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Sunset Halo

Saturday, December 19th, 2009


Courtesy of @GowerTwit

Just returned from North Gower, Llangennith – where the sunset is awesome!  Then tonight on skype I had a wonderful conversation with Erik MacEachern SGS, about the sun’s halo. He said “Having been out sailing in middle of summer on west coast of Scotland on overnight passages, especially near midsummer the “halo” of the sun moves around the north horizon and then the sun rises again at sunrise – well obviously… but point is, it never really gets dark!

Blog messages.  Alan Stevens posted his message on James McBrearty blog about Social Media Videos
Alan said “Words really do matter” So here are more of Erik’s words .”One is aware of the sun being there all the time.. just lighting up someone else’s day for a while”

The top blog “People Buy Passion” was beautifully illustrated by Sunil Bali  Sunil makes my Smiles on Social Media worth it.

“You fuel your passion by paying attention to what makes you feel alive and energised, to what interests and excites you. People will buy into you when you’re just being who you are. When you’re expressing your true self you’ll be speaking directly to people’s hearts and not just their heads”

Stuarte added his core competences, while focusing on the job in hand. He enjoys lively interactions. Another would add “at the end of the day it’s the best person for the best buck”

All I know for sure is …”with the suns hello! it never really gets dark”

Social Media wonders on a Wednesday and Thursday.  Beyoncé singing ‘Halo’ is my Friday Follow chune choice.


Carolyn, Smile on Social Media

I dreamed a dream wild horses would’nt drag me away

Monday, December 14th, 2009


Joe smashed it! He certainly did deserve to win this year’s X Factor. Yesterday I blogged (as he blew me away) with ‘Sorry seems the hardest word’. Yes, in Cheryl Cole’s words ‘He smashed it!’

I then caught snatches of Piers Morgan presenting Susan Boyle’s journey from her first audition on Britain’s Got Talent, with memorable shots of the judges faces when she started to sing ‘ I dreamed a dream’ to conquer the American fans and back again to her million selling hit Album. Not bad hey, during a time of recession with ‘no hopers’ hogging headlines with the Bankers, MP expenses and swine flu spreading fear like a cancer throughout the world? Then this morning I log on to read Monday’s blogs and yes even here, we have our ‘no hopers’ hogging the FP with what now has become a ‘vomit machine!!’

Well Susan – I am not a huge fan but I sure do admire your guts and determination to ‘Smash it’ and conquer the world with your humble beginnings to the splendour of stardom. How very timely is this message during this Christmas time of Hope to ‘Dream the Dream’.

You bet ‘Wild horses wouldn’t drag me away’ nor millions of other viewers it seems.

What’s your favourite dream story of 2009?





Britain’s Got Talent. Britain sure does have talent. We produce so many great individuals and indeed our highly disciplined armed forces


Carolyn Williams,  Moving minds, helping you to focus for business




Business : Sorry seems to be

Sunday, December 13th, 2009

the hardest word.


Joe sang this incredible Elton John 1976 song and captured the emotion of millions watching. He sang it with such passion. As Simon summed up ‘the lyrics are so simple, and he made it so beautiful with his genuineness. An incredible mature and passionate performance

Elton John, Robbie Williams, Michael Bublé and George Michael added such an amazing presence to the three finalists. I liken their offering, not unlike Stuarte’s offering last week, to help members on how to write blogs!  Now it’s not anyone that can mentor for me, it’s about that senior ‘first’ person having made that song their own.  When you write, sing, act, dance mime, perform something, you make it unique by putting your genuine beautiful ‘twist’ to it!!

Blogs for me do just that.  Dr-Das blogs are unique and like us all we want (even though we dont ask for ) recognition from the owners smile Whether members own up to this or not, we all aspire to be recognised by someone we admire, approve,and most importantly validate.

So having orginal *Stars present, does it for me. Those who never accept or understand this vital role …well Joe sang it the way Elton started it..

Enjoy a beautiful Sunday. I’ve been called to N.Gower again for my single parental ‘Christmas duties.’ My daughter is taking her lovely husband, away overnight, for his surprise Xmas pressie!






Carolyn Williams

Moving minds, helping you to focus for business

Be Fabulous Hors d’œuvre

Saturday, December 5th, 2009

How do I get more Business people to follow me? We are fast approaching Beaujolais Day, when Business suits socialise over a glass or two?

This morning, listening to Thomas encouraging members to give others something they want to share on his video blog, I decided to look up the definition of “Suspense” – a state or condition of mental uncertainty or excitement, as in awaiting a decision or outcome, usually accompanied by a degree of apprehension

So here is an appetiser Hors d’œuvre
and chitchat some more over a glass …

I still have a copy of a jingle for a CyberCafé ( IT Training )I co owned. This jingle was played at different times of the day on the local Radio. The theme ran along the lines of a ‘Be Fabulous’ Restaurant menu (including cutlery, glass and chatter sound effects)



Next, well I intend to keep you all in suspense of course.  What do you bring to the table?






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Surprise! Surprise First Thingy!

Saturday, December 5th, 2009
Travelling up on the M4 to work, first thing yesterday, I was gearing up to motivate a work force and found myself giggling, listening to Radio One, Chris Moyles Show.

Most listeners to this Show know Chris is training to lose weight!
So there he was first thing, telling everyone about his personal training sessions, after a late night on the beers, he was procrastinating! ‘Oh, I just dont feel like going to the Gym!’

Then Welshman Aled, played a conversation he had first thing, with another listener, who wanted to lose a few lbs. Aled had woken him up at 6.30am!! to motivate him to do some “Rock Aerobic” exercises to this Tune.

Call On Me

Right arm up, left arm up followed by right knee up, then left knee up LOL

What do you think? Would it get YOU! out of bed at 6.30am???




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Would you do anything for love?

Saturday, December 5th, 2009



I have been following the The Queen series on 4 all this week
and for me personally, having been raised by a strict traditional
family, it screams out so many questions.

If you fall deeply in love with someone, is it for life?
Would you put duty before love and family?
Would you do anything for love?

I’d Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Do That)

Enjoy the weekend and it’s here!!



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