Steve Hall lost all his possessions in a fire – He needs all our support NOW!

Hands Up Baby  

Please rally around Steve himself right now, as he faces his latest personal tragedy.

Steve sent me message through twitter and here he is telling us what happened –

“Thanks, Carolyn. Yes, I need everyone’s support this week. On Thursday I heard that a storage centre fire has destroyed absolutely everything I own. 53 yrs up in smoke. I’m numb. I only stored my possessions there so they would be safe whilst I was away travelling. Quite numb.

Yes, I am numb and every few minutes I remember things that were in the storage centre. I put literally everything of value (fiscal or sentimental) in there as I did not want to leave it in the house in case of burglary whilst I cycled my multi-marathons.

So if the scum robbers didn’t get it, the flames did. Ironic! I have seen the fire on YouTube and apparently it took 3 hours for the fire officers to get it under control. Fortunately nobody died or was injured.

Today is cleaning head day and completing the insurance claim. How the heck can you remember in just a few hours every single thing you have collected in 53 year? How many shirts/suits, how many Spanish, Swedish courses, how many books and dictionaries(100s!), how many USB cables etc?

So, after 53 years I am starting from scratch.

Busy week ahead Birmingham, Villa, WBA, Wolves, Walsall.

Can I visit you?

I’ll bounce back.

Kind Regards

Steve Hall

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Let’s help him to bounce back and Smile?



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