Business : SAVING energy

Well we have all heard of SAVING ENERGY being eco friendly and I wrote Why you need GREEN EXERCISE to encourage busy business people who get little daylight/sunlight to go outdoors to get as much fresh oxygen as possible, on a daily basis. What so many executives/managers seem to ignore is that we have the responsibilty to manage/save our own personal energy to prevent ‘burnout’.

BNI early morning meetings were classic as accountants, solicitors and insurance members gradually lost the battle to gravity only to WAKE UP in time for their 60 second presentations!. I’d hear the moans ‘I want more energy but have so little time’ as so many drive themselves like human JCB ‘diggers’ into the ground…>

…downwards as opposed to outwards and onwards and better still to have enough energy to inject fellow colleagues/workers around you.

Thomas showed this clip and the fella in the video clip could’nt have put it better. Having more energy to be creative and productive and enough left over to cycle miles around work offices to donate to charity. So many ROI’s

So how about it? What energy can you save during your day/evening?.

Happy Monday Chune – New York 

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