Technology and Kinesiology Strains ~ Keeping employees fitter and healthier and in work.

Keeping employees fitter and healthier and in work.

I see a rise in repetitive strain injuries in the work place. During my years of corporate wellbeing coaching in the work place, free exercise and manual work created a stronger skeletal body. Today with more research and diagnostic equipment available, we can detect skeletal weakness quicker. Today we also have a variety of solutions to combat these injuries. Preventative education and self management a key to the problem.

On going problems can arise in the workplace and offices due to the advancement of technology. These injuries are known as RSI – repetitive strain injuries.

Solutions can be several and varied:

  • Regular breaks away from computers and head sets,
  • Making Pc’s and seating positions ergonomically better, to alleviate low back an.d shoulder strains which occur over a long period of time.
  • Adequate natural lighting or lessen too much artificial lighting another.
  • Access to trail tracks outside in the fresh air help to combat stress and strains, brought about by long periods of sitting at the computer or station
  • Natural green plants do help in large, enclosed industrial administrative offices.
  • Adequate water stations

Poor lighting, poor airflow create tiredness and lethargy.  Changes can be implemented according to a business size and budget.  I have worked out a Matrix table offering a variety of solutions for both small, medium and large size companies.

There are several solutions to aid and positively encourage a healthier workforce.

Do you have any new suggestions?

Here are some more guideline tips to help prevent repetitive strain injuries.


  • Dynamic Stretching by Body Works soft tissue therapy, is vital to help prevent RSI in the work place and offices. I have covered it in my workout at work day series called Move It!


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