A Room Full Of GEMS – Variety Is The Spice Of Life

The true message of networking! ( An open letter I received yesterday.)

Dear Miss Williams,

I am completely knocked out by all your information. What a terrific person to know when it is raining and overcast. You just jump out of bed as if it is high summer and get on with it.

I feel better already.

Mind you I have been advocating what you do for some time. I used to be in Law for longer than I will dare tell you and prior to that I was in pop, because variety is the spice of life.

I am very fit for my age because I have followed your principles but I need pushing along too sometimes and who better to do it than with Miss Carolyn Williams.

With all good wishes

peter ellis

I am very fit for my age!”


Peter you and me both, so much so, I have people who click on my profile and mistake vigour, energy, vibrancy with trying to stay young!

I can honestly say my years of energy have been on a par with the Paratroopers but with age have learn’t how to ‘tread water!’ with a Smile!

You Peter come across as someone who wants ..> not only to FEEL and LOOK good but you want to go a step further and recharge that ENERGY. What is even better and healthier you don’t mind saying so and validating other GEMS!. That for me, is the true message of Networking.

What is your experience of networking both online and offline?

Happy “Bubbles” Friday – It’s the weekend and it’s HERE!!


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