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Is being successful hereditary?

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

Last Friday was made complete chatting away, in between Friday business and motoring on the M4, with this sociable, thoughtful connection Demos. This morning Demos wrote : Hopes and dreams ripped apart. In his blog Demos commiserates with England having lost to Germany in the World Cup. The media will no doubt be quick to point out the chink in one’s armour. We saw a few Knights dressed up in the South African Stadium willing their home side onwards and upwards.

As opposed to the usual ‘morning after doom and gloom post-mortem in the press, I get thinking about what makes a team successful and what in business makes a person successful. Who do you aspire to be?

Is being successful hereditary?

Another view in terms of being successful could be hereditary. I had been reading this article in The Hertfordshire Business Independent.

Julie Meyer – successful female entrepreneur when asked about her role models she replied on the one level, my role models are pretty close to home- my mother and stepmother my family is littered with with extremely strong women said ‘I have tried only to build my own Cathedral. The winners of any game set the rules of the game. I realised I would never win if I played by other peoples rules. so I would have to set the rules of engagement for the playing field in which I wanted to win.’

Her replies made me Smile, as I had recently come to the same conclusion about some of the women on my mother’s side of our family had been extremely strong women.

Who is successful in your family?

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I dreamed a dream. Simon Cowell’s words to Susan Boyle were – ‘You came back to face your critics and you beat them!’


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Business : Why you need GREEN EXERCISE.

Monday, June 21st, 2010

“Let’s Do it today!. Let’s exercise today because you know how great you feel afterwards.

Photo courtesy of Flickr

There is something great about working out in the open air and there are added benefits from ‘Green Exercise’.

Rural versus Urban – Natural environments enhance good feelings.
Nature can make positive contributions to our health. Being outdoors can help us to recover from pre existing stresses or problems. It helps to lower blood pressure. Natural sunlight versus little or no light especially in the work place boosts the good feelings.

I had my routine blood pressure checked this morning for the first time by our practice nurse since God knows how long!. I’m lucky I’ve always had low blood pressure. The look of amusement on the nurses face when she said ‘this is good’ made me Smile! smile Yes, I exercise regularly and don’t take any pills!!. So feeding on fresh air as opposed to prescribed or unprescribed drugs for me is the Good Life!.

I realise through my screening work how so many of the population rely on satins, and drugs to lower blood pressure where weight increase jeopardises the effects!. A vicious circle that one.

So find your nearest Park. I did this morning at 8.30am – Cwmdonkin Park and take that early morning power walk/jog/run. This time last year I wrote Having a Ball and for those of you who are cricket lovers there is another opportunity this year to GO GREEN participating in …>
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If you feel peckish and in need of a sweet pick-me-up, afterwards why not try these Oat and Carob Truffles – a great alternative to chocolate..

A simple recipe from the Food Coach (You will need a powerful food processor.)

Makes :24
Time : 35 minutes

2 cups porridge oats
1 cup dates (de-stoned)
1 cup sultanas, chopped
1/2 cup almonds
2 tsp vanilla essence
A few tablespoons of cold water

Combine the oats,dates, sultanas,almonds,carob powder and vanilla essence in a food processor until the mixture resembles breadcrumbs. Add cold water, a little at a time and process until the mixture clumps together into a ball. Using hands, mould the mixture into balls. Refrigerate for 30 minutes before serving.

This blog answers this question – “Carolyn, what exactly is it you do?”….> What do you SEE in the mirror? Help yourself make that change. Do Smile at yourself?

How would you go about enjoying some GREEN exercise? Happy Monday!. C smilex

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Take a look in the mirror – How well do we communicate with ourselves?

Saturday, June 19th, 2010

Take a look in the mirror what do you SEE?

How well do we communicate with ourselves? Inner monologues – Many of us don’t do that very well.

We beat ourselves up and put ourselves down and convince ourselves we are no good.

Body Worries

Many people ignore the fact that the idealised body images that surround them are just that – idealised. They are, in the large unattainable for most people, however this does not prevent us from our relentless pursuit of attaining the elusive perfect figure. This pursuit proves fruitless and can leave the individual chronically dissatisfied with their appearance.

This in return, can lead to poor self esteem and lack of confidence. Does that ring a bell?

Riding this journey together. You are not alone.

Stand back and gain a realistic perspective.

Accept the core problem – that of a negative body image and the feeling you are simply not worthy of making that effort that produces change.

  • Be yourself.
  • Make the most of the body you have.
  • Become fitter , flexible and more toned.
  • Recognise your attributes and make the most of them
  • Don’t dwell on the imperfections.
  • Breakdown the accomplishments in achievable bite sizes.
  • Celebrate not only a better body but more importantly how you feel about yourself.
  • Achievable versus expectations
  • The domino effect
  • Great results do happen

Unlocking the ‘key’ to a positive attitude.

  • Taking cOntrol of your appetite.
  • Don’t starve yourself,
  • DO exercise!!.
  • Stop eating before you feel FULL.

Why?  When a person diets and reduces calorie consumption, the concentration of amino acid, tryptophan falls and consequently the levels of brain serotonin fall. As a result, the brain sends out strong cravings for the person to eat carbohydrate and fat, which can in some cases result in uncontrollable binge eating.

Have that moment to be gentle to yourself and hopefully some-one else too.



Business : Hello! Good Morning Ace

Saturday, June 12th, 2010

Hello! Good Morning

Yesterday, I enjoyed a wonderful 1-2-1 dynamic business appointment at a forward thinking Sports and Footwear Specialist Business called Ace, Canton, Cardiff run by Andrew James and his fabulous group of professional staff yesterday. The most intriguing aspect of my meeting with Andrew was that he just didn’t have time for the social media networks. He teasingly kept saying ‘Twitter I haven’t got time for twitter, I’m far too busy!!’ smile Having seen him in action yesterday, he truly is but I ‘nudged him’ to think about getting another ..> to tweet all the wonderful facets of his fabulous Business called Ace.

I had been referred to Andrew, roughly twelve years earlier, by Sports injury doctor – Mark Ridgewell in Mumbles. I had been training and competing for years as a middle distance runner and netball player with stress fractures. Little did I realise the years of teaching exercise to music, circuit step Reebok and competing would have resulted in me ending up on Andrews gait analysis pad!. That was the beginning of the beginning (not the end) for me wearing ‘foot beds’ in my trainers for outdoor circuits. Andrew came across as passionate and as gregarious, as I am about my well-being business. Little did he know the motivational quote Ace – ‘If you aren’t living on the edge you’re taking up too much room” had brought me to his Clinic’. Since then I have referred countless Ford employees and business colleagues, including my son, the paratrooper. Rhys like all paratroopers tab for miles and circuit every day with stress fractures.

It was the paratrooping ‘mind set’ we touched on yesterday, as I introduced a newly qualified Sports therapist, Gareth Thomas to them at the Clinic. Gareth and I want to build on a strong working relationship within the work place and I want to add Andrew’s expertise foot/leg gait solutions to our service. It’s also my intention to offer my service to his Clinic, so watch this space…

How was your Friday?


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Business : Saying ‘yes’ to everything.

Thursday, June 10th, 2010

Photo courtesy of Flickr

Keeping yourself stretched to full max debilitates and generally means “little” time for anyone or anything else.

“I wanted to highlight someone in business, who by her own testimony through trial and error found her answer. How many times have you been caught out saying ‘yes’ to everything both at home, and in business? How debilitating does this become? Being true to yourself means the same quality for your business”.

Karen of Be Fabulous wrote
“My marketing business had taken on quite a few new clients this year and although I knew that there was a possibility I could be spreading myself too thin that draw of extra billings clouded my judgement and I kept saying ‘yes’ to everything.

She concludes by saying “It’s all about being true to yourself, being who are you and not allowing others around you to define you, to control you or to allow them to bring you down. I found my inner fabulousness last week – I believed in myself and I stood up for myself. And boy does it feel good!”

And Boy! does it feel good!

Happy Thursday.

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Hands Up Baby

Monday, June 7th, 2010


Are you drowning?

Photo courtesy of Flickr

Don’t know if anyone else noticed a sudden influx of energy in new blogs and tweets here on the front page yesterday? There has to be something said in favour of a power retreat!

Watching the latest semi finalist rounds on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ who gets your vote? My vote goes to someone who genuinely gives their 150% effort in a performance. The show of hands that went up when Simon Cowell described an incredible performance given by the Pole dancer Alesia Vasmitzel, saying ‘you risked your life for that performance of a lifetime’.

Courting raised hands!
“To get more clients, focus your time and attention on those people who have, in effect, already raised their hands.”  Bernadette wrote this clear and simple business marketing message in her blog.

Hands up those who welcomed this sudden breeze bringing delicious new sounds and activity?

Please spare a thought for Steve Hall  Do connect with him, he really needs your support right now?.


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Steve Hall lost all his possessions in a fire – He needs all our support NOW!

Monday, June 7th, 2010

Hands Up Baby  

Please rally around Steve himself right now, as he faces his latest personal tragedy.

Steve sent me message through twitter and here he is telling us what happened –

“Thanks, Carolyn. Yes, I need everyone’s support this week. On Thursday I heard that a storage centre fire has destroyed absolutely everything I own. 53 yrs up in smoke. I’m numb. I only stored my possessions there so they would be safe whilst I was away travelling. Quite numb.

Yes, I am numb and every few minutes I remember things that were in the storage centre. I put literally everything of value (fiscal or sentimental) in there as I did not want to leave it in the house in case of burglary whilst I cycled my multi-marathons.

So if the scum robbers didn’t get it, the flames did. Ironic! I have seen the fire on YouTube and apparently it took 3 hours for the fire officers to get it under control. Fortunately nobody died or was injured.

Today is cleaning head day and completing the insurance claim. How the heck can you remember in just a few hours every single thing you have collected in 53 year? How many shirts/suits, how many Spanish, Swedish courses, how many books and dictionaries(100s!), how many USB cables etc?

So, after 53 years I am starting from scratch.

Busy week ahead Birmingham, Villa, WBA, Wolves, Walsall.

Can I visit you?

I’ll bounce back.

Kind Regards

Steve Hall

Follow my CYCLE journey through England to raise awareness of the world´s 45 million refugees visit please visit:

Let’s help him to bounce back and Smile?



Carolyn Williams. Breathing new life into business.  I drive new leads, followers and advocates online for small business owners & entrepreneurs to boost revenue.



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