It’s Snowtime as usual? Work Place ChitChat

Banter from the Workplace – Is it snow time as usual for gritters?

There’s snowtime for lunch breaks.

After skating for the past few weeks on roads, pavements and driveways. I witnessed the health and safety implications to staff, employees about the dangers of ice under foot and in car parks.

My question yesterday to the physiotherapists in the workplace was ‘Do you see a rise in falls during these below zero temperatures?’  For those that make it into work, you had the added problems of moving around the plant. A bonus of being and feeling fitter is that you can pick your way through easier pathways. Indoor fitness works well in these situations, if you can get to a gym of course. We exchanged a few statistics. We have a referral system and discuss the merits of back care and injury related rehabilitation work in the gym.

In both clinics and gym we have resistance machines, core machines, wobble boards and fit balls. We both agreed that there was a definite shift in the paradigm regarding flexibility exercises, core strength and balance exercises.

I now have a room set aside purely for flexibility cool downs, core rotation and medicine ball circuits. Apparently one strapping Rugby player had seen Yoga on his wii fit and commented to the physio.’Gosh! I had not realised how much effort was required, I thoroughly enjoyed it!’  Yea, another convert….

If your stuck at your home office

  • How do you motivate yourself?
  • Who do you go to for guidance in technique and back care?
  • What do you do to keep your ‘body in shape?
  • Do you care?


Business message – ‘It pays to be more flexible!’


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