on this quote and shift we can then look forward to that next phase.

Are there any changes you can make? Can I help you make them?

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