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Reading an article on “How to be happy” : Well-Being: the five essential elements by Tom Rath and Jim Harper, highlights why I became a well-being business coach. This article took me straight back to my London Central YMCA, Exercise Education “Teaching The Teachers” days. As tutors and mentors for all age groups on the subject of ‘Let’s Get Physical’ you have the five components:-


They are just the first steps in coaching the public about fitness but well-being re happiness is far more than being flexible or fast, when we concentrate on our career phase it’s all about how to silence our inner Hyacinth Bucket, we need to focus on career and social well-being. Those of us happy with our careers and have a healthy social network are nearly twice as likely to say we are happy with our standard of living. Feeling miserable can lead us to make catastrophic financial decisions. Research shows that as income levels increase experiential purchases produce 2 to 3 times the level of well-being compared with material purchases.

I’ll list the five how to be happy elements and come back to the social well-being category.

Career well-being. Many of us hate our bosses so consider who you work for. Of all the categories this is the one that most influenced people’s daily happiness. Yet, only 20% of us are happy doing what we do every day?.

Social well-being. Network it’s good for you. Our happiest days are where we spend at least six hours socialising.  This can be online, on the phone or in person. Even three hours of social time reduces our chances of having a bad day.

Financial well- being. Feeling miserable can lead us to make catastrophic financial decisions.

Physical well-being. See the five foundation components above Our epigenetic inheritance suggest that our lifestyle can have an impact on future generations. Making the right choices regarding diet and exercise vital for the health of future generations.

Community well- being. Giving is really good for us. This helps us to plan for the future and feel emotionally closer to others and it delivers a sense of reward, making it more likely, we will do it again.

Personally, I would add another, Spiritual well-being. Again it requires the right nurturing, and quiet meditation to develop it’s being.

Make new friends preferably happy ones. Research by Havard University shows that each happy friend you have increses our chances of being happy by 9%, while each un-happy friend we have only decreases our odds of being happy by 7%. So statistically we’re better off with a new friend than without one!


How do you re-energise yourself for business?

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