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Monday Sparkle Tip ~ Be in it ChitChat

Monday, August 29th, 2011

On August 4th – 6th I visited the City of London for a wonderful 121 with Ian Moncreiff MacMillan having travelled by train and then went on to join my son and his fianceé and her young family to explore Ashdown Forest and the trails of:

Winnie-the-Pooh in East Sussex and back to the heart of London to watch a stunning performance of Swan Lake at The Royal Opera House. I took a tube and then a train home unaware that the riots had started in another part of London. When I read the blogs on the front page as the horrors unfolded, I wrote this Business: Are you unscrewed? ~ Lifting Spirits through Sport.

Yesterday, I was reminded by Dhananjay Parkhe that it was Mother Teresa’s Day It was Jeff Mowatt who added @In 1970 a British journalist, Malcolm Muggeridge travelled to Calcutta to meet Mother Teresa and make what I observed to be a connection, based on a personal inspiration’. It was Malcom Muggeridge reporting and book Something beautiful for God that had and still does give me the biggest insight into the meaning of a spiritual light that shines through the darkness. Despondency and depression is rife on our front page, fed to us on a daily basis and de motivating to a point of ….why not dig a black hole and ask us all to jump in it?. No thanks!.

Then along come little shoots of recovery and snippets like Rugby tournament for Chevron oil refinery blast victims.

Lee Riley, whose father Dennis died in the explosion, is due to play in the tournament

These stories convince me that in the heart of all our communities beats a voice that says “we will not be beaten; we will build for a better tomorrow”. Now where have I heard that before? Ah yes, from Dr. Das all the way from Kolkata in India. Listening to a mothers heart beat and being in Monday. Listening to your community’s heart beat for a better tomorrow. Do not wait for leaders: do it alone, person to person ~ Mother Teresa.

The business community and social wealth.

Watching a bid on Dragons Den last night, I heard Theo’s comment “If you can’t show me the profits, I’m not interested in investing any money. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that crime doesn’t pay when the costs of looting, and killing on our streets becomes public. Getting your community to join in a fund raising game will help heal the wounds and hurts. Working with our neighbours and community to develop better skills through education will bring a return on investment. We all profit if we work together to build a fairer and stronger business community. An emotional wealth that sustains us all, even the sick and lonely.

Do not wait for leaders: do it alone, person to person ~ Mother Teresa. Now who will respond and comment on this blog? Sparkle Monday wishes to you. Csmilex

September 30th Networking Boardroom Event sponsored by Juice Plus+

Thursday, August 18th, 2011

Calling all Personal Trainers, Health Club Owners, Sports Therapists and Osteopaths and anyone seeking to improve their overall health in business, you are invited to a September Boardroom Networking Event. (Bring a guest). This event will be held at Morgans Hotel SA1 1RR.

This event is Sponsored by Juice Plus+   

This event will feature Tanya Igic and her exhibition of Designer Jewellery and a Juice Plus + Seminar from Rob Molyneux


Meet and Network over lunch 1pm  –  2.30pm

Boardroom Session 2.30  –  3.30pm

Juice Plus + Seminar 3.30pm  –  4.30pm

Network  over wine  5pm –  6pm  and chat with Tanya Igic,  Ian Moncrieff MacMillan @IanMacsTopTeam ~  A Specialist marine salvage of 17th and 18th century wrecks off east coast of England.

Benefit from learning how to boost your energy and health in business.

Are you unscrewed? ~ Lifting Spirits through Sport.

Monday, August 15th, 2011

Sport and discipline for me, has so many solutions to dysfunctional and screwed up rioters.
Many of us participated in praising the efforts of decent (young and old) men and women clean up the streets of London, Manchester and Birmingham after last weeks riots.

Simon Dixon wrote some fantastic headliners We’re screwed and The real tradegy of the London Riots to which I added this comment:


Swift Action is necessary when law abiding citizens and their property, cars and businesses are being burnt and looted. I suggest to anyone who wants to just shrug their shoulders to face the mob and burning buildings with innocent victims inside. Next, the police and communities were caught out and up by these escalating organised mobs, the fall out from our drink and drugs culture. These young people need to be loved as they obviously appear to have no respect for the sanctity of Life. If you have worked building Youth Clubs devoting all your working life (my dad did and encourage participation in the Duke Of Edinburgh Awards and the Princes Trust schemes) you witness the turn around.

If you work in Prison as I did, for three years helping young offenders rehabilitate from substance abuse through exercise and sport, you see and understand the spiral into despair.You don’t dismiss action you take it! You listen you respond to the cries of despair and the need to be loved.

When lawlessness and violence runs amok on our streets you can’t afford the luxury of commenting on networks, your role is to protect the public. You act as many of the Kurdish, Turkish and Muslim business owners rightly did. Drink and drug destroys young lives, families and communities. You act to prevent the continued downward spiral. Wake up everyone it’s on our doorstep and police, prison officers and the emergency services deal with it on an hourly basis.

Education is paramount as it is in Prison and Youth Clubs helping these young offenders. When you raise morale and your sights, you then need to feel worthy and part of society by contributing to the community. Integrating young people into suitable jobs is about serving the community. The Manchester public showed resolve by sweeping the streets. The perpetrators need to be on the streets cleaning it and shaking the hands of all those who helped clear up their mess! That’s gratitude. Note there is a loving moral code here. When values, care, love, guidance and education is missing then fueled by drink, drugs and hatred you get anarchy.

Sport can help.

Yesterday, I decided to drive to the University of Glamorgan to hear a seminar on how determination and dedication to fitness training and good nutrition helped Welshman Mark Colbourne recover from a back injury while para ~ gliding over the Gower, to go on to win a silver in the World Cup.

Mark was full of praise for his Nutritionist who had managed to persuade him to look at adding fruit and vegetables supplements to aid his stamina and strength training. I have long believed in educating adults and students alike, to focus on healthy eating options. I work tirelessly on a weekly basis to point out healthier meal options in the workplace canteen. However, I do believe in aiding recovery after illnesses and injuries. How many of your family members enjoy eating fruit and vegetables?

Lifting spirits through Sport.

We have all smiled at how
England thrashed India in Cricket!

and again how Wales beat England on Saturday in Rugby smile

Now tonight at 8pm, we see Swansea City versus Manchester City C’Mon the #Swans Csmilex

Last May, Swansea turned out on mass to support Swansea City players beat Reading in the Premier finals at Wembley. Tonight they face their first Premier League match against Manchester City. I like so many, have been captivated by this team and their Manager, Brendon Rodgers and wish them well.

Sport and discipline for me has so many solutions to dysfunctional and screwed up rioters that I believe so many of our wonderful sporting young men and women could mentor them. What do you think? Csmile

A simple Hello! would do thank you very much

Sunday, August 7th, 2011

“Oh, bother ~ The word is issue not atishoo! silly ole bear”

I travelled to East Sussex on Thursday to spend some quality time with my son, his fiancée, her two children, a boy and girl and an eight month Bichon Frise called Paxton. They know our favourite family children’s story is ‘Winnie the Pooh’ and so a trip to Acre Wood was planned for Friday.

We set off, my son in charge of the map and refreshments carried in his desert rucksack, sporting airborne wing badges, a far cry for current warfare. And here we were following Pooh’s trail heading out to Acre Wood on a glorious English summers day.

The thing you find most restful and entertaining is the bridge over the river bank.  Throwing Poohsticks over one side to see them emerge the other side of the bridge. If you wait long enough you find that all the adventurers end up either in the river or nudging someone in. Yes, it was Paxton who enjoyed his first taste of sloshing about in the famous Winnie the Pooh river in Acre Wood.

After a good two hours we all made our way back to Pooh’s Corner shop to polish off a round of cream teas Here are some wonderful moments in the story.

Reflecting back to this blog Saturdays Tigger’s Business at Ecademy. In three years I have met some wonderful ecademy members, the most recent is Ian Moncrieff Macmillan Ian is a joy, a wonderful connection. So don’t delay, get out there to meet a member of your ecademy family.




WooHoo! I’m off to enjoy some honey on toast with a cuppa, English Breakfast of course.

Which new networking member have you met recently?




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