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Renewal Audit – It pushes you forward #Sparkle Tip

Monday, January 31st, 2011


Fit is important. If it doesn’t fit, it shouldn’t be in your wardrobe.

As part of my Life Audit #Sparkle Tips, I have written up a clothes audit.

A good edit of your clothes, a spot of reorganisation can make it feel like a new wardrobe. You will also find it easier to decide what to wear each day saving you time. Research suggests that we wear 20% of our wardrobe and 80% of the time with an average of 12 outfits worth £289 that don’t fit us.

Start afresh, take everything out of the wardrobe, use a non bleach lavender spary to freshen up the drawers and shelves. Then having arranged the clothes in piles, ask yourself the following questions…

Do they actually fit?
How do they make you feel?
Do they work this season?
Do they go with the rest of your wardrobe?.
Know your style. What suits you. What regular events do you attend?
(If you haven’t worn them in the last five years you probably won’t.)
Be brave either archive them, alter them, bin them or sell them on ebay.

Sights I see on a daily basis summed up with a quote from TV Presenter Lowri Turner “Nevermind the size 0 debate. Walk down the supermarket aisle and you will see plenty of zero’s, zero self control, zero exercise and zero effort”.

Every season go back and change things around. Clearing everything out pushes you forward…..>

What changes will you make for a healthier you?.

RIP John Barry – Goldfinger by Shirley Bassey

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Where am I going?

Saturday, January 29th, 2011

Have you carried out your inner life audit and asked yourself the following questions?

Who am I?
Where do I come from?
Where am I going?.

Sharon Eden jumped off the front page yesterday with her invite –
Business : Wanna Be In My Gang?. I have been encouraging my network to become pro active with their contacts. So having read Sharon’s masterpiece, I picked up the phone to speak to the author of this powerful topic I had already identified with.

This was where I came from ….

“I am sick to death with women who play themselves small. Who have allowed the conditioning of their culture and time to make them ‘polite’ and neutered. And those who, sometimes, are almost apologetic to be ‘woman’ in our male dominated professions, organisations and world”.

Constantly being told as a young girl that we were “meant to be seen and not heard”. Watched while my parents scraped every penny to support my brother to become the globe trotting doctor he was. Watched along the side lines, while so many top male college athletes won centre stage in every race. Brow beaten in the early days of working in a male dominated corporate industry by Managers, who would remind you of how insigniicant you were to the multi million dollar ‘bigger picture’.

And yet the following paragraph Sharon wrote, resonated so much more for me.
“Women’s leadership is imperative for the very wellbeing and future of humankind. and another .. Identify with your own Sophia-ness, as best befits your individuality, and bring her fearlessly to the table”.

Jean-Marie Dilleman, psychotherapist says “in an era that favours productivity, effectiveness and action, it is essential to nurture our inner life. This part of ourselves is nourished in silence, stripped of desire and action”.

Raising steam!.

Photo courtesy petticoatjunction

I celebrated this sand storm by enjoying a soak in bubbles, while looking deeply into my motivations, strengths (or, weaknesess) fantasies and longings. Scary stuff for some. But it allows us to make contact with our inner guide. Taking some time for our silence gives us a chance to hear the responses that emerge from the very heart of our our being.

Dr.Das signature reads “Let’s connect for a better tomorrow” I would add “Let’s connect for a better Now!!”.

So where are you going?.



Carolyn Williams

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Smile with your hearts open..

Monday, January 24th, 2011


In memory of friendship

My New Year ‘working week’ kicked off with a funeral of a long time friend, who died Christmas Eve. He was a wonderful husband, father, son, colleague and friend to all who knew him. Listening to his son (who I had taught during his school days) read out the family tribute, was a tribute to them both. Every single quality mentioned was wrapped in love and dignity. Words that described his love for his family, friends, his work, his life and people.  Listening to this tender tribute brought tears of mixed emotion, tears of loss and tears of thanksgiving. I remembered my last conversations with him and his wife, just before Christmas. Our conversations were always about our children. In my life they knew and understood the dangers, the difficulties, all our young servicemen and women face today, in this very troubled world. We never missed asking after our own children.

What struck home were the words his hospice chaplain said adding to the family tribute.  ‘Don’t be sad, dont look down but smile with your heart open’.

During these sad times of wars, down economies and hatred what wonderful pearls of wisdom. How wonderful is that? ‘Don’t be sad, dont look down but smile with your heart open


Can you add an uplifting quote or line?

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How do you make someone feel? ChitChat

Monday, January 24th, 2011

Is it necessary to banish everything that makes us feel less than sparkly?.

Have you ever asked yourself if you deserve to be happy?.

Dr. Robert Horden, Positive Psychology and Founder of The Happiness Project has written a book called Happiness Now! Happiness is your true nature, It’s you minus your neurosis.

A standard happiness research model suggests

50% Genes – Personality
40% from choices
10% or less from life circumstances.

He adds “It’s no longer believed that our personality is wholly dictated by genetics. Instead we’ve found that the functioning of our genes changes according to nutrition and attitude, so choices play an even bigger part of our happiness than originally thought. Being grateful for what you have rather than complain about what you don’t. Choosing to believe that happiness is not something that only comes to those who deserve it”.

Whether we like it or not we have an influence on the world due to the fact that our inner being radiates peace, energy, joy and gladness, we all pocess it.  We need to think of a way that benefits those around us.  We need to do it because human beings are social animals and we all owe something to the world.  We are all connected somehow, so the way we feel influences others right?.

We can choose to select the positive interpretations which boost our well-being. Telling ourselves nice stories, enjoying the moment, as opposed to obsessing about the future.  True happiness comes from when it’s shared, as we see daily here on social media networks. It’s contagious, intoxicating and sparkling like champagne and like champagne it’s not meant to be drunk alone.



Champagne Bubbles courtesy of WikipediA


Who’s really influencing you?.



How do you re-energise your connections?
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Who’s really influencing you?

Friday, January 21st, 2011


“Winning the hearts and minds with the willingness to have muscle”
This is a strapline I wrote on my website, having heard it given me by a local Business Advisor, when I launched Corporate Well-being. This lady knew of the well-being initiatives that were ongoing at Bridgend Engine Plant, Ford Motor Company. This facilitation and years of experience promoting better health programmes on the shop floor was one I have wanted to roll out to other companies who were passionate about investing well-being programmes that gave higher retention and lower absenteeism figuers.

Recently I read The Big Mo written by Mark Roeder. In his book he claims life is becoming so frenetic we are at risk of losing ourselves in the momentum, laying ourselves open to unsettling levels of influence.

One of the key reasons we are so open to influence is that humans have evolved to be born mimics. Since there is little point in copying failure we have evolved to emulate the most successful people we see, in the hope that the imitation will elevate us to their rank.
Our actions are profoundly influenced by the people around us from our relationship status to how happy we feel.

Momentum – Wikipedia

Internet Influence
For me personally, I feel there is a greater responsibility for us to understand and accept the influence we may have through writing blogs and editorials on the internet. Roeder says ‘The biggest danger is being oblivious to momentum. So busy ‘doing’ and ‘having that we feel we have no time to  just be.  Step outside from our cultures obsession with momentum, one thing we all do have is time. It’s important to use it well’.

Who is your target audience?  How do you influence your social media connections?

Carolyn Williams,  Breathing for Business

Royalty ‘Rockers’ unite concert in aid of killing cancer

Sunday, January 16th, 2011

Just returned from a wonderful invite from a great HR friend, living in London which turned out to be far more than a rock concert invite. I was utterly bowled over by the killing cancer concert led by The Who, Jeff Beck, Debbie Harry. Rocker’s unite.  But apart from rekindling a love for dynamic rock stars, I learn’t all about the latest non invasive PTD treatment for head and shoulders, and pancreatic cancers, pioneered at University College Hospital, London.

Recognised by NICE – National Clinic of Excellence

Here Harvey Goldsmith speaks on Photodynamic Therapy (PDT). Cheaper and quicker PDT treatments will reduce NHS costs and shorten queues. Department of Health recommendations on PDT to be announced next year. This PTD treatment kills cancerous cells and is available on the NHS but is not widely known. The Who rock band among many other celebrities are driving this Killing cancer charity for further trials.

Click here for further information

The killing cancer concert line up included Jeff Becks and Debbie Harry who were amazing and without any hesitation Daltrey and Townshend were senior dynamo’s strutting across the Apollo stage.

Hammersmith Apollo concert to raise thousands for new PDT research

The scene was one of rock royalty

Here for seasoned Who fans was the song that got everyone out of their seats to Rock!.

The Who – Baba O’Riley

In true positive spirit the headline read “We don’t make a song and dance about killing cancer. We just get on and do it!”. Colin Hopper Head and neck surgeon University College Hospital, London adds “2011 promises to be an exciting year as we look to start more trials and gather further evidence of the effectiveness of our approach”.

This blog is dedicated to my host Tim Douglas.


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Coaching with confidence a sparkle tip

Thursday, January 13th, 2011

Having that inner smile, that inner faith that inner sparkle.

Photo courtesy of The Chi-Town Project (Home for The Chicago Bulls)


How many times have you heard a fellow networking colleague say that what you are proposing re a training programme would be a conflict of interest, as opposed to embracing an invite to develop a more effective service through collaboration?

Following our purpose. Self-esteem is what allows us to step out and take a chance on ourselves to pursue a purpose, defined by ourselves as deeply worthwhile.

Self-confidence with self-esteem is the key.

Real or perceived confidence. Banish confusion – Fragile self-esteem or massive self-loathing creates a contradiction.

Self-esteem is what we believe about ourselves.

Confidence is our responsibility. Self-esteem allows us to persist in search of excellence, that personal significance is exhilarating.

Self-esteem competency and self-confidence can be built through developing our competency so that we can be of better service to our clients.

Being confident in our inner world having that inner sparkle.

Four keys to inner Sparkle

  • Be clear – Lack of clarity is a major cause of uncertainty. Know your outcome
  • Be prepared – Get a strategy, a plan that allows you to systematically assign your mental, physical and emotional resources towards a clearly defined outcome performance wise.
  • Go through your key skills SWOTS – strengths and weaknesses. Preparation builds confidence.
  • Self-confidence is a progressive realisation that we can narrow the gap between aspirations and what we are capable of doing.
  • Be Empathic – Detach yourself from your inner fear (anxiety) and self -doubt and focus single-mindedly on the person or the people your serving.
  • Become competent
  • Have fun



What are the key reasons clients want to hire you?



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Do it!

Monday, January 10th, 2011


What has Dance got to do with Business? What has Dance got to do with Motivation? What has Dance got to do with Sales and Marketing? What does Dance have to do with us in ecademy? If you have read Paul Simister’s Blogs on the popularity of ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ contestants over the past few months, you will begin to have some of the answers.

Different Styles

Can you add to any of these magic pointers?

Do it!! Be positive and ….



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Life audit? Friday Sparkle tip

Friday, January 7th, 2011

Our body is at the core of our sense of well-being, energy, and desire, even our attractiveness.  Neurologist David Servan-Schreiber emphasises the importance of sleep “At least eight hours per night significantly reduces the risk of catching colds, compared with people getting seven hours or less”, he says.

As stress and anxiety can cause insomnia it’s a good idea to incorporate activities such as tai chi, yoga and mediation into our exercise routine. Concentrating on the gentle sensation of breath entering your body and slowing down the exhalation helps you to relax and let go of stress.

Putting the emphasis on warmth. Warm nutritious food, soups keeping us topped up on the inside. The short dark days of winter are probably not the best time to start a punishing running schedule.  Swimming in warm water, jacuzzi or sauna more pleasurable at this time of year.

The importance of pleasure.
Allow yourself some lie ins, siestas, spa breaks, a facial and massage.

When did you last listen to yourself?


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What’s your secret? Sparkle Tips for January

Thursday, January 6th, 2011

What is your secret?

Milton posted this yesterday and I really enjoyed some of the replies he had.  Then Mike ‘Doc’ Turner RAOK post tells us he is getting in shape and Thomas adds why he loves Ketan teas.

While we are all getting our minds and bodies back “in digital gear”, I thought you could share some more of your sparkle tips with us.

Why not tell us your secret ‘fun way’ of keeping ‘in shape’ for both your business and personal health?

Here is my ‘kick start’ January Sparkle Tip.

  • Keep a favourite holiday photograph by your work desk.

Wales from the sea collection Photograph courtesy of Frame Photography



Carolyn Williams, helping you to re-energise for your business.

Breathing for business. I mentor business people and help them improve their focus, energy and clarity for new business.