Tips to boost your energy mid week.

Here are some  tips to boost your energy mid week.

I will take each tip and expand on them throughout the coming weekdays

So you have fueled your body and not fooled it?


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1. Eat regular meals and include protein to top up your blood sugar levels.

2. Exercise

It’s easy to find excuses for not working out, a gym membership is too pricey, it’s too hot to jog outside, or you simply don’t have the time. But with easy, one minute exercises you can do in your lounge, on the landing, or hotel room what excuse could you possibly think of?

3. Killer Playlist

Your favorite tunes are more than just a distraction from all the huffing and puffing – researchers have found that matching the tempo of a workout to music with a strong, fast beat can increase one’s capacity for exercise by 15 percent. Choose songs with 120 to 140 beats per minute (the norm for most pop and rock songs).

Here we go. Closer to the edge

4. Regular fit top ups

Get fit and trim at home with these one-minute exercises to firm your body.

One Minute Step Ups – (alternate right and left) step up with knee lifts!
One Minute Crunches – Curl ups with knees in to chest.
One Minute Lunges – Alternate right and left leg.
One Minute Rotation twist – Stand feet hip distance and swing ( both straight arms, clutching hands) across the body to right then left.
One Minute Push ups – modified (on knees) or full extention with wide or narrow hand positions.

5. Smile – Research suggests that simply smiling, for instance, releases endorphins and boosts serotonin, which actually lead you to feel the emotion you’re projecting.

6. Change your daily routine! The same ol’ same ol’ is more than boring, it’s an energy suck.

Talk to me? I am online for an hour on twitter, every Wednesday.

Sun’s out again, so no excuse to do your one minute exercise session.

Footnote – You can increase the sets to three and five as you get fitter on consecutive days.


How do you re-energise yourself for business?

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