Are you making a dent in the way people act and think?

Mark Schaefer wrote ‘as a rule of thumb that only about two percent of your blog readers leave comments’. That’s a generalization I have found that holds up across many types of blogs. Readers may be too busy, too shy, or just not interested enough to comment. So you need a LOT of readers before you start getting comments.

So how do you know if your blogs are making an impact?

Be the Spark!

With the recent trend of resurrecting old blogs, I felt the need to talk to people about the true impact of my blogs. Make an effort and get to know them better. I’ve started to call up my readers and favourite authors. After one invite, Lisa Bakker¬†called me this morning. Hearing the response of readers gives you energy. Confirming comments when genuine, have a re-energizing impact.

Two thing, inside and outside resources. Outside resources for me have been weekly mastermind Skype’s with Marja Botha van Doorn¬†. I have now linked her with Lisa and myself. Engaging with like-minded coaches (thanks Marja and Lisa.) Just knowing that I have people to turn to for intellectual stimulus and support, is invaluable for me, so that I gain a greater resolve. I’m taking risks and implementing things in my future business that are stretching me.

The internal resources are my skills, mind-set, a solid personal foundation. Most entrepreneurs get started with little clarity on their foundation and how important that is to leaping. I remember linking with Suzy Greaves who wrote Making the Big Leap and my son has certainly owned the phrase ‘A single leap of faith’ actively doing parachute jumps (including over Arnhem last year) across Europe. These jumps give a real meaning to that phrase. Having a strong foundation (roots ) to leap from, is crucial to success.

Shifting bad habits is needed to overcome that initial fear. The biggest habit change for me is about valuing (pricing) my service in this recession. Using a check list to measure and balance my income, meditation, physical activity, healthy eating and engaging with other successful business owners. Starting my day with this check list discipline, has been a significant driving force in my personal power, clarity and confidence.

Do you re-energise your clients?


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