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Easter Gift Sparkle Tip

Thursday, April 21st, 2011

How wonderful is this?

Courtesy of Leo Petrik

Receiving gifts like this “cutie” is  so special. This direct message came in when I first joined ecademy in 2008

Jet is another connection who sends me weekly gifts. Then again, last Friday, I started the first Cardiff Boardroom and witnessed such authenticity, passion, focus, attention, engagement and contribution from it’s members.

What special ‘Gems’ have you received from your ecademy connections?

Giving and receiving. Happy Easter All.

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Friday Sparkle Tip – Serendipity!

Friday, April 8th, 2011

Rhossili. Photo taken by Darren Williams

On Wednesday I invited my computer “doctor” wizard to join me for a day’s ramble along Rhossili and the Gower coastline. This was not any invite, this highly talented computer expert had been recovering from a near fatal diabetes coma. I have known him since the early 20’s as a capable, computer expert who repaired, recovered and networked all our Cyber Cafe computers. He had always been very over weight and in his own confession ‘hated’ himself and his weight.

His job: – Sitting for up to eight hours a day, looking after College computers. He was found a few months ago, unable to get out of his car in the College car park, wrongly diagnosed and eventually was taken into intensive care, where the nursing profession fought to stabilise his insulin levels. He was suffering the worst type of diabetes which had gone undetected for years.

A rude awakening to his sedentary job and lifestyle. Since this horrific life threatening incident he has sought a counsellor, changed his eating, exercise ( he walks for miles each week) and meditates. He feels so grateful to be alive and has accepted how wonderful he truly is.

Since telling me his story, I have linked him up to Dr. Das.   Sharing his story hopefully, will help so many others to get the right help and keep their diabetes in check.

Do you know of anyone who would benefit from his story?.

Darren’s Serendipity Update Climb 28-05-2011

Keeping his insulin levels in check taking weekly hikes over Gower Coastline. Here is another stunningly beautiful photo he took that tells us  “It’s worth it!”

Darren is committed to keeping his diabetic levels in check by walking parts of the Gower Coastline on a weekly basis. Here is his latest Rhossilli climb a stunningly beautiful picture which says “It’s wprth it!”.


Here  is another Friday Sparkle Tip.


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The Bucket List ChitChat

Monday, April 4th, 2011

“I run hospitals not health spas!”

I watched this wonderful film, starring Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson, give an incredibly wicked performance of two terminally ill men, escape from a cancer ward and head off on a road trip with a wish list of to-dos before they die.

Morgan Freeman (who plays a mechanic and a married family man) writes his philosophical bucket list of what he has left to achieve, while Jack Nicholson (who plays a hard-nosed successful business mogul) tries to roller coast his list. They decide to set off around the world to share the thrills and spills of two feisty, adventurous men.

This idea of writing out a Bucket List does focus the mind on what do I want to do in life.  Action rather than recret.


What would be at the top of your bucket list?


One Monday tweet that caught my attention :
@25% DNA Vs 75% Lifestyle. #TEDxMaastricht #luuksimons

I would add : 25% DNA The unique you Vs 75% Lifestyle.  So there is no doubt lifestyle has a major impact on health and wealth.



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