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Business : Any candidates for a e’ fashion savvy shoot?

Friday, January 29th, 2010

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Ecademy’s 12th Birthday Party

The Savvy Shoot Story so far..
Following my recent blog Business : Savvy Designer Chic, Classic and Comfortable #Smiles on Social Media I was nudged into asking if there would be any candidates for the fashion shoot for the savvy shoot? Now StuArte’s post this morning suggests he is fashion conscious.
So I would like all those lads and lasses, to step forward if they would like to improve their business profile? Any takers? smile

Maybe the lads could have their shoot with Penny and the lasses with Thomas? Waddya think? Any donations raised could go to a deserving nominated Charity. This Savvy Shoot idea was suggested by this lady!

Now I don’t feel at ease in front of a lens as you may have read in my Community Story? Neither do I feel at ease in large gatherings/events. So I have registered for Ecdaemy’s 12th Birthday Party and would love to meet a handful of connections beforehand in the afternoon. Any takers? smile


Enjoy the weekend and it’s Here!!

Carolyn, helping you to #Sparkle with Confidence on Social Media

Carolyn Williams – My Story

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

Carolyn Williams
“Thinking globally allows you
to open your heart to
enhance business success
and world harmony”
I want to share my Smiles on social media story with you…

Smiles has a life of its own.

Stories unfold through luck and adversity.

This smiles story has grown through insight and experience of pushing the boundaries in search of answers. These answers are now taking on a life of their own, due to the social media networking explosion.

My home background was strict and traditional. My dad was a ex WW2 RAF pilot, larger than life. My mum in comparison, was tiny in stature but a very proud, loving mother. Both born in Llanelli, the famous steel working, rugby town in South Wales. Dad became a youth leader pioneering the unthinkable building projects – improving youth relations with Southern Germany post WW2 for well over thirty years. Both my brother and sister travelled with him to Stuttgart, Heidelberg and Heidenheim on various summer school holidays.

It was during one of those fateful exchanges, that I suffered a traumatic cycling accident, which paved my future interest in natural medicine. I spent many years having facial and dental reconstruction, as a result of that ‘head on collision’ with a concrete wall. Ouch! I was thirteen when this happened, a highly impressionable age. Most of my superficial scars healed with nothing more than camomile cream and camomile tea drunk through a straw for weeks. As a direct result of this accident, I have photophobia!

My grammar school was Llandeilo, famous for it’s choir, sport and academic prowess. I remember feeling very confused and torn between following my two loves that of art and sport. After much soul searching (I’ve always been a deep thinker) I weighed up my career options and decided to apply for Cardiff College to qualify as a teacher in both subjects to a Secondary level.

Looking back it was following the top sporting people, who inspired me to follow my corporate dream. Memories of my college days were of watching sport both ‘on and off’ the field. Studying at the same Cardiff College with the likes of rugby legends, Gareth Edwards, JJ Williams, Alan Martin and so many more. There was a player in every Welsh club from College, in the late 60’s, early 70’s

I used to watch ‘takes’ of our sports lecturer, Lynn ‘the leap’ Davies, win his Olympic gold medal. It was Lynn Davies who later gave me insight into the corporate retail world of fitness equipment, when he was Director for Diversified Products, in Fforestfach Swansea. Another sporting love was watching basketball when the Harlem Globetrotters first entertained us on TV. Then along came the legendary Michael Jordan, the Bulls basket ball player from Chicago, and he, to this day became another of my sporting heroes.


“Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.” Michael Jordan quote

Memories of these images exploding off billboards and screens. Michael Jordan became the face for Nike. Smiley slogan images have stayed with me for ever and a day.


Qualifying as a comprehensive teacher and later a health tutor/promoter, did not allow me to experience the corporate social media ‘Big Picture’. That desire led me to join the LCYMCA Training and Development Department and later Ford Motor Company. My love of music, exercise and sport led me to London, Tottenham Court Road to study with the best of presenters, the late Lesley Mowbray and her husband Rodney Cullum, then Directors of the LCYMCA and now Robin Cargrave, and Head of PE Sports Science Dept, Loughborough, Bob Smith who wrote so many fitness and stretching books on Circuit Health for Teachers and Tri-athletes. Watching classes for all cultures and all ages, from Andy Jacksons ‘Fit Kids’ to Susie Dinan’s ‘Senior Movement to Music’. I was asked to promote all their accredited exercise education courses, to South Wales through grants from adult education and Sports Council for Wales. I opened the first comprehensive fitness centre for Swansea during this phase in my career.


Later in 1989, I was to read an advert in the Western Mail., Ford Motor Company were looking for someone to champion their Health and Fitness educational programme to their workforce. As a service provider, helping to facilitate Ford Motor Company, Swansea and Bridgend Health and Fitness programmes, added yet another dimension to a growing list of energetic passions, that being my love of Sports cars.

It was this year ’89 when I first joined the Chamber of Commerce and these meetings brought me in touch with two very determined business women, who invited me to write a customer care module on relaxation for the internal customer. These three modules, the internal and external customer and dealing with difficult customers, gained a National Customer Care training award. I included this training message in social media – “Hello! Is it me your looking for?”

During that period, I struggled to provide my service to two Corporate Ford Plants, due to a bitter divorce in 1993. I made the decision to work part time, keeping one consultancy, so that I could spend some much needed, healing time with my teenage children. During this painful period both my parents died and I was left looking for a place to live. My furniture and belongings from two family homes in storage. For a short time during the financial settlement phase, I was forced to live in a bed and breakfast, while my teenage son lived with his girlfriends family and my daughter was studying at Cardiff University. That period was the darkest time of my life having been brought up in a secure, protective family home.

My teenage son started part-time restaurant work, while studying for his master chef which he gained at 18 years of age. The three of us stuck together through this black period, while I tried finding part time consultancy work to survive. Learning to smile again happened gradually, jogging, cycling then running next to the sea. It was in this life changing phase that I decided to continue my studies at the Health Care Unit in Swansea University. That year they were pioneering the first counselling diploma course.

Our family had been rocked and it took us sometime to recover, after such an emotional and financial setback. My faith and love for getting well, through fitness propelled me forward, to develop the corporate and consumer online business started in 1989. Good times started again living next to the sea and my son went from strength to strength, being head-hunted to open new restaurants.

Having passed my counselling course, I needed another challenge to develop Lifestyle Online further. Swansea College were running part time Cambridge Information technology certificate/diploma courses. This was a cathartic period for me, as I got a huge kick out of desktop publications. I was to develop this further in 2001, when I persuaded my IT lecturer to co own a Internet Cyber Training Cafe, in the student heartland of Swansea. That lasted six years. Sadly, this small internet cyber training business, nosedived following the 9/11 disaster.

That tough lesson gave me a personal understanding about the enormous pressure and difficulties in running a small, seven day, internet business. One day my son came home and out of the blue announced ‘I’ve decided to finish head cheffing and join the Paratroopers!’ That bombshell took me awhile to get my head around but barely eight years later, he’s now qualified as a forward air command officer and will be returning to Afghanistan for his third tour, later in 2010 year. He now tells me that if he had shared that information with me at the time, he knew I would give him my viewpoint. I accepted his decision with grace.

Looking for more consultancy challenges in 2007/08 I set up, interviewed and trained staff for the first Curves – A 30 minute circuit gym ‘for women only’ in Swansea. This project was to finish after 6 months and so I decided to join the Waterfront BNI to contribute to the new millennium chapter of the City. Offering my new Lifestyle Online business with smiles coaching style. For me the BNI was financially biased and I decided to dig deep and look for a global network to develop my corporate well-being brand for smiles on social media.

One day online, I received an invite to join ecademy, from a fellow BNI member, having met up with her during a IOD Young Entrepreneur Award in Cardiff. This new challenge coincided with my daughter’s wedding. Contributing to Ecademy’s networking I joined the master networker, Victor Marques to promote ecademy with his fine wines and olive oil. Networking Victor Marques wine tasting events with Nicholas Collis Ambassador and Tanya Igic, Marlborough Nov. ’08.

Linkedin was my first introduction to social media then joining ecademy brought me full circle, back to sport through my love of Rugby and the Ecademy cricket club!. A mischievous, lovable member called Keith Whitney invited me to co lead his inch club. He and several others wanted to lose weight, so I added my professional smiles to the inch club and combined it with my wellbeing club. For me health is total well-being embracing a lifestyle of smiles.

Creating a twitter handle @LifestyleOnline for me has been exciting, as it compliments my speed and love of networking. With the ease of making connections on twitter, I decided to set up another club on ecademy called the #twunch club. So far this year, I’ve managed to arrange three #twunch events. My next one is billed for Jan 22nd at La Parilla. I sincerely believe you need to meet for a 121 to move any business relationship forward. With this in mind and out of being ‘there’ in spirit I dedicated ‘Can always hear a smile’ to Sadie Murray, who I actively encouraged to launch Ecademy USA in Chicago.


Like X Factor has brought opportunity and heart to the screen, both here in the UK and America, striking a note between hopes and Dreams. Inspire. Dream .Achieve. Making dreams a reality is what inspirational people do with Smiles lighting up a room. It’s an inner belief in yourself. It is having an opportunity to meet other inspirational people, who can help you fulfill your dreams and hopes, if you dare. Collaborating through social media networks, can bring about new ideas and a fresh approach to sharing those positive dreams.

Recently, I received a tweet from a connection I have met, like and follow, called John Booth who twittered ‘smiles is taking on a life of its own then’. Another new connection called @insureexpats said after seeing one of my ‘customer care’ excellence telephone tweets, ‘Can always hear a smile’ said  “‘People will buy into you when you’re just being who you are. When you’re expressing your true self you’ll be speaking directly to people’s hearts and not just their heads”.


“One is aware of the sun being there all the time.. just lighting up someone else’s day for a while”.

Sunil Bali makes my smiles on social media worth it.


All I know for sure is…”
with the suns hello! it never really gets dark”

Ecademy entrepreneurs in spirit, working to find like-minded individuals who can support their aggressive goals.

‘Connect and become the architect of your future!’ smile Well there ain’t no going back!!



 I would like to ask the Community members, to help me with

1. Referral Contacts for Smiles on Social Media through Wellness for both large and small businesses in the UK and Globally.

2. I would love to visit Dubai to offer my #Smiles through well-being consultancy to companies that want a motivated workforce and would welcome connections for that.

3. I am in real need of some new head shots. As you read in the beginning I developed a phobia for photo’s and being ‘camera shy’ would like to ask for head shots help as part of my 2010 challenge?



Contact details:
Carolyn Williams

Mobile   +44 07968 567 558
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Business : Take Action Now!

Monday, January 4th, 2010

Just take Action! Why wait?

Smile.. a world’s language

What do you reckon? Are you thrilled with your Twenty – Ten objectives?

‘Begin 2010 feeling fit and energised: make exercise a part of your daily routine!’

Carolyn, helping you to #Sparkle with Confidence on Social Media

Networking Ripples

Monday, January 4th, 2010

Are you ready for the 2010 challenge? Networking is like creating more and more ripples – putting Life into your personal and professional world!

Do we have time to develop good Business relationships in 2010?
Does Twitter have the monopoly in social media over networking?



Ripples – Drop a pebble and watch it grow!

Carolyn, helping you to #Sparkle with Confidence on Social Media

Focus is Fun – Sticky Twenty-Ten Goal Tips

Saturday, January 2nd, 2010


You got the Love? Have you got the love to see your Goals through?
Are you optimistic about your plans for the year?
Being Optimistic – reflecting optimism: an optimistic plan.

New Year Goals – They start before New Year with Fun!
Strike while the iron’s hot? Be focused?

Sticky Twenty – Ten Goal Tips – Write them down?
Devote 30 minutes to having fun writing your daily Goal updates?

‘Begin 2010 feeling fit and energised: make exercise a part of your daily routine!’

Lean Practices

Remain Inspired
Dream Your Dreams
Be Focused

Enjoy a fantastic 2010!!


There, I’ve written my objectives for Twenty – Ten, have You?


Carolyn, helping you to #Sparkle with Confidence on Social Media