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#Oi! What Made You Smile Today?

Monday, February 22nd, 2010

Have you checked your testimonials lately? Testimonials can be a wonderful marketing tool.

I clicked through my profile this Saturday morning and to my surprise, I had aquired another fab testimonial from Simon WebWizard after my joshing here. He has been a tremendous contact and is indeed a Wiz Online! Better still, he’s back, giving me lot’s to Smile about adding yet ‘another’ waggy tail spin to his blogs!

This testimonial is long overdue.

‘I first met Carolyn after being invited to a networking session in Swansea. She was a fantastic host introducing all the right people to all the other right people to really keep things going. Everything was well thought out and from that one meeting, I met a great affiliate and my wife found a great job.

Since then, we’ve walked our dogs together a few times, Carolyn is a delight to be around, an excellent conversationalist and managed to teach me a few important lessons. The main one being; never walk your dog with a health and fitness professional!

Besides this, she continually spreads smiles and joy in everyone she talks to, even through impersonal social networks. Definitely worth connecting and if you make it to South Wales or to one of the many events she attends, meet up and go for a twalk. You won’t regret it.’

I loved the testimonial but this ‘bit’ got me grining from ‘ear to ear’

‘Since then, we’ve walked our dogs together a few times, Carolyn is a delight to be around, an excellent conversationalist and managed to teach me a few important lessons. The main one being; never walk your dog with a health and fitness professional!’

I’m not sure what he’s getting at, but I have a pretty good guess smile

Looking forward to reading new wizard blogs. What does your testimonial tell us about you?

Carolyn, helping you to #Sparkle with Confidence

Compacted Monday Business

Monday, February 22nd, 2010


Photo courtesy of Flickr

This line ‘Let me know when your life goes up in smoke’ (taken from this film The Devil Wears Prada ) is one I am familiar with conducting ‘One to One’ loving Life in Business coaching sessions. Having a few days to rest and recover from a monster viral bug you begin to pick up things you don’t normally see or hear.

Richard Perry’s Blog That BAFTA Dress was on the pulse this Monday morning as I’m sure a great deal of us would have caught sight of ‘that dress’ last night. Why is fashion so important?

Demos Flouri posted More Women suggesting more women would be good for Business. My sentiments exactly when I saw how few attended major Chamber / IOD Events over the years.

Returning to Richard’s trailer Clip from the The Devil Wears Prada. you can hear these lines from Stanley Tucci to the ambitious young Andy wanting to get ahead in the Fashion world! They go something like this…

‘Want this life? The decision is yours’ She says ‘I’m desperate!’ – He replies ‘I know, it’s tragic. That’s what happens when you start doing well at work. Let me know when your life goes up in smoke!’

Another Clip from the making of this film, highlights the compacted business that goes on ‘day to day’ in the City streets. For this determined young ‘wanna be’ journalist the alarm bells ring when her colleagues ask her ‘Are you wearing the Sugar Chanel boots?’

I guess the frenzied pressures that Women face in the City are so vividly portrayed in this film ( in answer to Demos post about More Women ) On a much smaller scale here in a Welsh City, I can actually feel my mental energy returning, all I need now are my legs to go with it!…….> Look Out!

Want this life? Get some fun needed for your week? Don’t forget to walk in those boots!

So how are you feeling this Monday morning?


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Emotional Intelligence And Confidence

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

RahRahRomaGagaohlalala ‘I want ya love……love!’..

Brits Award 2010

International Breakthrough Female Award Winner!

Photo courtesy of Mail Online

Last night after a very pro active day in the work place, I sank back onto my sofa, giving into the fact, I had given more than 110% to my clients for one day. Motivating and creating lot’s of individual programmes, one of which I enjoyed the most was…putting a medicine /fitball circuit together, for a deaf employee.

I interviewed this gentleman a year previously, as he had been advised to lose weight. His increase in weight was just one obstacle, he also had physical problems from birth, having malformed hips and knees.

Having assessed his abilities and difficulties, he then followed my weight awareness food plan and understood the effects of over eating ‘wrong foods’ had contributed to his low self esteem.

His deafness on times was perceived by fellow employees and employers as he being ‘educationally’ slower. Far from it, his ability to pick up coaching tips and exercise routines were superior. Psychologically he grew in ways many would fail to grasp! Confirming emotional intelligence plays a key role in determining success in life and in the workplace.

What would his example have in common with Lady Gaga’s? Well I have watched her performances since she hit the TV/Youtube screen and underneath her spectacular oufits (as seen above) the lady has natural talent. This raw talent has attracted an ever growing number of followers. Yes, proving that it is how we perform and are loved by our networks and communities that can determine the winners we become.

What is even healthier to see and read, is that these young artists and employees alike are giving a precentage to charities. Penny’s blog touched upon this earler. I really do see that young people and celebrities are very aware of the starving, disadvantaged members of our society. “Confidence on the outside begins by living with integrity on the inside.”

Enjoy lot’s of fun celebrating Ecademy’s 12th Birthday Party!! I will be thinking of you all, as I get myself better! smile


Carolyn, The best business attire a Smile! on Social Media


Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

Reading through the variety of topics on the FP this morning..

One which asked us to give feedback on our fear of the camera, having our Profile Headshots done to another asking for help as his partner needs help in finding an admin job, to another asking us to debate becoming an Ace Business Success by forsaking quality time with wife/husband/partner or family? Then along comes Richard, telling us through a line of poetry, of his terrible loss. The type of blog that stops you in your stride and hits you between the eyes and in the heart and stomach.

Coaching stride technique is one I am familiar with being an ex Athlete and Physical Education teacher. Over the years of walking, dancing, jogging, running I have learn’t that events happen to you in life which can bring you to a fullstop!!.

My Sgt Paratrooping son takes over from me, both in the skies and on the ground, foot slogging away on a daily basis. Then along comes another of his paratrooping pals Ben Parkinson featured on HTV News Saturday night (not long after our 6 Nations Match smile) astounding medical science, his doctors, nurses and physio’s at taking those short but definite steps. We also witnessed another miracle, hearing Ben himself expressing his words of gratitude.

Words of gratitude to his lovely Mum Diane and to the NHS Staff who worked on him to keep him alive and with him to help him recover from his horrific injuries. Helping him to recover his balance, speech and to master those footsteps again….

Whenever something or someone’s stride is halted I remember this Footprints Poem. ‘Last night I had a dream. I dreamed I was walking along the beach with the Lord. Across the sky flashed scenes from my life’…

I read again those words of gratitude to NHS Staff on Richard’s Blog
Thinking of you Richard, and I hear you. x

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Business : Wellbeing – What price would you put on my service?

Monday, February 8th, 2010


How exciting! I was in the middle of writing this blog when I came across Ron’s blog. Similar theme, different styles but along the same lines!!

This weekend I stayed away, deep in the countryside rambling along the coastline pathways and cliffs. On Saturday I received a text from a fellow ecadamate, someone who I had invested my time in encouraging both he and his wife to making real life changes to improve on their quality of lifestyle. Something clicked, as both he and his wife decided to move from Watford to come and live in Swansea. I blogged about this lovely story here

So here we were, rambling along coastal pathways and cliffs with three dogs. We watched his labrador run into the sea endlessly to retrieve sticks which eventually reduced to the size of a Mars bar. My daughters Spaniel, Louis kept up the chase but preferred to chew at his favourite choice of bark. Now we had been out for well over three hours, in which time I asked him how he was enjoying living so close to the Gower. There was no comparison for him, now living in a house with a garden and two dogs, plus car with brilliant access to most coastal walk trails. The whole day celebrated on the Cliff top Coffee shop, sharing an outdoors tea party celebrating Louis’s forthcoming 3rd Birthday.

Validation – Ideal locations for 1-2-1’s. How do you value somones time in terms of quality service and expertise? Bernadette touches upon this subject frequently in her blogs! Putting a fair price on your goods or services for Me is the crunch question here on ecademy, as so many coaches dabble on the weaknesses of those online.

I can only answer for myself, as I have paid out of my own pocket for years of business consultancy training and qualifications and experience to boot! Empowering others to live a healthier, happier more energetic life for me is a Result!!

Can you put a price on providing such a meaningful dedicated service, empowering others to lead a healthier, happier more energetic lifestyle?

I love the different styles of blogs here! Human smile

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