Take a look in the mirror – How well do we communicate with ourselves?

Take a look in the mirror what do you SEE?

How well do we communicate with ourselves? Inner monologues – Many of us don’t do that very well.

We beat ourselves up and put ourselves down and convince ourselves we are no good.

Body Worries

Many people ignore the fact that the idealised body images that surround them are just that – idealised. They are, in the large unattainable for most people, however this does not prevent us from our relentless pursuit of attaining the elusive perfect figure. This pursuit proves fruitless and can leave the individual chronically dissatisfied with their appearance.

This in return, can lead to poor self esteem and lack of confidence. Does that ring a bell?

Riding this journey together. You are not alone.

Stand back and gain a realistic perspective.

Accept the core problem – that of a negative body image and the feeling you are simply not worthy of making that effort that produces change.

  • Be yourself.
  • Make the most of the body you have.
  • Become fitter , flexible and more toned.
  • Recognise your attributes and make the most of them
  • Don’t dwell on the imperfections.
  • Breakdown the accomplishments in achievable bite sizes.
  • Celebrate not only a better body but more importantly how you feel about yourself.
  • Achievable versus expectations
  • The domino effect
  • Great results do happen

Unlocking the ‘key’ to a positive attitude.

  • Taking cOntrol of your appetite.
  • Don’t starve yourself,
  • DO exercise!!.
  • Stop eating before you feel FULL.

Why?  When a person diets and reduces calorie consumption, the concentration of amino acid, tryptophan falls and consequently the levels of brain serotonin fall. As a result, the brain sends out strong cravings for the person to eat carbohydrate and fat, which can in some cases result in uncontrollable binge eating.

Have that moment to be gentle to yourself and hopefully some-one else too.




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